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  1. CM Cattle

    Bull Opinions

    Let me know what ya think
  2. CM Cattle

    Chute wanted!

    I am in bad need of a grooming chute. I dont really care the brand, as long as it is in working condition. Steel or alumanim it dosn't matter. I'll be at the ky beef expo in early march if there is anyone who will be there with one. Thanks (thumbsup)
  3. CM Cattle

    March Simmental Hiefer

    I have a nice Simmental hiefer for sale, she is out of gws Ebony's trademark. She was born on 3-19-10, and bw was 85lbs. This young Trademark hiefer has lots of appeal. She is very clean fronted, big hipped, plenty of rib, and well balanced. She has a great future ahead of her in the show ring...
  4. CM Cattle

    Jonathan shepherd

    I purchased some hiefers off of him at north american and since there were a lot of planet members on here out of ohio i was wandering if anyone knows how i could contact him? PM me Thanks  <beer>
  5. CM Cattle

    North American Shorthorn Heifer Calf Futurity Sale catalog

    Does anyone know where it can be viewed on line? Thanks
  6. CM Cattle


    What type of wormer should i be using? I would rather stay away from pour ons, i have used it in the past but have heard if it causing hair loss.  Also i have a show bull and was wandering is there any type of growth hormone, or steroid i should be giving him, or is this type of thing frouned...
  7. CM Cattle

    Simmental Hiefer

    I have a nice simmentall hiefer sor sale, she is out of gws ebonys trademark. Ber birth date is 3-19-10, and bw was 85lbs. This young Trademark hiefer has lots of appeal. She is verry clean fronted, big hipped, plenty of rib, and well ballanced. She has a great futer ahead of her in the show...
  8. CM Cattle

    Opinions Please

    Here is a GWS Ebonys Trademark X TNGL Lucky Girl U231 simmental hiefer i purchased at the Belles of the bluegrass sale today. Birth date is      3-19-10, give me some opinions good, or bad.
  9. CM Cattle

    Steer needed in ky.

    I'm looking for a steer in Kentucky weighing any where from 500lbs no more than 700 lbs. It dosnt have to be a great steer, just good enought to compete ate some founty fairs. Hair or slick it dosnt matter. If you have anything i might be interested in send me a pm or email with pics at   ...
  10. CM Cattle

    Opinions On Shorthorn Bull

    What do you think? He weighs around 650 in the pic at 5 months of age. He's currently a bull, but i might make him a steer this fall. Opinions good or bad, and should i keep him a bull or steer him. Thanks
  11. CM Cattle

    Who Made Who x Angus Steer

    I have a Who Made Who x Angus Steer for sale. He was born on 3/04/09. He was last weighed on march 20Th at 930 pounds.This is a very stout steer. He is really well muscled, lots of bone. He has good hair, I think this steer will do good at any show with hair, or slick. This steer should make a...
  12. CM Cattle

    Black Baldey Heifer's Wanted

    I am looking for some 2009 and 2010 black baldie heifers in Kentucky, or surrounding states. Let me know and send pics of what you have to offer. You can pm , or email at [email protected] Thanks
  13. CM Cattle

    Cooking corn

    I heard that cooking corn is a crock pot will put fat on steers fast. I am wandering if this works, if corn is really the right stuff to use, how to cook it, what age and when to feed it, and how much. Ive got some calves that i really need to fatten up fast and heard this was a good way that...
  14. CM Cattle

    Building up steers backend

    I had a friend come over to look at me steer yesterday, and he said my steer needed to build up his backend. He told me that if i put his feed up high, and built a platform he would have to stand on with his front feet in order to eat that it would help build up his back end. I am wandering if...
  15. CM Cattle


    My steer has lice on his hip, and i was wandering what i should get to put on it before it spreads. Thanks
  16. CM Cattle

    Dumb question

    I am wandering what the stuff like ced, bw, ww, milk, yw, marb, and rib stand for, and how they come up with the numbers. Ive always wandered how they come up with the numbers and what some of them ment in sale catologs. Thanks
  17. CM Cattle


    Our ffa was given a gooseneck trailer to rebuild. Were in the process of rebuilding it right know. This is the first time weve done anything like this, and weve had a lot of fun workin on it. We are moving to our new highschool next year, so hopefully we will have more room to do more things...
  18. CM Cattle

    Steer Feed

    Here is a special mix feed i have been feeding my show steers, and was wandering if there is anything I should change. I am thinking about taking some the gluten out, but I'm not sure. Most of you have been showing a lot longer than me and have a lot more experience with this, so I'm open to all...
  19. CM Cattle

    Air express III blower.

    I bought a new one from sullivans last year. I didn't want to risk getting a reconditioned one, and it aint like there going to loose there value if you take care of them.
  20. CM Cattle

    Australian Shepherd pups for sale

    Cute (thumbsup)