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  1. frostback

    Happy Canada Day.

    Hope al the northern friends have a great day.
  2. frostback

    Happy Canada Day

    To all my northern friends, have a great day.
  3. frostback

    Canada Day

    Happy Canada Day!! "in all they sons command"
  4. frostback

    Semen canister question

    Is it possible to get 6 straws in one of the plastic tubes in a cane. I keep great records during breeding but went to thaw a unit this morning and there should only be 4 straws in the bottom and there are still 5. I am worried because its a heifer I am dealing with. I have checked all use...
  5. frostback

    Happy Canada Day.

    Happy Canada Day to my friends and family up north. Hope the weathers straightens out for the ones needing help.
  6. frostback

    My version of heifer pasture photos.

    So after seeing Okotok's photos I went out and took a few of my own. The first is my goats. There are 18 in there somewhere. We have had so much rain that they could not keep up to the grass and weeds. We have been cutting the thistle down to try to get rid of it. Last year we kept up OK, this...
  7. frostback

    goose neck trailer ?

    What is the shortest trailer you can buy? I tried to look it up online but could not find the answer and I don't want to make a dozen calls. So if anyone knows the answer please help. Thanks.
  8. frostback

    Help from the dairy breeders on here.

    I have a friend that has bought a bred Holstein to feed through the summer then sell her at fair in August. I would like her to feed the poor thing more but need some guidelines to show her. Does anyone know of a place online that I could send her or print off to give her to get my point across...
  9. frostback

    Heat detection aids.

    So what is everyone using. I have used the Estrus Alerts and they are fine but has anyone used spray paint and liked it. If so exactly what kind. There are dozens out there and I really don't feel like trying a bunch if I can use someone's research.
  10. frostback

    Extra Special

    Any reports on Wades bull? Need to order semen.
  11. frostback

    Do you agree or disagree with this?
  12. frostback

    N/C Amerian Sniper movie

    Anyone seen this yet? Got a 13 year old that wants to see it. Its rated R, why?
  13. frostback

    N/C sports question

    So was watching football(NFL) tonight and got to wondering why, in North America, there are 2 football leagues but most other sports like Soccer, Basketball, and Lacrosse they play each other on both sides of the border? I do realize that the rules for the 2 football leagues there are some very...
  14. frostback

    Why let kids show calves?

    From time to time there is a post asking about why we let kids show calves in 4H. This is why I support it.
  15. frostback

    Happy Canada Day

    Happy Canada Day to my friends. Another one where I am not there to celebrate but my hearts there.
  16. frostback

    newborn with hernia

    So had a calf born with a hernia. Was a first time heifer but would not call it a long or hard labour. The vet today said that it could be genetic and that the bull may sire more. We have had 2 other calves by him, no issues, have 2 more coming. Now I wanted to use this bull harder this year as...
  17. frostback

    Believe In Me's as cows

    Anyone have a BIM that has calved? How are they working? What were they on the Dams side?
  18. frostback

    Sulfer Toxicity - MERGED TOPICS

    Sunday morning the calf cant stand and you think that is normal? Just a FYI a calf needs colostrum 4 to 6 hours max after birth not 24. I still say its Piss Poor Management more then PEM, and your conspiracy theory's.
  19. frostback

    Sulfer Toxicity - MERGED TOPICS

    So you found the calf Sunday AM and was not sure it ever sucked but didn't try to give it colostrum until the next day, which is way to long and would never do any good. They didn't put the cow and calf in a smaller area where they could be watched closer to know if it got up and nursed?  I...
  20. frostback

    Et versus Invitro?

    Has anyone from the board calved out calves harvested from invitro compared to flushing? Was there a BW difference?