Jason: First let me thank Kirk Stierwalt for doing the chat for the 3rd Annual Time.  I would also like to thank Weaver Leather, who is carrying a signature line of Kirk Stierwalt products for the cooperation and advertisement of the chat.  Kirk when you are ready, go ahead and take the floor.

Kirk Stierwalt: Hey everybody! Glad to be on here tonight!

BBP: what would think if a judge placed you down a place cause your animal didn’t have as much hair the animal above you and used that as his only reason?

Kirk Stierwalt: @BBP its hard to say without looking at the class, it depends on the judges priority and thats just one mans opinion that day. Sometimes hair can make them appear softer, so maybe thats what they meant

Austin Jones: I have only 2 years left of 4h and I want to continue showing at open shows and national shows. I have saved up my money and I am going to buy a nice heifer this fall that I will show my last year and I want to continue breeding so I can start raising nice show calves my self and hopefully sell them. I have always wanted a nice shorthorn heifer but what is your preference as to what I should get to start out with?

Kirk Stierwalt: @Austin Jones if you have always wanted Shorthorns then you should go with that breed

merry13: What is the most efficient way to grow hair on a steer on a limited budget? We currently have 2 fans on him and a mister in a dark room. What else can we do to mae sure he looks his best come august? Is there a good way to keep him eating? He is also a little leggy. Someone told us that feeding him fiber would deepen him out. Is that true and what supplements would you recommend?

Kirk Stierwalt: @merry13    Keep doing what you are doing. Is there a good way to keep him eating?   In the summer we feed at night, so just once a day. You need to transition slowly         He is also a little leggy. Someone told us that feeding him fiber would deepen him out. Is that true and what supplements would you recommend? Bulky feed, bulky calf, we use the high octane supplements and shag and sta sound fix a stride

nathan7522: What do you think about using zilmax or similar product on the last 30 days.

Kirk Stierwalt: @nathan7522 we have never fed zilmax

Taterbug: I have a Shorthorn steer that’s real framey,what supplement should I 
 feed to get more depth and mass??

Kirk Stierwalt: @taterbug we use purina precon in the ration about 1/3 and depth charge at the shows

circle b: Mr Stierwalt Thank you so much for putting on the clinic in Franklin NC this past weekend. I learned so much! Thank you again for all of your help and the sweat collar Carter Brown

Kirk Stierwalt: @circle b I had a lot of fun, and it was a great group! Keep me posted if you need anything. Thanks for coming.

colincarlson@wildblue.net: Kirk i have a heatwave cow what do u reccomend breeding her 2??

Kirk Stierwalt: @colincarlson I would talk to Lautners as they have a lot of feedback with that breeding. Off the subject we are really happy with our unstoppables and monopoly 2’s

Zach: Favorite Bull of All time?

Kirk Stierwalt: @zach Heatwave jsut because the shows that my kids have won has been sired by him so I am partial to him I guess

zinala107: Kirk, thank you so much for taking time to share helpful informationw with us tonight.  What are your thoughts on supplements for soundess.  i know one should minimize the need for any of this by trying to pick structurally correct and sound cattle.  I feel we have a good sound steer for my daughter this year but was wondering, should we use supplements like sta-sound fix a stride or natural stride as a preventative or should we wait until we see a need for them.

Kirk Stierwalt: @zinala107 we love sta-sound fix a stride we have fed the product to Kyra’s barrel horses for 5 years we have seen great results with this product cattle and horses here. We feed it twice a day if we have an issue and once a day for maintance or prevention

autigers50: Kirk, thanks for taking time out of your schedule to do this chat! I would like to know what is the best environment to grow hair(with out a cool room), and also what is your favorite product used daily to promote hair growth

Kirk Stierwalt: @autigers50 air flow  is vital to grow hair w/out a cooler I think multiple rinsing are prob. an advantage and soaping them once a week.  Genetics can influence hair growth. We feed shag and we are using procharge and propolish and we are mixing it in the summer 1/3 for procharge and 2/3 for propolish

WB ShowCattle: kirk i noticed at one of your fitting clinics not only that you are very helpful at what your doing but you have a good way of teaching it to the younger generation including myself… could you share a few pointers of how you started showing cattle and fitting?

Kirk Stierwalt: @wb showcatte I clipped my first one when I was 6 I butchered it! Wink My granddad was older and I did  the clipping I made a lot of mistakes first but I watched a lot of people who had their cattle looking good. I clipped a lot of sales back then. Its a lot different now than it was when I was showing in 1981 was the year of JR and I clipped a steer that won the Nat’l Western in 1981, I rode the train to Denver. That started making my phone ring and I just freelanced I learned a lot on a lot of different cattle and being around a lot of different people all across the US

BBP: so your saying that when we are judging beef cattle for the showring  or the pasture its important to have hair even thou we don’t eat hair?

Kirk Stierwalt: @BBP I agree…these shows are tough and it takes a good quality animal no matter with or with out hair to be up at the top. I think its not all about one certain trait and its more about the overall package and how they balance up. Hair can blend certain faults in possibly but you stil have to have a good calf. We won’t show a calf that isn’t good haired, but that is just us

jbh: Was wondering if you think that pick-up stock racks will EVER come back as a major mode of transportation for show steers?

Kirk Stierwalt: @jbh Yeah we have come along way since those days! First thing we had to do was find a ditch to unload. HAHA

ohlmbctldad: Your new shedding comb is awesome. We r getting a ton of hair out, how do I know if enough is enough or just keep going till it stops coming out? What do I use to get new hair to grow in better?

Kirk Stierwalt: @ohlmbctldad those shedding combs are great we use it till we aren’t getting much hair out of them any more. I think the cattle will tell you when you done all you can do. We are using massage brushes in the summer instead of a rice root natuarally we feed shag and continue with the rinseing protocol if we aren’t seeing any hair growth after our efforts we start using ice water on them

colincarlson@wildblue.net: kirk also i have a hairy bear and hannibull cow what wud u breed to them?? Huh? and also what is the best calving ese bull out there??  Huh?

Kirk Stierwalt: @colincarlson@wildblue.net I would have to try Monoply first or heat wave like I said we are happy with our Monoply 2’s at this point an easy calving we breed all our heifers to angus bulls that first round

cincyems: Kirk, thank you so much for being on here tonight to share your experience with us. We have a fat steer that currently is 1140 pounds that we will showing at our fair in July. What are your suggestions for supplements to finish him out and fill him in a little more.

Kirk Stierwalt: @cincyems we like high octane powerfuel  and if you are talking about rib shape we use purina precon and depth charge not sure what you mean about filling in

Gargan: Will fix a stride help a calf that pops his rear pasterns on the move? thanks kirk!!

Kirk Stierwalt: @Gargan we have seen improvment with this product. Kyra had a steer couple years ago that could get strong on his pasterns we fed it to him it really helped him and we were feeding it twice a day

new2showingcross: We have been showing for two years now and we can paint where live. We have always used jet black. What is the difference in your black paint? Can I combin jet black and your black paint? What are your suggestions?

Kirk Stierwalt: @new2showingcross  no prob with combining products. The base black is the driest paint on the market its unique the way it works, it clips off easy it is different than anything out there. It covers good and blows it down into the leg, as with any product you just need to trial and error it and see what works best for you.

Millbrookshortys: Hi Kirk, I know this is a very hard topic to describe over the internet, but could you just give a quick run down on twinning? Maybe just the does and don’ts? Thanks!

Kirk Stierwalt: @Millbrookshortys: Your leg needs to be glued and pulled up WELL. Your twine needs to be fluffy  so it will stick on good  when your putting it on. The thing about twinning you are going to cut most of it off to make it look right, and it has to look natural when you get done. A lot of times you have to go over it and fill in the holes this might be something you would want to practice at home and it migh take a sheep head to cut it if your not careful it can get out of hand so try it at home before you go to a show. Its an art in its self, Good Luck!

autigers50: Do you sell steers and heifers?

Kirk Stierwalt: @autigers50 yes, we sell a group in the spring and a group in the fall we are about done showing and we are going to focus on this even more Ky is into the breeding and is basically mang. the cow herd. We have a lot of mating discussions

MLivestock: are there any plans to do a fitting clinic in indiana?

Kirk Stierwalt: @MLivestock just got done with one in Shelbyville  and I am coming for a two day in Reneselaer check out my website www.kirkstierwalt.com and get barbs contact info

knabe: what things would you like to see showmanship classes do different?  walk in the opposite direction?  tipping head to move feet instead of showstick.  backing up in a straight line.  back up in a circle?  to me, showmanship is almost boring and their isn’t much difference between regular classes and showmanship showing how much effort went into training, preparation etc.   adding bling to showmanship is pointless

Kirk Stierwalt: @knabe I think the quickest way to tell your top showman to me is to walk them in a circle and stop them 3 or 4 times and it will usually be pretty quick to see who can get them set back up quickly, I think dress code is improtant becasue those kids represent a lot when they enter the ring. I like talking to the kids but the last thing I want to do is turn it into a quiz bowl. Showmanship is a very gray area what one judge thinks is important another one might not. When time goes on in a class its pretty easy to see who has worked with their animal.

0430sr: hi kirk, iam having trouble getting rid of some ringworm on a heifer. whats the best way to get rid of it, we have tried alot of different products for fighting fungus. thanks steve

Kirk Stierwalt: @0430sr we have had good luck with fluid film and shapleys MTG what have you used so far?

BBP: Kirk thank you for you time doing this tonight!!!  What do you think about Lowlines? Would you consider using them on first calf heifers?

Kirk Stierwalt: @BBP Last year I had lowlines  at 8 different clinics I think lowlines would work on first calf heifers for calving ease. I would talk to Jerry Adamson from Valentine, NE as he has used this in crossbreeding for several years. I think he would be your go to guy. And he is a great guy too.

Hyper Intake: what do you recommend breeding a Blindside heifer to?

Kirk Stierwalt: @Hyper Intake can you text or email a picture to me so I can see her first from a confirmation and structor standpoint

RochholzFarms: what would you think a good temp for a cooler would be in mid iowa for the summer first year with a cooler

Kirk Stierwalt: @RochholzFarms: 20 degrees below the low we usually run ours at 50 degrees

Kirk Stierwalt: @RochholzFarms: make sure you warm them up before you go out to a show

frostback: Got a heifer that wont shed. What blades would you use to clip her down tight or would you even clip her out?

Kirk Stierwalt: @frostback dont shave her to late, just clip her down tight you might worm or  rewormer her again as this sometimes helps release some hair.

kdoublet: What is the best product you can use to calm a steer at a terminal show (and are drug tested after the show) for a 1st year 4-Her?

Kirk Stierwalt: @kdoublet: we have had good luck with a product called focus from shobert feeds its an all natural product

Zach: If i walk a calf in the ring without a halter or stick and show it perfectly, will I be placed first or last in showmanship? Its something I’ve pondered doing just to show off…

Kirk Stierwalt: @Zach I don’t know but where ever your going to do this I want to come and watch!

WB ShowCattle: Sorry If this was asked earlier what have you had the most luck with as far as bulls when breeding to a clubby cow?

Kirk Stierwalt: @WB ShowCattle: we don’t keep many clubby cows around but I would try a bull that would make smokeys like Troubador or yellowjacket  for example

0430sr: we have tried athlete’s foot spray with lanolin, sullivan’s fungus fighter & fluid film. nothing we have tried seems to be working. have you ever heard of anyone using a female product (vagisil)?

Kirk Stierwalt: @0430sr I would use MTG and also paint it with absorbine hoof black or clear to kill it. Ringworm is a aerobic fungas meaning it needs air to live.

rasor club calves: Kirk, I have a steer that just won’t go into the grooming chute.  Undecided  I have never had this problem before

Kirk Stierwalt: @rasor club calves  Have you tried blindfolding him? I would have to try the weavers spike halter to see if would influence him. You can call me and we can try some different ideas it is going to be trial and error.

frostback: What wormer?

Kirk Stierwalt: @frostback we only use cydection as a pour on and safegaurd as a paste

MJCorlett: If you were to shave a steer b/c he won’t shed and hair is dull – how much time do you need before you show to ensure regrowth?  And would shave everything?  Newbie question

Kirk Stierwalt: @MJCorlett I think you would need 100 days to allow for regrowth I don’t know when your show is and how this fits. Have you tired the weaver shedding comb on it yet? It works well on getting the dull stuff out. We do not shave, we like to work the hair out

Zach: i used to be able to lead one of my old steers around by the tip of his ear and set him up and all that…. never in a real show though

Kirk Stierwalt: @Zach that is impressive and I know you dedicated a lot of time and training to get him to do that you will have to teach me that trick sometime!

0430sr: thanks for the suggestions we will try it. are you planning any clinics in iowa,nebraska,south dakota or minnesota?

Kirk Stierwalt: @0430sr you need to check my website www.kirkstierwalt.com but I have one coming up in NE and in Iowa and in Wisconsion. If you ever want to host one let me know.

Taverli: Thanks Kirk for the chat, I defintely will do

Kirk Stierwalt: @Taverli none in Kansas as of right now, but you could alwasy host one! I would love to do one in Kansas if there is a need. I live my whole life for clinics I love them! Check out my websitewww.kirkstierwalt.com to see if there are any close to you.

Jason: We are going to close this down for now.  I am going to see about getting Kirk on at least 1 more time this year, as it usually our busiest day on the planet.

I would like to personally thank Kirk again (as well as his typers) and I ask you to look at his website at kirkstierwalt.com for upcoming fitting clinics, also please visit weaverleather.com to check out Kirk’s signature line of grooming products as well as his leather products

Jason: Also, I am going to keep a list on the frontpage of all his clinics and the dates as Kirk has been such a good friend to Steer Planet

Kirk Stierwalt: Thanks for the questions I hope that I was able to provide some input  for different problems and situations. You can always text, email, or call me anytime for questions or concerns. Again thanks for having me on tonight alway enjoy taling to everyone! I want to Thank Jason and Weaver for organizing this also want to thank Jay and Lori Muret for typing so we can get through as many questions as possible. What we do for these kids through 4-H and FFA showing livestock is truely a great learning experince I learned a lot showing livestock and I learned a lot more being a parent. Showing is not only good for the youth involved but its also good for the family as well. Good luck in the upcoming shows and I hope all your goals are achieved! Thanks again and good night! also check out my Facebook page search Stierwalt Cattle and Clinics