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  1. drl

    Utv ATV feeders

    I am looking at supplementing my cowherd and saw some utv/atv feeders that carry up to 700 lbs and have an auger to dispense feed. Does anyone on here have one that they use or recommend? I have seen stull, feed train, and others online but not sure which to pick.
  2. drl

    Conventional ET vs IVF with reverse sort

    Who on here has done some of both methods of et work? Do you think the extra cost and reduced conception rates is worth it to get the right sex most of the time on embryo calves? Any tips on how to have good success with ivf thats any different than normal flushing?
  3. drl

    Black River Spring Thaw

    Next Weekend april 17-19 Search on Facebook for more info
  4. drl

    Mixed Flush and Parentage Testing

    I was looking to do a mixed flush on a cow but the bulls I want to use are similar enough that you cant  tell 100% for sure so was wondering how to do it between clubby bulls. Anyone done it?
  5. drl

    using heifers for calving ease angus recips

    Does anyone see a problem with using heifers for recips if the eggs are calving ease pb angus embryos? I have a couple angus cows that need more heifers out of and was looking to get more recips this way since I breed the heifers angus anyway.
  6. drl

    Getting Aluminum Trailer REALLY Clean

    Short of taking the trailer to get Acid washed, what do you use to get your aluminum trailer to shine like new again?
  7. drl

    Slicking out sale calves

    Has anyone here tried slick shearing their sale calves late spring in hopes of them having a better haircoat come September/October. I had several calves hold their hair late into summer and then shed out the month before sale time. Would it be worth a try to get them shed out early/slick shear...
  8. drl

    Digistar Wrangler Elite Alleyway Scale

    Digistar Wrangler Elite Alleyway Scale 1 digistar electronic scale. Never used, weigh bars still in box, a few years old. Aluminum platform that works great in fitting chute, alley way or between a couple of gates. Cost new is $2200. I'm selling for $1700. Will be at Black River Falls and...
  9. drl

    Semen Tank Getting Too Full

    Semen Tank Getting Too Full Heat Wave 5 10 units $25 Performance Enhancer 4 units         $20 100 x 3 units $15 Carnac 5 units $25 Hannibal         3 units $15 Mojo         2 units $10 All About You 2 units $10 Black Impact 1 unit $20 Bounty Hunter 2 units $10...
  10. drl

    Black River Spring Thaw, WI

    April 14-15 Black River Falls, WI Showmanship and Local Show Saturday Steer and Heifer Show Sunday Top 3 Steer and Heifer $300, $200, $100 More info at Also on Facebook. Entry form attached Contact with any questions [email protected] 715-533-1412...
  11. drl

    Calving pen Bedding

    What do you use for bedding where you help pull calves? We have been using cornstalks but they are not very absorbent with all the fluids. We do have a source of sawdust that we could use that is mostly from hardwood. I did here though one local dairy farm that was using sawdust in there calving...
  12. drl

    Honor Show Chow Full Control

    Anyone use this product? I was looking to use it on a couple of heifers to help with body depth and really help them maintain condition the last two months before their big show.
  13. drl

    Hsc depth charge

    What price does it cost and how do you compare it to full tank?
  14. drl

    Iphone or Droid phone for farmer/rancher

    I was looking to get a better phone to do more internet, facebook,... compared to my flip phone. How do the smartphones do as far as cell phone reception and durability? I don't want to get one of these smartphones and find out I can't make a regular phone call with them. Thanks
  15. drl

    Black River Spring Thaw (NEW WI SHOW)

    April 16-17 in Black River Falls, WI Open Jackpot to Wisconsin Residents only Showmanship Saturday night, show Sunday $250 Champion Steer/Heifer Brand new fairgrounds built in 2010 check on Facebook for Black River Spring Thaw Contact for info or entry forms 715-533-1412 608-386-3593...
  16. drl

    Facebook Page vs. Website

    With the popularity of facebook, does it make sense for a breeder to have a regular website when you can have a facebook page for free? I was thinking of making a facebook page for our cattle and then one for the show that ourselves and other locals are starting up.
  17. drl

    Man Up

    How did Man Up look? Will his semen be out on the open market? Is he worth a try when most of us can't use Who Da Man? Would you use him on TH carrier females or use him on something more maternal(angus, Simi...)?
  18. drl

    Who Da Man replacement

    Is there a bull out there that could breed a lot like Who Da Man? Recently I became a big fan of Who Da Man heifers but can't afford to buy very many heifers or his semen.
  19. drl


    Has anyone used Zilmax on their steers or market heifers? Does it work better than optaflexx for adding muscle and weight gain that last few weeks? We have used optaflexx with good results as long as the steer was very sound and not real heavy muscled before. Im guessing a person would have to...
  20. drl

    Can you hoof trim heavy bred cows?

    Can you hoof trim heavy bred( beginning of third trimester) cows on a tip table without problems? I have heard it both ways yes and no but looking for opinions on here.