SteerPlanet Transcript of a Live Chat with Phil Lautner, Matt Lautner, and Charlie Wilson.

joemo says: Great to have you guys on.  Phil, is there everyone going to be a sire to replace the dominance of heatwave?

Phil Lautner says: There has been 10 years of many sons promoted but Heatwave still continues to win nearly every state fair and major show

cotullaguy says: Hi guys…My question is one I hear on here often.  Is the original Heatwave Dead or Alive?

Matt Lautner says: Heatwave is still alive.

Phil Lautner says: Cotullaguy: Heatwave has not collected since last fall, but hopefully he will be able to produce agian soon.

lyndy says: matt do you have just as good of a set of calves on your sale this year as last?

Matt Lautner says: lyndy: we have purchased several calves this spring and we are excited about our fall sale

cotullaguy says: thanks Phil.  Bojo calves are looking good on Matts site.  What kind of cows is he working on?

Matt Lautner says: cotullaguy: bojo is a cow changer. Needs be used on lighter muscled cows that need power, bone, and hair.

Cattle Fan says: Stared to see some good eyes on the money calves what kind of cows is he working on?

Matt Lautner says: cattleman: eyes on the money needs to be used on larger framed cows that need to be downsized while adding bone and power

drl says: Matt, which bull in the lineup other than heatwave will add bone and footsize to his calves?

Matt Lautner says: drl: bojo, monopoly, and boardwalk

steerjunkie says: Matt  IHave Angus cows want to breed clubby any suggestions

Matt Lautner says: steerjunkie:heatwave, alias, and paddy

lyndy says: charlie ive seen you fit at quite a few shows before and ive got to say your one of the best, i know it takes alot of practice but what are some pointers and how did you learn to be so good?

Charlie Wilson says: lyndy: I’ve just watched many of the good guys in the business. i wasnt afriad to sit and watch them get one ready. matt has been my biggest influence. hes taught me pretty much all i know

Matt Lautner says: Awww. Thanks charlie

FutureBreeder says: to any of you  How did you guys get into the bull business? like how did you get your operation started up

Phil Lautner says: Future Breeder: Started with one bull named Jack Pot and continued buying several, which included Pay Back that was purchased the first year Houston went to a slick steer show. And then Who Made Who was one of the next great bulls that sired steers initially, but later on in life his females proved to be some of the greatest producers in the club calf business.

Phil Lautner says: Future Breeder: Lautner Farms first Catalog was ads glued together,laminated, and bound at kinkos. Only 15 were made the first year. (2000)

herefordfootball says: Matt or Phil, which bull would you recommend to use on a Hannibal cow, to add bone and thickness, the same with a dr. who?

Matt Lautner says: herefordfootball: heatwave clone

Phil Lautner says: herefordfootball: Heatwave Clone

joemo says: What does it cost to lease one of your bulls? Do you lease them all?

Matt Lautner says: joemo: once semen suuply demands are met, bulls lease out at an avg of 50-100 per day

GC says: haha you guys are awesome to Matt or Phil what is working on hard core cows to produce steers

Phil Lautner says: GC: Colonel

cotullaguy says: Phil,  how old is the wmw clone and is there a photo of him anywhere?  any calves out of him yet?

Phil Lautner says: cotullaguy: WMW clone is the same age as the Friction clones.  Yes there are calves and they look just like the original Who Made Whos.

bs372280 says: Phil I was wondering what type of cows leroy brown works well on

Phil Lautner says: bs372280: Mike Martin from MO uses Leroy brown on his Total Solution daughters and seems to get along GREAT!

GC says: Phil how big are the colonel at birth? heard one report that they somewhat big. But that was only one person.

Phil Lautner says: GC: Colonel was a clone to a steer that Mike Trienen raised so we don’t know for sure what his bw was.

Olson Family Shorthorns says: do you guys think Tiger Woods is going to be consistent enough to be the next “go to” bull, kind of like WMW or HW (improvement on them both)?

Matt Lautner says: olson: yes, after seeing this first of calves tiger is following in monopolys footsteps and working on a wide variety of different cows.

Bulldaddy says: Phil or Matt, what is the frame like on the power trip calves? Do they follow heatwave?

Phil Lautner says: Power Trips are a notch bigger then the Heatwaves.  Similar to BoJo.

ROMAX says: What bulls are available to CANADA?

Phil Lautner says: ROMAX: I am legend, Rocky Balboa, and Rainmaker are ones that I know we have available for Canada right now.  There will be others available.

FutureBreeder says: phil,matt, or charlie. what advise would you give a highschool student who is looking to get into seedstock production and promoting bulls

Charlie Wilson says: future breeder: start from the ground up

Phil Lautner says: FutureBreeder: Start slow, and you can never look to much before you make a purchase.

herefordgirl says: What is the opinion overall on draggin shag?  I saw him when he was a calf and was couious if he just took an awkward pic or if that is the way he is

Matt Lautner says: hereford: draggin shag is a cow changer.Big boned, big butted, and extremely hairy. Oran Wolfe says its the best bull he has ever raised.

Questions says: Where do you all come up with the names of new promo bulls?

Matt Lautner says: questions:thousands of miles up and down the road…lots of time to think.

Phil Lautner says: Questions: I write down bull names through out the year and at the end I go through and pick out my favorites.

TWR says: Which bulls do you recommend for PB Charolais cows or 1/2 char cows?

Matt Lautner says: twr: jimmy the greek, boardwalk, and monopoly

Phil Lautner says: TWR: Jimmy the Greek according to Korky Wise you will never get a rat tail out of him.

nck21 says: phil or matt, i’m using boardwalk on some of my larger framed cows-am i right in thinking he will downsize?

Matt Lautner says: nck: he is nearly identical in frame and body to monopoly. so yes he will downsize.

fed_champions says: From a marketing standpoint, is it worth buying half interest in a bull for say 10,000, how well will he have to do to return your money both for the purchase and the promotion

Phil Lautner says: fed_champions: Bull expenses are different for every animal.  That is probably not a question with an accurate answer.

herefordgirl says: What about Indian outlaw. Do you think he will be able to throw the look into the purebred cattle?  I of course by my screenname raise Herefords. I have a couple clubby Hereford cows that have the calves for the showring just need that little extra top and hind quarter. Is he the one to us or another off black bull

Matt Lautner says: hereford: indian outlaw is one of the cockiest bulls in our 2010 line-up

Phil Lautner says: Herefordgirl: A lot of people are using Indian outlaw on herefords but another bull you may try is Red Rock.

joemo says: what bull is selling the most units this spring, matt and phil

Matt Lautner says: joemo: hw clone, bojo, and tiger woods

nck21 says: phil or matt, i’m using boardwalk on some of my larger framed cows-am i right in thinking he will downsize?

Phil Lautner says: nck21: yes

cotullaguy says: Matt, you must drive thousands of miles weekly as you are always on the road it seems…curious, do you have a camper you take or do you just stay in hotels all over?

Matt Lautner says: cotullaguy: 17000 miles since april 1, new hotel every nite. We prefer comfort inn

Bulldaddy says: Phil, I have used WMW on some SimAngus heifers with good results.  Can you recommend another of your bulls for calving ease?  These heifers are larger framed and sound.

Phil Lautner says: Bulldaddy: Tiny Tim, Rocky Balboa, Ali 2, Pee Wee, some are using Crimson Tide on bigger hiefers.

FutureBreeder says: how have the one in a millions been looking?

Matt Lautner says: futurebreeder: we just saw a darn good brockle face at billy deboer in mitchell ne

showsteer88 says: What bulls would you guys recomend on sound long neck pb angus cows that just need more power?

Phil Lautner says: showsteers88: Heatwave Clone

FutureBreeder says: does he throw many hairy calves because inhis pic it doesnt look likehe has much fuzz

Charlie Wilson says: future breeder: just saw some today in ks val reiss thought they could make darn good slicks

Matt Lautner says: futurebreeder: he is th and pha free. as with most clean bulls he needs to be mated to carrier cows. long term we are excited about the females making great club calf producing cows.

fed_champions says: Have you ever seen lifeline mated to a heatwave daughter? if so how did they look, what were the bws like, and how did they grow?

Phil Lautner says: fed_champions: Glenn Maples bred several lifeline daughters to Heat Wave and got along great.

Dixie says: Phil: How have the Meyer Meyer and Untouchable calves been?

Phil Lautner says: Dixie: Brad Sinclair purchased untouchable semen to breed this year.  Glenn Maples had an Untouchable steer that topped his spring sale.

joemo says: I have been hearing a lot about bojo.  What is the typical cow that I would use him on?

Matt Lautner says: joemo: he needs to be used on lighter muscled cows that need more bone, hair, and power.

joemo says: what is the translation on Uno mas, i assume #1 something

Charlie Wilson says: joemo: one more

Part Timer says: To Phil. How important is it to find that next great clean bull?

Phil Lautner says: Part Timer: We have a wide selection of TH and PHA Free but we are always looking for another one.

TWR says: If a person has 200 cows of all shapes and sizes what bull would you AI too other than Heatwave/Mono?

Matt Lautner says: twr: bojo, powertrip, tiger, uno mas, or boardwalk

Charlie Wilson says: twr: bojo and uno mas bojo has proven to be a cow changer and uno mas surley will be another

big tylerr says: why does monopoly semen range from 50 to 250 dollars

Matt Lautner says: big tyler: he is injured

fed_champions says: has monopoly earned cloning status?

Matt Lautner says: fed champoions: yes there are two clones born jan. Semen available spring 2011

Phil Lautner says: fed_champions: Yes we have two clones on the ground.

Zach says: best calf you’ve seen this spring is a ? out of a ? cow

Matt Lautner says: zach: bojo bull that phil and i just bought

Charlie Wilson says: zach: monopoly x simmy cow

zak says: charlie -who owned the monopoly that was the best this spring?

Charlie Wilson says: azk:cant remember the name off hand was in kansas tho

fed_champions says: Did any of yall see the top selling milkman at Brandon Horns this year? If so, how did he match up to the rest yall have seen?

Phil Lautner says: fed_champions; I liked him so much I bought a punch out of his ear. Best calf I saw last fall.

AL Show Cattle says: charlie- what kind of cow should Uno Mas be breed to?

Charlie Wilson says: al show cattle: just a little bigger framed cow that  is good necked but doesnt need to be very stout

drl says: Matt, would Monopoly work on a simi x angus cow that had a good about time calf that needs more bone? or too much angus?

Matt Lautner says: drl: monoploy should work great

zak says: Also is there one heifer i your mind that stuck out that you think will be a great club calf producer down the road and who owned her?

Charlie Wilson says: zak: there will be a black baldy tiger woods x meyer x angus on our fall sale thatll be one awsome donor prospect

jon19 says: ok i was curious because i was through liberty, in the other week and thought i saw a really nice baldy i didnt know if you had been down that way yet or not

Matt Lautner says: jon19: i am pretty proud of greg recknors monoply out of red zones mother

DTW says: Matt in all those miles have you found that one heat wave that will be an awesome fat

Matt Lautner says: dtw: ward eckloff and dave strolberg are loaded up with awesome heatwaves again this year

Zach says: So would you guys (at this point in time) say that Bojo calves consistently better than Monopoly’s or TW’s? I like the idea of flushing to Bojo…

Charlie Wilson says: zach:  this is bojos first year calves have been great but them monopolys are darn consistent

fed_champions says: i had the same thoughts, wish i had the showman for him, excited to see how he turns out

Phil Lautner says: fed_champions: Year after year Brandon gets them right.

AStar says: Is Monopoly out of Heatwave or one of his clones? Who owns Monopolys Dam?

Matt Lautner says: Astar: chris gestrich from wisconsin owns hazel, the mother of monopoly

fed_champions says: I just bought a Jimmy the Greek american bull, was wondering if it is worth promoting an american since texas is really the only market. How does semen sale on them?

Phil Lautner says: fed_champions: We have never tried it.  But don’t see why it wouldn’t work.

Zach says: Which bull (Mon. Boj. TW) is putting on the most bone and sweetest front ends?

Charlie Wilson says: zach: depends alot on the cow but i think its kool tw is getting mentioned with the th bulls because he can sire them just as stout big boned and hairy

Phil Lautner says: Zach: BoJo is the biggest boned. Front ends follow the cow.

drl says: What would make you decide to breed a cow Monopoly vs. Heat Wave?

Charlie Wilson says: drl: personally id use hw on a softer made good moving cow and mono on a more freaky extented cow needing some middle

Jason says: It 9:00, I would like thank again Phil, Matt, and Charlie for coming on here.   If I don’t put in a stopping point, these guys will be answering questions all night.  I think we will try to lure on here again in the future.
Guys go ahead and finish the questions already posted and then you can signoff.  Thanks again.

Phil Lautner says: Thanks for all the questions.  It was hard to get all the questions answered so if we left you out we are sorry.  Call the office if you have any additional questions at 515-386-3284.

Matt Lautner says: Thanks to every one. To order semen for free delivery call matt 515-450-2800

Charlie Wilson says: thanks to all call 5632190318 for semen orders