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  1. jbzdad

    Any solid red shorthorn / Maine bulls available to make show heifers?

    I am afraid if I go red angus cross on the taller flatter maine cows I will loose hair and bone still looking for capacity , soundness etc
  2. jbzdad

    who sells small grain auger

    when I was growing up we had a 3-4 inch auger with a small electric motor to move grain .. mostly just to lift it 4-6 feet .. seems like it was 10 feet long... are those available anymore? who sells them (retail )
  3. jbzdad

    Easy keeping maine genetics?

    I originally posted this question in 2012... I think it is worth re-posting... is anyone seeing an answer to this question? "I know those of us trying to raise a maine show heifer use creep and I have been known to even add some grain to cows from time to time to try to keep condition up... my...
  4. jbzdad

    Maine anjou guy looking at Denver bulls

    Since I am primarily interested in breeding Maine anjou females I didn't pay much attention to the clubby bulls out of MAB, Monopoly etc...I also kinda skipped over an I-80 sons I saw several nice angus bulls ... the one that really caught my eye was a Silverias bull ... but it looks like...
  5. jbzdad

    experience with Trans OVA IVF at Fletcher for reverse sorted embryos

    The staff was very helpful and accommodating I took 2 first calf heifer pairs (both 3/4 main) and they were there for 2 cycles... about 3 weeks total cost looks like about 5500... got 9 embryos from one donor and 2 from the other ...I am a little suspicious I am battling a copper deficiency...
  6. jbzdad

    First one out of the new bull

    I bought an I-80 son about 2 years ago from Mark Mueller After we saw this heifer we Changed his name to Snyder and bred several more to him This girl sells in the Prestige cattle sale on cattle in Demand April 24 I am kinda looking for someone who wants to use the bull on fall Calvers
  7. jbzdad

    how many are open after stalks??

    all were pregged and were 5 months before stalks.. just back home last week... now one is in heat we had 4-6 percent (3-4  of 80) after pregged positive at 5 months last year... what percent show up open for you guys?? they were on stalks 3.5 months .. on grass before that.. starting after...
  8. jbzdad

    big road trip yesterday

    I took Snyder to KABSU for collection and then took this little  heifer and 2 more on up to DMCC in Hiawatha.. I think I was... DRIVING...12 hours.. left at 0730 and got back home at 2130... I was tired  ...It is a long way from Scott City to hiawatha Snyder is a 21/2 year old I-80 son from...
  9. jbzdad

    I am wanting to try some Frozen ,reverse IVF, maine ,in standard straws embryos

    Last year we tried some IVF but the embryos were frozen in a "package" that could not be easily implanted at the farm by our local embryologist... Trans ova is currently doing IVF with reverse sorting and freezing in straws that my guy could put in... Who has some Maine ,female , frozen...
  10. jbzdad

    more on scales and data

    Offline knabe     National Champion Poster     **********     Posts: 11708     Karma 327     Positive Negative     whoa         View Profile         Personal Message (Offline) Re: scales are expensive but really informative « Reply #1 on: December 09, 2014, 11:40:55 AM »     Quote Quote...
  11. jbzdad

    Do you know who these guys are? I thought this was a very neat graphic

    the right center is Gregg Stewart from MCF.. who are the others?
  12. jbzdad

    scales are expensive but really informative

    I only have a few cows so it has been hard to scrape together enough funds to buy a scale and chute system but finally got it done this spring.. I think I have about 7 K in the set up and even more if you count the barn it lives in we have a few steers , heifers and bull calves at my place for...
  13. jbzdad

    out of the way place and lesser known producers

    I just listed these calves in the Classified... They are going to sell in a bid off format rather than an on- line sale or big producers sale ... do you think they will bring more selling this way or on-line after you subtract that 20 percent?
  14. jbzdad

    two stage weaning

    This calf has been pulled off 2 weeks... I opened some gates to spray weeds and look back and this is going on Is this what they call 2 stage weaning or just a strong maternal instinct
  15. jbzdad

    Rumor has it question

    Pat mentioned in another post a new (to me) bull.. Rumor has it.. anyone no any particulars .. % ? , breeding etc
  16. jbzdad

    Need some advice regrding heifer sexed semen for a maine anjou .. needs to be pu

    I flushed to 3 different bulls and got few eggs so we are going to try the in-vitro... had 3 eggs and one natural calf all bulls... limited edition, suh x 2 and Maine Man really like them but they need to be heifers!! would like to try sexed semen..would like to be able to register as hi...
  17. jbzdad

    need some help with a calf picture

    I am giving a little talk Sunday night and need a pic of a black calf..all cleaned up resting and in straw or hay  .. does anyone have one? 
  18. jbzdad

    Bodybuilder steer for POP

    she was looking for a heifer safe bull ... this is a bodybuilder x a red smallish maine cow with white socks
  19. jbzdad

    not cattle related ... don't strive for happy, strive for contentment..

    from British Blog  I copied this off Facebook  thought it was pretty good ... especially at Holiday time Here in the U.K. 28 November is ‘nothing special’. Our Jewish citizens are celebrating Hanukah, and our ex-pat U.S. citizens are celebrating Thanksgiving, but the average Brit is going...
  20. jbzdad

    Yellow repo is at Genetics Horizons

    I am going to give him a try  , clean , deep bodied , has good history recently... I am flushing a purebred maine to him... heifers outa that deal can show as Maines at 3/4