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  1. Simmymom1

    Powdered Dexamethasone

    Does anybody know if powedered Dex has the same withdrawl period as the injectible?  I need to know because we have a terminal show in 9 days.  Thank you.
  2. Simmymom1

    Fort Worth steer show

    Does anybody know if the show is going to be able to be watched via the web?  Thanks
  3. Simmymom1

    So very proud of my daughter!!!

    Well, as many of you remember we had a barn fire last year and it killed two of our show steers.  My daughter lost her county steer in the fire seven days before she would have shown him.  We rebuilt as soon as would could and got back on our feet.  She had a backup major show steer this year...
  4. Simmymom1

    Need help on a steer that is scratching himself to death!

    Okay, my daughter's steer is about to drive me crazy.  This has been going on for a while but seems to really getting worse.  He is scratching and rubbing on everything he can in his pen.  He rubs his eyes and every part of his body he can.  What really bothers me is we are about a month out...
  5. Simmymom1

    Picture of my daughter's Angus steer in Fort Worth

    Thought I would put a picture on here of the steer right before he went into the ring.  He was in the first class, the lightweights.  He was weighing right at 1100 Lbs at the time of the show.  When I looked around at her class, I could not find a bad Angus anywhere....tough competition!!  He...
  6. Simmymom1

    Who all is going to the steer show at Fort Worth???

    Hoping that maybe I could meet a few Steerplanet members that will be there for the steer show.  We will be there with my daughter who is showing her Angus.  I know that SD is going to be there a few days before the steer show looking at some heifers....maybe he could just miss his flight and...
  7. Simmymom1

    Help with this steer's hair

    Okay, this is not the best picture of this steer.  I took it last night and he was still a little wet after being blown off.  He will be shown in May and will be slicked for the show. He looks like he "toes out" in the picture but he doesn't, just a bad pose.  My daughter is going to take him to...
  8. Simmymom1

    Fall Classic question about steers

    This will be the first year we show a  steer in the "baby class".  Do they classify the younger steers like that, or are they all just shown together and not by breed.  I know the progress steers are classified by breed,  but was just wondering about the prospect steers.   (thumbsup)  If...
  9. Simmymom1

    Question about turning steers out

    Okay, as some of you might remember back in May our barn burned down and we lost two show steers and everything else cattle related.  Well, we have rebuilt our barn and we are really happy with it.  The only thing we have not done yet is make the runs coming off of each of the steers pens. ...
  10. Simmymom1

    Opinions on daughter's steer

    What do you think about him.  He got Champion Angus in both rings at the Washington County Fair. He is my daughter's steer for the Texas Majors.  Please let me know what you think.  Thank you very much!
  11. Simmymom1

    Error on post!!

    Never mind   <cowboy>
  12. Simmymom1

    More "bad" luck....

    Gosh, this just has not been a good year at all for my family.  You guys probably remember back in May, our barn burned down and we lost two really nice steers in there.  My daughter would have showed the one steer in seven days at our county show, and the other steer was for Houston in 2011...
  13. Simmymom1

    Whiskey Business

    Can somebody please help me out by either directing me on which way to go or by getting me a picture of the bull "Whiskey Business?"  I am looking at a calf that is out of him and would like to get a good picture of the bull if possible.  Thanks! 
  14. Simmymom1

    Opinions on County Steer..(The good & Bad)

    Show is in 20 days and the calf is weighing at 1250 Lbs. right now.  Let me know what you think about him.  Thanks for the comments ahead of time!  Lisa
  15. Simmymom1

    Need help...Knot on steer's neck

    My daughter's steer must have got stuck wrong when he got his vacc's a couple of months ago.  He was done up north before we got him.  When we picked him up I noticed the big knot but I was told just to give it time and it would go away.  Well I massaged it daily and also put DMSO on it.  The...
  16. Simmymom1

    Hey Texans...It's SNOWING!!

      <cowboy>  It's snowing pretty hard in Wharton, Texas this morning and it is supposed to get worse as the day goes on...only in Texas can weather be soooo crazy!!!  Lisa
  17. Simmymom1

    Happy Halloween Treats...N/C

    Hope everyone and their kiddos have a safe and fun Halloween!!  Lisa
  18. Simmymom1

    Looking for someone in Texas that has scales they need to sell

    If anybody has any scales they are not using anymore and need to sell them please let me know.  We are tired of having to haul to our friends place to weigh our calves.  Thanks for your help!!  Lisa
  19. Simmymom1

    Where in the heck are all of our Planeteers???

    Okay, what is the deal.  I see that ITK is missing and being sought after.  Well... where is SD, Justme, and a whole other bunch of junkies that are missing???  Did SD zap everyone up in his spaceship or what?  I guess I will have to put a reward out to get the whole bunch back together again!! ...