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  1. rasor club calves

    Friction semen for sale

    Friction semen for sale I have 8 straws of friction for sale. Selling as a package only. $1000 for all 8. The price is very reasonable so I am not budging. You can pick up or if YOU have a shipper we can use because i don't have one. I will be at the Ohio state fair too. 740-319-6014 for...
  2. rasor club calves


    I have a simmi cow that i am breeding tomorow. I have some bodacious semen and i wanted to now if he can clean up necks and sheath areas in his  calves. The cow has had 2 calves for me. one is out of a simmi bull and was not very clean at all in his neck. He had a sheath like a brahma. This...
  3. rasor club calves

    Trouble leading steer into chute

    I have a steer that wont go into the grooming chute with just me leading him. I walk him right up to it and when he figures out he is going into the chute he stops dead in his tracks. It takes my dad pulling and me pushing to get him in thier. Once we get him in their he is just fine and stands...
  4. rasor club calves

    Jan. 2012 Angus Heifer For Sale

    Jan. 2012 Angus Heifer For Sale Here is a really nice Jan. 2, 2012 heifer sired by High Prime 4037. She is out of a BT Right Time cow. Picture is not the best but gives you an idea on her. More Information
  5. rasor club calves

    Cut the BS

    you are just fueling a fire. If you want something done about this don't do anything at all. Every time some one has a question he is there to ramble on about something completly off topic and never answer your question. Actions always come back to haunt you so dont burn bridges you may have to...
  6. rasor club calves

    Problem with getting steer's manure to "solid up"

    I have two steers one is roughly 1000 lbs and the other 1150 lbs. Both are on close to 20 lbs of regular show mix. I have been having a problem with both getting the runs or "sh!ts". They are in separete pens too and can go out into paddocks as pleased. There manure is regular color but just...
  7. rasor club calves

    Implanting show steers

    Does anyone implant your market steers.
  8. rasor club calves


    Does anyone know of or have a picture of the bull survivor (club calf i think)? I have a really good black and white steer out of him that i bought and he is going to the ohio beef expo. if you have any info on him please let me know.
  9. rasor club calves

    Looking for heifer

    april 1st  ali son x maine-angus. southeastern, ohio. 740-319-6014. weighed 645 at ohio AGR last weekend
  10. rasor club calves

    Show Heifer Supplement

    Which supplement do heifers do best on as far as a complete supplement?
  11. rasor club calves

    Heifer for Sale

    This heifer is a late march Banner(alixheatwave) heifer. She is very cocky and correct, and of course the HAIR! The only reason im selling her is because i need room to buy bred cows. We have shown her at one jackpot and she stood second in a very respectable class. $1700 firmMy phone # is...
  12. rasor club calves

    Heifer For Sale

    Heifer for sale out of the new bull Banner(AlixHeatwave). She is showy but could be a cow someday. I don't have pictures of her and I would rather you come down and see her in person. for more info call Logan at (740)-319-6014 leave voicemail. Located in Zanesville, Ohio.Right now she is priced...
  13. rasor club calves

    Ohio-Muskingum County Fall Classic

                                                                        Muskingum County Fall Classic *November 5, 2011 *Muskingum County Fairgrounds-1300 Pershing Rd., Zanesville, Ohio *Grand Champion Steer $500 *Grand Champion Heifer $500 *Res. Champion Steer $400 *Res. Champion Heifer $400...
  14. rasor club calves

    heifer lacking top mass

    i have a heifer that can really use some more top mass. is there any product or way to get it done.
  15. rasor club calves

    Calves For Sale

    I have only a few calves for sale but the are very good all could compete at a county fair. Call 740-319-6014 for apointment.Most are still in the field but i do have two in the barn and adding soon. Located in Zanesville, Ohio. Calves are really good priced.
  16. rasor club calves

    Heatseeker bull calf for sale

    Here is a Heatseeker bull calf born on March 26, 2011. His mother is a Mossy Oak. This was also her first calf. I will post more recent pic when I can. If you have Q's or wanting to talk prices call Logan Rasor at (740)-319-6014 or (740)-455-9464. This calf could compete in any county fair and...
  17. rasor club calves

    AI school

    Is there any AI school dates coming up in the summer months? June, July, august. the closer the southern ohio the better. thanks
  18. rasor club calves

    RBS Hot Shot

    Can anyone give me info on RB3 Hot Shot. I think he is clubby.
  19. rasor club calves


    has anyone ever heard of the donor 110C. If so who owns her and some info .
  20. rasor club calves

    regestration Q

    I got a question about getting some of my calves regestrated. I have a banner heifer and a heat seeker steer. i do not have certificates and neither of the mothers are regestired. Are they regestirable?