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  1. DLD

    Souix Empire Hereford bull?

    Has anyone seen any calves yet? 
  2. DLD

    Me vs. Trausch Farms

    I agree that your DA should help, the question is if they're willing.  Our old DA helped me out on a couple deals - usually just a phone call or letter from them works miracles on someone that really intends to pay, but is just dragging it out for whatever reason.  The one's that never intended...
  3. DLD

    art of photoshopping

    I watched the videos - and yes, that roan cow is pretty hard to look at on the move.  Like I said, I can't say if the photo's were doctored or not.  All I'm saying is that a really good photographer knows how to get the best out of a cow (or bull or calf), and sometimes even an un-doctored photo...
  4. DLD

    art of photoshopping

    I'm not saying these animals were touched up or not, but just some fyi for those of you who've never been involved in this picturing and videoing process for these sales.  The really good photographers spend a whole lot of time to get the right still pics - way more than the videos.  There are...
  5. DLD

    Houson steer show video?

    It's not on stock show live, even though most of the rest of the show is.  I'd like to see some classes where steers I sold and other people I know were in.  Matter of fact, they don't have video up from San Antonio, or even Tulsa last fall (market steer shows anyway). I love the concept - not...
  6. DLD

    bumper trailers

    We're looking at buying a smaller bumper pull trailer, and have pretty much narrowed it down to 2 choices.  One is a 5' x 14', the other is a 6' x 12'.  The trailers are both WW's, equipped identically (same color even).  The 5' is a brand new '13 model, the 6' is an '09, but barely used, barn...
  7. DLD

    Wes Stover Memorial Fund online sale

    Just wanted to let everyone know about the Wes Stover Memorial Fund online sale on Breeders World.  If you knew Wes, you know he never hesitated to help anyone, anytime.  This is a great opportunity for us to give something back in his honor.  Also an excellent opportunity to purchase semen and...
  8. DLD

    th in herfords?

    There are 4 registered Hereford bulls listed as thf/phaf free in the 2012 Genetic Horizons catalog.  Not sure the exact reasoning behind testing those particular bulls. I do know that when the tests first became available, SEK tested their most popular bulls, whether their pedigree indicated it...
  9. DLD

    Show steer numbers (poll)

    Please keep in mind I'm asking only about steers, not heifers.  It might be interesting to do a similiar poll and compare them, but for the moment I need to know about steers. Our county is considering some changes in it's premium sale, including the possibility of reducing the number of steers...
  10. DLD

    Rags To Riches Sale January, 22

    Rags To Riches Sale January, 22 More Information
  11. DLD

    Rags To Riches Pasture Sale 1/22/12

    Rags To Riches Pasture Sale 1/22/12 More Information
  12. DLD

    Rags To Riches Pasture Sale

    Rags To Riches Pasture Sale More Information
  13. DLD

    OCD in cattle? DL or anyone with info?

    A (fallborn) steer we sold this spring has a knot on the inside of his right back leg, an inch or so in front of his hock.  Last I saw it (2 weeks ago) it was maybe the size of a shooting marble, and just felt like fluid - we assumed some kind of injury, and it didn't seem to bother him any.  He...
  14. DLD

    Rages to Riches Sale (WEB SITE UPDATED)

    There's updated info & pics now.
  15. DLD


    I hope this is the right place to post this.  I'd like to request/suggest that those of you posting multiple pics in an ad,  please remember that quite a few of us still have dial up and ads with more than three or four bigger and/or higher resolution pics per post,  may never load for us.  More...
  16. DLD

    NEEDED TANK Herf semen(black bull)

    Don't know where you can get it any sooner, but I noticed that the last of the Tank semen to be sold will be in Black's Cream Of The Crop bred heifer sale June 5.
  17. DLD

    Want to buy Tiger Semen(Hereford)

    Call SEK Genetics in Kansas.  I've gotten it from them in the past.
  18. DLD

    maine association question, in the wrong forum

    Doctor Who is registered with the Chianina association, so your heifer would be eligible to register and show as a Chianina. Oh and btw, still in the wrong forum - The Big Show would be best for this kind of question. :)
  19. DLD

    Ford F250 7.3L 4x4 FOR SALE 2002

    There should be an "axle code" on this tag - if you'll look in the owners manual, it'll have a chart to decode it.  I know where there's one online, too, but the site it's on is moving really, really slow this morning.  I'd bet on it being a 3.73 - I know the 4.10's were an option, but you...
  20. DLD

    Are we that dumb???

    I wish everyone would post prices too, but those that don't have their reasons. My big complaint is why people don't post their location in their ads.  I'm less likely to inquire about one that I really like the pics of, but have no idea where they're located than I am one that I might like the...