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  1. Bawndoh

    Salty Dog and Blindside prospects selling TODAY at CWA in Regina, Sk, Canada
  2. Bawndoh

    HELP!! How to remove blu-kote.

    I pulled a stupid move yesterday and doused a white/roan heifer in blu-kote to help with ringworm.  We have a show in a week.  Doesn't the colour stick quite well? How can I get this out?  The only good thing about this is it is non show side. 
  3. Bawndoh

    HELP! When to breed?

    I have a group of 8 cows I CIDR'd.  Pulled CIDR's on Monday night (about 84 hrs ago).  Had 4 come in heat and bred them already. I am not really crunched for time so am wondering if I should time breed them today and give Cystorelin, or just wait for the others to come in the next few days and...
  4. Bawndoh

    Opinions - Blindside calf.

    What do you think?  He is an April calf out of Blindside.  We are real excited about him.  Stout as heck, long bodied, thick, big boned, and backed by a great Mama.
  5. Bawndoh

    Just some shameless advertising.

    Have a look through our Facebook page,  We are Canadian, and have a cow base of Red Angus x Shorthorn cows bred to clubby bulls.  Look us up and let me know what you all think!  We have calves from Blindside, and Salty Dog this spring arriving daily ;)
  6. Bawndoh

    Pole Barns

    I am looking for some help in finding a pole barn package, or a reliable manufacturer of supplies for a pole barn. We are looking to build a 40x60 half shop, half cattle barn.  We are located in Saskatchewan, but are looking for information on suppliers in North Dakota and area...somewhere we...
  7. Bawndoh

    Tips & Advice...what would you do?

    My husband and I are right in the middle of acquiring land (150 acres), and building a new home/yardsite.  We would love tips, advice, and "what would you have done differently" from others who have been through this process, or simply have a yard setup that they wish they could change!  We...
  8. Bawndoh

    Gestation Information

    Does anybody have any good links of progressive gestation info on cows?  Photos and sizes of each month, etc.  I can never find anything online, but maybe someone knows of a good University link?  I know some of the vet books have good descriptions and photos, but I don't have access to one at...
  9. Bawndoh


    We are planning on moving out of town in the near future and are wondering what would be best for us.  We are going to need something to haul bales, clean corrals, move snow, and can operate in below zero (-25 degree celcius) weather.  Do any of you have experience with skidsteers?  What...
  10. Bawndoh

    What have your results been?

    Hi all. Were getting about 20+ head set up next week just doing a two-shot Estrumate program.  I have an AI client that typically gets about 50% of the cows he needled in heat within 2.5 days.  I am hoping to do a little better.  I am just wondering how many head (%), and how many days most...
  11. Bawndoh

    4 yr old simmi cow/calf pair for sale

    Wicked yearling SH!  (clapping)
  12. Bawndoh

    Pictures of my cows, and a few others

    I know a few ppl were yappin at me that I never post pictures....long story anyhow.  Here are a few of my small cowherd, as well as some other various images. :)  Fell free to comment! The first two images are of my 13 year old cow.  She is ugly as heck, but consistently calves early, and...
  13. Bawndoh

    Semen testing Clubby display bulls

    How many people actually do this BEFORE they display their bulls and try to sell semen that hasn't been collected?  Does it matter if a bull only scores like 30% in all reality?  Do they still collect, and actually try to sell that crap?
  14. Bawndoh

    TM Gus calves

    Does anybody have photos of their babies, or yearlings and two-year-olds? How do you like them?  What type of cows does he work on?
  15. Bawndoh

    Where can I watch Schaffs Sale?

    Im wondering if Schaffs are going to have the sale online anywhere.  Where can I watch it?
  16. Bawndoh

    Steer Planet Photo Contest - Post "LANDSCAPE" Photos Here

    The house is about 3 miles from where I grew up (East Central Saskatchewan), and is on land that my Dad owns. The Valley is the Quapelle Valley, and is located about 20 miles from where I currently live, in SK as well.
  17. Bawndoh

    Miracle first calf

    Dad called me this morning.  Said he had a first in his life.  He had been breeding and raising cattle for over 30 years.  He calves cows on about 160+ acres.  It was a mistake, first off, to have first calvers out on such a large spread, versus watched closer in the yard.  However, thats...
  18. Bawndoh

    Picturing Cattle

    What do people charge to picture your cattle.  I have been asked to do about 40 bulls for a sale catalague, and would like ideas of what to charge. Thank You!
  19. Bawndoh

    Help with breeding a colored heifer

    Hi all!  We have this odd colored heifer.  The first photo is of her at a few weeks of age, and the other, is from a week ago.  She is an odd grey color, and can now easily be mistaken for a black calf.  In the horse world she would be a grulla, but what is she in the cattle world?  I am not...
  20. Bawndoh

    Anxiety n/c

    Recently my fiance has been diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder.  He has been the worried/nervous type since I met him 4 1/2 years ago, but we thought it was a personality trait.  He suffered from stomach pain of all kinds, is always tired, stressed, and "sketchy".  I say sketchy, because he...