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    LOOKING FOR MAN TO run operation

    Freddy are u still looking? If so pm me my son would be perfect for u
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    whatcha think

    Couldnt resist this- maine heifer we raised- we are pretty proud of her mamma is a purebred maine we bought from Core Farms Daddy is Heatwave so a Chi and a Maine She is out of same mamma as the char cross heifer we sold last year on here picture was taken with camera on phone
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    2000 Chevy Crew Cab Pickup

    Have a 2000 Crew Cab Chevy Pickup for sale- 3/4 ton- 98,000 miles, excellent condition, 5th wheel hitch- spray on bedliner- roll up cover- this truck is one of a kind, you wont find a cleaner truck.  Located in Central Iowa. We basically only used this truck to haul 2 calves to shows. No more...
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    At home work

    Hello - have not been on in awhile - was wondering if anyone out there is in need of a person to do some at home type of work- am looking for supplemental work and I have a ton of skills.  Just PM me if you have anything, I promote online for you, I can type anything, I can email like crazy  and...
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    - Heatseeker heifer ~SOLD~

    This heifers Mom is flat out awesome.
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    My Grandpuppy

    Here is a picture of my new grand-puppy (kurt and hollie)  left her in the bathtub one day, called me and said go home for lunch we have lunch for you. I found a bowl (with dog food) I thought it was cerel on the table I thought why are they feeding me cerel for lunch  haha- then I heard a...
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    bigtime carnac x chill factor steer for sale

    The steer looks awesome, but I called he has a BIG price tag too
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    Beef Barley Soup

    Does anyone have a really good recipe for this?? justamom
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    Burlington show

    Did anyone go to burlington Iowa show yesterday, I heard that our roan was reserve shortie there yesterday but have not confirmed that, cant get ahold of the kids, Im thinking they headed to waterloo for todays show.
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    red angus x steer

    Snapped some not so great pictures of the red angus x char cross steer we raised, remember he can be showed as a Red Angus steer, gonna be hard to beat we feel down the road, he is a good one, this cow was champion red angus here in Iowa over 30 times, and res champ red angus in Kansas City, one...
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    Just some pictures (show update)

    I decided to snap some pictures in the pasture today, we are thinking of changing our format this year to a one price for everything, so just thought for the heck of if Id post some pictures (sorry they are not the best) Blue roan is out of a purbred shorthorn bull out of radioactive and mamma...
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    Looking for a New Job

    Does anyone out there need any farm/herdsman help, he is willing to re-locate I am posting this for my son- it would be great if there were benefits available
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    some calves

    Took a few pictures today Roan is out of a Radioactive bull we raised and blue roan cow Charloais is out of our bull and a purbred maine cow black heifer is out of heatseeker and simmi cow (she is standing all funky but is totally thick and very nice)
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    Some Calves 2009

    Not too good of pictures but a couple of heifer calves we like and mammas.
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    We are going to have a blue roan heifer out of our Radioactive Shorthorn bull we had- When she gets a little older I will post some pictures, big boned, hairy, and when she was born her hips were already bigger than a scotch comb.  We are expecting big things from this big gal- Mamma is out of...
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    Kind of a Poll - Cattle Internet

    Im not sure IM gonna word this right but here goes,  If there was a service, product or whatever you think you are not receiving from cattle sites on the internet what would it be???  For example:  A website for advertising cattle that is not so web page oriented (more banner page) and pictures...
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    Hey Missed you all

    Hey Ive missed you all - Ive been having some health problems and have missed all of you - Hope all is well - Everyone is in the field and having calves so I guess the world is good now.  I've been home some off and on trying to still find something new to add to our retirement fund so still...
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    Horray Horray had our 1st blue roan today (actually yesterday)

    Finally got something right, got our 1st blue roan colored heifer today, mamma is an xray vision, daddy is the radioactive white bull we had. Really hairy, big boned, pictures coming soon- hopefully.  Mamma is a blue roan from texas.
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    Club Calves

    can you PM me the IP please??
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    Ok Im gonna jump in here, Steerjockey (You are definately carrying on the steer jock name)- Most of them are NOT very nice-  Alot of us on here sell cattle that are just as good as yours and we dont conduct ourselves such as what  you have done-  Im not sure if you are  young or just arrogrant...