Jason says: I want to thank everyone for your questions and thank Matt, Josh, Chance, Josh for answering questions.  Give them a call for all your breeding needs. 1-515-450-2800 [X]

Jason says: Its 8:00, we will go ahead and close that chat. [X]
Matt Lautner says: Texted in question-Did you really sell Phil Lautner 20 units of Monopoly semen.
-yes, he asked for a farm visit but I told him the months of April and May are for semen customers only and that was his order. [X]
Duncan Livestock says: The format of the blog (any blog) is so simple.  The newest information is at the top, no need to search through a web site to see where the new information might be.  I check it on a regular basis and have it listed on our own blog roll on our blog.  Hopefully blogger won’t do down again any time soon, although word press did the job during the down time. [X]
Matt Lautner says: Diamond-Soundness, bone, butt, hair, and look [X]
Matt Lautner says: AStar-after our fall sale* [X]
Diamond says: matt, when your picking your next prospect bull calf, what do you look for? [X]
Matt Lautner says: AStar-yes we usually make farm visit after our farm sale in OK and TX [X]
Matt Lautner says: DuncanLivestock-That question would be best answered by someone like you who lives in canada. How do you think it has changed our exposure? [X]
AStar says: This winter after everyone in Texas has calved out and will be needing semen are you coming to Texas to sell semen and make farm visits? [X]
Matt Lautner says: ALShowCattle-I dont think you could go wrong either way [X]
Matt Lautner says: ALShowCattle-Dirty Hairy 2 and Tiger Woods should work well. [X]
Duncan Livestock says: Is there any way you can measure how much “News from the Road” has changed your exposure? [X]
Matt Lautner says: Jacka-Thanks for the update, it was very nice to meet you back in April [X]
AL Show Cattle says: matt- What would work on a very feminine TH carrier Heat Wave daughter? [X]
aandtcattle says: I take it that nobody has any info on Highroller calves? [X]
Matt Lautner says: Have safe travels back Chris [X]
executive37 says: Executive Sires logging off! Headed back to VA! [X]
Matt Lautner says: Executive37- Check the Blog, we just posted the egg updates [X]
Matt Lautner says: DLB- Choppin Wood is similar to Monopoly in frame size and will downsize [X]
executive37 says: MATT, are those Blonde Lady eggs still available? [X]
DLB says: What is Choppin’ Woods frame score….will he downsize or add? [X]
Matt Lautner says: BRF-No, Lautner Farms doesnt video their bulls. Matt Lautner Cattle does and we plan to video more bulls before denver [X]
Tyler Trihus says: ha i am done and i did the steer too! way ahead of ya josh!! [X]
ChanceLautner says: DLB- Choppin’ Wood’s BW is 88 pounds [X]
Jacka says: Matt, Wanted to let you know we flushed Monopoly to Bridwell’s Who Do Man and will be placing those embryos next week. [X]
Josh Greiner says: Tyler: Anything you to make females out of. You need to get back to the barn and rinse your heifers! [X]
BRF says: Is there anywhere to see a video of searsboro? [X]
DLB says: What was Choppin’ Wood’s BW? [X]
joestately says: no takers on the monopoly joke?Huh? Tough crowd! Grin [X]
Tyler Trihus says: what kind of cow would you reccomend to use meyer 735? [X]
Matt Lautner says: joestately-he was 88lbs [X]
lfarms says: Jason is my uncle [X]
joestately says: what was the birth weight on “last man standing” [X]
Matt Lautner says: Lfarms-Zach, we will take a look at it after the chat [X]
Josh Greiner says: Diamond: Meyer 735 [X]
ChanceLautner says: Ba Maines- Jesse James would be a perfect outcross for an ali heifer. [X]
Matt Lautner says: Kastel’s*
I apologize [X]
lfarms says: lautner, here he is [X]
Matt Lautner says: LFFAShower-Mike and Clark Britten, and Josh and Michelle Castle have the two deepest sets [X]
Diamond says: who works best at adding depth without giving up frame? [X]
ChanceLautner says: Rasor club calves- Monopoly would be a great choice. [X]
Josh Greiner says: rasor club calves: Monopoly for sure. [X]
showinfarrms says: Can i get some free parking if i buy monopoly?   Cool [X]
BA Maines says: I have a Ali out of Meyer 734 heifer. What do u recommend I breed her to. [X]
lfarms says:[X]

rasor club calves says: I have a Mossy Oak female what would you sugest breeding her to? She is good bodied and muscled , maybe a tick to tall and could use a nickel more bone. [X]
showinfarrms says: are you cloning anything right now? more monopoly’s or heatwaves? [X]
Barn Burner says: What would you recommend breeding a heatwave female to to add some bone and foot? Would Tiger Woods do it? [X]
lfarms says: [X]
Josh Greiner says: cjr: larger framed cows that need to be downsized and need added body. [X]
Matt Lautner says: Diamond-I am a firm believer in evaluating a bull prospect from the ground up. I feel all of my bulls will sire sound calves [X]
aandtcattle says: Any calves on the ground that you know of out of the baldy simi bull from Okie State- Highroller? [X]
LFFASHOWER says: did you get a chance to stop by any farms in michigan during the expo? if so who has the deepest set? [X]
cjr says: I have heard good things with Uno Mas. What type of cow is he working on and how are the calves looking. [X]
Matt Lautner says: Diamond-Rocky Balboa he is real banana legged [X]
Diamond says: what bull is best to add soundness? [X]
Matt Lautner says: Showinfarrms-We have purchased 13 bulls so far [X]
Matt Lautner says: LFarms-we have not seen that bull but maybe we will see him when we stop at Doc’s tomorrow [X]
showinfarrms says: how many new bulls have you bought this year? [X]
Matt Lautner says: DuncanLivestock-Boardwalks have been coming similar to monopoly, in the 85-90 range [X]
lfarms says: doc koch is my dad [X]
Matt Lautner says: DaHerd-they have been averaging around 85lbs [X]
ChanceLautner says: slounchers-Yes Uno Mas is available. He is on lease right now at Ryan Kuhlers. [X]
Josh Greiner says: steerjock07:  He is throwing them slightly stouter than monoply and will not downsize quite as much. Best breeding hfr prospect matt has seen is a boardwalk at bill deboer’s. [X]
Duncan Livestock says: Our first of 8 Boardwalk calves will start arriving in November, how have the birth weights been on them? [X]

Matt Lautner says: We are in Kansas City, MO tonight and heading to Doc Kochs in the morning and then heading east towards IL and IN. Call Matt Lautner directly to schedule a farm visit [X]
slounchers says: Is Uno Mas still available? Is he alive? [X]
lfarms says: lautner, have you seen bad to the bone. [X]
DaHerd says: What’s the average weight on Monopoly calves? [X]
steerjock07 says: i bred some cows to boardwalk and was wondering how those calves are looking? [X]
Josh Greiner says: joefarmss:Best one i have seen is so far is Monoply bull from troy hullinger and tracy goretska. [X]
ChanceLautner says: Duncan Livestock- Choppin’ Wood will cleared on June 5th for Canada, encourage your local semen representative to pick up that bull, so you will have the availability to breed to him. [X]
Matt Lautner says: JoeFarmss-We have purchased 13 bulls so far and we plan on displaying all of the bulls in denver. we encourage you to come and decide for yourself then [X]
Josh Greiner says: jwww: Meyer 735 or steel wheels. Both are real good necked and real good on their rear legs. Both would be excellent choices fora simmi influence. [X]
Duncan Livestock says: Thanks, how about the timeline for Choppin’ Wood to come to Canada, still looking at early June? [X]
Matt Lautner says: DuncanLivestock-Our bulls are younger but they all show plenty of potential, In the early calving reports all of the rookie bulls are showing signs of great potential. [X]
LFFASHOWER says: Thanks [X]
executive37 says: HSS, thanks so much for the hospitality and your business! Executive Sires looks forward to our next trip to Florida in the future to offer the best club calf genetics in the business from Matt Lautner Cattle! [X]
joefarmss says: Hey Matt whats the best calf you have seen this year and where? [X]
Josh Greiner says: lffashower: Monopoly works great on shorthorn cows. You wont go wrong there. [X]
Matt Lautner says: LFFAShower-Monopoly all the way, he has been working great on shorthorn influenced cattle [X]
JWW says: Matt – i have a (TH carrier)  Heatwave X simmnetal cow that produces excellent calves when she was bred to Macho and also bred to Dream On – being very thick and deep body and powerful… the issue with them is they are not near as nicely fronted as i would like and not near as sound on the rear legs….. so sticking with simmental bulls what would be a great choice for her next mating?? [X]
Matt Lautner says: ChiefFarms-Yes it is available, we would like to thank Powers Cattle for allowing us to purchase him, we look forward to doing more business in the future. We would also like to thank for their stationary banner which has resulted in a lot of calls [X]
executive37 says: Ill be heading back to VA. But if someone needs to schedule a visit I am available as I come north. I will be going to West VA next week to male frm visits and deliver semen. West VA producers contact me to get on the schedule. [X]
lfarms says: gtg [X]
Duncan Livestock says: Which of your bulls has the best potential to follow in Monopoly’s footsteps as a leader in the club calf business? [X]
HSS says: Hey Chris, thanks for making the trip to florida this weekend.  I enjoyed our visit and it seemed like everyone here in Florida was excited to have you here representing Matt and his genetics. [X]
LFFASHOWER says: I have a Salute x Steermaker cow what would you suggest breeding her to? I currently have some monopoly in the tank [X]
ChanceLautner says: Chance Lautner here, checking in live from Yankton, South Dakota. I delivered semen today to the Miller, Highmore, and Wessington Springs area. I will be traveling through Nebraska tomorrow, give me a call at 515-661-9314  if you would like me to make a farm visit tomorrow. [X]
Josh Greiner says: Real good. Lots of orders went out. Everybody is getting their orders and have already started breeding. [X]
chieffarms says: The charolais bull you advertise on steerplanet – choppin wood – is semen available on him? [X]
Matt Lautner says: Chris Terembes, are you making farm visits tomorrow or are you heading back Virginia? [X]
Matt Lautner says: Josh Greiner, how did shipping go today? [X]
lfarms says: ok [X]
Josh Greiner says: Live in sunny Adel, IA tonite. [X]
Matt Lautner says: LFarms- I have all the confidence in the world in every bull in my lineup, I believe they all have the ability to sire saleable calves. But obviously Monopoly has sired the most winners. [X]
Matt Lautner says: JoeMo-Flatter shouldered cows needing bone and stoutness, should breed similar to Bojo with less potential for structural issues [X]
lfarms says: what are some of your best bulls. [X]
joemo says: Matt,
Matt what type of cow would you use Bodacious on? [X]
Matt Lautner says: CattleGuy-I would recomend Dirty Hairy 2, Jesse James, and The Maine Man [X]
executive37 says: Chris Terembes here. Live From South Carolina! [X]
Matt Lautner says: DLB-He has also been proven to work well in producing shorthorn marked calves for the classifications shows. [X]
lfarms says: test [X]
cattleguy says: What bull would work god on dirty Monopoly  cows? [X]
DLB says: Good deal-purchased a Tiger Woods steer from Bird here in Texas….and really like him-so considering using him on some of my females. [X]
Matt Lautner says: DLB-He is an awesome option to use on the thc bred females but he also works on clean bred females. we have purchased calves that were TigerWoods back on clean cows [X]
Matt Lautner says: Texted in question-How have the reports been for the the birth weights and calving ease for Jesse James and Dirty Hairy 2?
-Jesse James has been seeming to click well on club calf bred heifers with the calves coming smaller and with good vigor, Dirty Hairy 2 is safe for 2nd calvers. [X]
DLB says: What type of females are y’all finding Tiger Woods works best on? [X]
Matt Lautner says: Texted in question-How have the reports been for the the birth weights and calving ease for Jesse James and Dirty Hairy 2?
-Jesse James has been seeming to click well on club calf bred heifers with the calves coming smaller and with good vigor, Dirty Hairy 2 is safe for 2nd calvers. [X]
Michelle-thorp says: test [X]
Matt Lautner says: Texted in question-What have been the standout calves that you have seen this spring?
-My favorites have been Monopolys,  Boardwalks, Tiger Woods, Heatwaves,  Bojos, Dirty Hairy 2s, Uno Mas’s, Jesse James, and I-80s. [X]
Matt Lautner says: Texted in question-Why is Cattle Visions the only distributor that carries Choppin Wood semen?
-They are the only distributor that carries my bulls directly. [X]
Tyler Trihus says: test [X]
Matt Lautner says: Texted in question-What have been the standout calves that you have seen this spring?
-My favorites have been Monopolys,  Boardwalks, Tiger Woods, Heatwaves,  Bojos, Dirty Hairy 2s, Uno Mas’s, Jesse James, and I-80s. [X]
Matt Lautner says: Texted in question-How are the Monopoly’s performing as mothers?
-They are doing an awesome job, they are calving out well and milking plenty [X]
Matt Lautner says: I am going to start posting a few questions that were previously texted or emailed to me. Live answers will start soon [X]
Josh Greiner says: test [X]
ChanceLautner says: test [X]
NSF says: Test [X]
executive37 says: Test [X]
Matt Lautner says: test [X]
Jason says: Here with Matt right now, chat will start at 7:00 pm central [X]