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  1. farmboy

    Wheres the old timers at?

    ya'll still here?  (dog) (dog) (dog) (dog) O0 O0 O0 O0 O0 <cowboy> <rock>
  2. farmboy

    In God We Trust

    Hello everyone I'd like to hear opinions from those who have actually seen him in person. Is he the next savior of the industry? Has wade outdone himself this time? Thanks
  3. farmboy

    Happy Armed Forces Day to All

    <rock> <rock> <rock> <rock> President Harry S. Truman led the effort to establish a single holiday for citizens to come together and thank our military members for their patriotic service in support of our country. On August 31, 1949, Secretary of Defense Louis Johnson announced the...
  4. farmboy

    Walking to the ring on asphalt/concrete/gravel problem...

    Does anyone have any advice to share on this situation. There's this heifer that is absolutely sound when she walks in grass but when she has to walk on the asphalt or gravel to get to the ring she starts swinging out wide on her rear legs really bad. The first two shows she cut it out before...
  5. farmboy

    Congrats to the "Savaged" family!

    A big  (thumbsup) tonight for our very own Savaged. The Savage family pulled off the win tonight in Highland County beating out approx 100 other steers with the homegrown Monopoly Money calf! Easily the stoutest calf in the field tonight. <beer> <beer> <beer>
  6. farmboy

    Skillathon materials

    Does anyone know of any good skillathon study materials to look at on the web or post some questions you've encountered. Thanks
  7. farmboy

    3/3 Bodacious Steer - Completly ready for show.

    3/3 Bodacious Steer - Completly ready for show. This is a 3/3 bodacious steer for sale. I know this isn't the best picture but it's what I've got right now. He's stout, big boned and really hairy. That's right, broke to lead, broke to the show stick , the chute, trailer. Anything you can...
  8. farmboy

    Three Thing to Ponder, Cows, The Constitution, The Ten Commandments

    see now you're trying to justify what you said earlier because someone called you out on being an idiot. Lets put explosives in peoples bodies, specifically their reproductive areas.
  9. farmboy

    Bodacious Steer

    Bodacious Steer This is a March 1 Bodacious x Powerplant steer. Hes stout, hairy, good disposition and SOUND. Will make an excellent Fat Steer for your July-August County fair. Priced to move Pic is from May 14th More Information
  10. farmboy

    Dirty Harry 2 Market Heifer Prospect

    Dirty Harry 2 Market Heifer Prospect THis is a February 25th DH2 x Sunseeker heifer for sale in Southern Ohio. Sh'es stout as any calf I've seen in the area this spring. Darker Photo is from May 14th Lighter Photo is a month earlier More Information
  11. farmboy

    Opinions Please

    Go ahead and rip her a new one.
  12. farmboy

    Dirty Harry 2 Heifer

    Dirty Harry 2 Heifer Stout, whistle fronted, hairy, SOUND. I can get Chi papers on her More Information
  13. farmboy

    Meyer 734 x Angus embryos Trade/Sell

    Meyer 734 x Angus embryos Trade/Sell I've got 3 Meyer 734 x 6807 embryos from Oleary's sale I'm looking to sell. The dam is a Traveler 6807 and her reg number is 13249038 Im asking $250 per embryo if you take all 3 of them. I'll also consider a trade on semen.( I'm in need of some Monopoly...
  14. farmboy

    ***OFFICIAL SteerPlanet NCAA Tournament Challenge 2012*** - Prizes

    Get in the action now: Group: SteerPlanet Password: Cattle1 winner gets bragging rights until next year  (lol) If you have a Facebook  you can sign in with that. Making an account on ESPN is fast and easy too.
  15. farmboy

    Let's see them then, Jody

    Im just as tired as everybody else is with mr bigshot lamb guy here trying to bring everyone down and yet the mods and Jason still let him spout his hate towards our end of the cattle world.  It's been going on for far to long as someone who has witnessed this forum go downhill since 2010, I'm...
  16. farmboy

    Let's see them then, Jody

    If you want to make yourself look like a fool even more, be my guest. County Fair champion - Check (WITH A FAT STEER, FEEDER CALF 2x, cow calf twice) Sold calves? Uhhh yeah, quite a few as a matter of fact. Southern Ohio has been populated with DSC calves for years. Quite a few class winners, 2...
  17. farmboy

    Let's see them then, Jody

    How much did those custom made Velcro gloves and rubber boots cost? Is that the secret to being the lambmaster these days?
  18. farmboy

    Let's see them then, Jody

    Since this is steerplanet and he seems to think he is the salvation the cattle industry deserves, I would sure hope he is talking cattle. I could care less about sheep. Let me know when you do something worth me or any other cattleman being envious of.