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  1. bluegrass

    semen for sale

  2. bluegrass

    semen for sale

    We have semen available on TSB Stetson 97S. He is a very moderate easy fleshing bull. This bull is great for heifers after three calf crops birth weights have ranged between 60-75 lbs. 90% have been 68-72 lbs. He is Homo. black and Homo. polled. He will add hair, fleshing ability, and great...
  3. bluegrass

    Anybody in TN,or KY that has quality calves for sale?

    I have 2 steers for sale Steer #1 born Feb. 24th 07, sired by Who Made Who and out of a DJ Ceaser cow that was a former KY State Fair Champion. Steer #2 is a late march sired by Ali and out of a Heatseeker first calf Heifer.  Both calves are broke and have been shown 3 time each. They are...
  4. bluegrass

    Steer Planet Photo Contest - Post "SHOWRING" photos here!

    pics from one of the early county fairs this year
  5. bluegrass

    Steer Planet Photo contest-Post your pet pictures here!

    Farmboy, she uses a litter box. But the right sink on the double vanity is hers. She likes to drink a light stream of water from it while I shower then she bathes herself in her sink while I shave in mine. Seems like our morning ritual of getting ready for the day is the only  chance we get to...
  6. bluegrass

    Steer Planet Photo contest-Post your pet pictures here!

    BUTTONS the best cat ever and she knows it.
  7. bluegrass

    Rain For sale, Or free Central-Texas

    Put me down for 2 orders of rain, we have gotten a little lately but are still way behind.
  8. bluegrass

    Wanted: Ohlde Cows or Heifers

    Kysteer, check with Akers they have a lot of OCC breeding.
  9. bluegrass

    what I really want for fathers day

    I want rain, its getting real bad round here folks, please keep us in your prayers.
  10. bluegrass

    Wanted: march calf

    I have 2 really stout steers that can git r done.
  11. bluegrass

    chi jr national show

    Any body coming to Kentucky for Chi or Simmy Jr Nationals?         
  12. bluegrass

    double bred 2536 embryos for sale

    GAR Load Up  N584  X  4L60  embryos for sale.  These are grade 1 embryos that will work.  Call 502-680-5877. Donor dams reg number is +15041316.