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  1. Doc

    Cattle trailer for sale

    For Sale - 2013 Eby Maverick cattle trailer. 24' x 7', swing/slide rear gate, 2 cut gates with front floating cut gate. Tie rails inside and outside, 3 lights inside, 7,000 lb torsion axles. 12 ply tires like brand new. Trailer is in outstanding shape. I have owned it since new. $16,000.00...
  2. Doc

    My new herd bull

    Just bought this bull and got him home today. These pics are from today after 13 hours on a trailer and taken out in the rain. He's a 4 year old son of Little Cedar Aviator out of a  MM Radioactive cow. She goes back to a Shadybrook cow. He's triple clean. He was used in a commercial herd and I...
  3. Doc

    Will Lane

    Just to let you know, Will Lane who has been on here for a long time, lost his wife (Tamara) to cancer yesterday. Will and his family are good people and he is a good friend and someone that I became friends with through Steerplanet back in the beginning with Red and the rest of the original...
  4. Doc

    Hot Commodity son

    Here is a couple of pics of a September daughter of the Hot Commodity son I posted on another link on here. She is out of a full sister to Asset and free on TH, PHA & DS. This bull is really doing the job, IMO.
  5. Doc

    Evolution x B Good Dottie

    Here is a Feb. Evolution out of B Good Dottie 3R. This cross worked pretty good I think.
  6. Doc

    Couple of cow pics

    Here is a couple of pics I took today while checking calves. 1st one is a 7y.o., 3/4 Shorthorn x Red Angus cross. Stays like this year round. 2nd one is her heifer by SS What's Up 3rd one is a 10 year old daughter of the old Dividend bull out of a Dream Girl. She's nursing a heifer also.
  7. Doc

    Greenhorn's Sale

    I am heading up to Greenhorn's on the 6th. If I can help anyone out, please let me know. I will also have my trailer with me. 615-202-7106
  8. Doc

    CF Picture Perfect 423

    Here is a cow that has really held together for her age. This is one reason that this cow family has been around for a long time. The first picture is when we bought her as a 8 year old and the 2nd one was taken last week as a 13 yr old while nursing a March bull calf.
  9. Doc

    Need help with the new Shorthorn DNA test ??

    What is this new GGP-LD and GGD-HD test ?
  10. Doc

    Silveras Style heifer

    This is my first Style calf. I was surprised by the chrome. She is out of a dark, blue roan 1st calf heifer. Her dam is a Vegas x Stockman from Sullivan. She was 70 lbs at birth. She was born 1/22.
  11. Doc

    Great Shorthorn Revival

    Didn't get to make it this year and was wondering if anyone had the results ?  Thanks
  12. Doc

    A Hot Commodity bull calf

    This is a March, Hot Commodity bull calf we have. His dam is sired by SULL Payday and is the natural daughter of CYT Destiny Best 1025 which is a Red Reward daughter. So definitely calving ease and had a 74 lb BW.
  13. Doc

    My Shorthorn crosses

    Here is 3 of my blue roans
  14. Doc

    1946 Shorthorn ad and marketing opportunity

    Here is a couple of pics from an old World . This steer beat 1,640 steers of all breeds to win. Set a new record price also. I found it interesting that even 70 years ago that someone was selling a product that was tied into a winning show animal.
  15. Doc

    A couple of Shorthorn x Angus crosses

    These are a couple of Angus cross heifers out of purebred Shorthorns. They are by our New Design 5050 son we use for cleanup on our heifers. The 1st one is out of a full sister to Asset. The 2nd one is out of a Red Rock x Mona Lisa hfr.
  16. Doc

    Great Shorthorn Revival

    Anyone else going to the sale next weekend?
  17. Doc

    Cates sale

    Anyone else going ?
  18. Doc

    A couple of 2015 calves

    Here is a couple of calves I took pics of with my phone the other day. #1 - Jan. Hot Commodity x Payday/Destiny's Best hfr. Out of a 1st calf hfr. I really like my Hot Commodity's. Bred several more to him. #2 - March Saskvalley Pioneer son x Charmer/Mattis 31P hfr. Just got weaned a week before...
  19. Doc

    Trailer tires

    I've always run 10 ply tires in the past. Looking at a new set and was wondering about the 14 ply tires. Pros and cons?
  20. Doc

    JSF Broker

    Who has had any calves by Broker and what did you think of them? We flushed 2 cows today and the semen didn't reverse sort on the bull we sent. They couldn't find our back up semen, so I had a friend flushing to Broker and he let me have some to use on our cows. It was that, or throw the eggs...