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    Well, almost ready to go! Pie baked as well as cookies. Minor change on woody. Juli said signs all over saying no dogs in building. He might have to stay in crate most of time so don't look for me w/ him. Take care all & hope to see as many as possible. My cell number is 740-360-3980. Red
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    How many miles walked at cattle show/sale?

    OK, as part of my fitness challenge, I bought a pedometer to measure miles walked. Am taking to OBE. Anyone want to take bets on how many miles racked up in 2 days? Red  <party>
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    Is there a prejudice for "fluffy" women? N/C

    recently there has been a growing debate between Meghan McCain (John McCain's daughter) & Laura Ingraham (talk show host) over weight issues. Laura is of the belief that for a plus size ("fluffy" as Gidget calls them) woman might not be as acceptable as a 0 size woman. Is this a socially...
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    Happy St. Patrick's Day!

    ~ IRISH BLESSING ~ May the roads rise to meet you, May the winds be always at your back, May the sun shine warm upon your face, The rains fall soft upon your fields, And until we meet again, may God hold you in the hollow of His hand.
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    Hard core bull

    we had our Hard Core bull calf Saturday. Just required an easy pull. Out of a Fearless x Iceman x Foreplay cow. one more to go!!!!
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    Red Maple semen for sale at Ohio Beef Expo

    I have semen for sale that can be picked-up at OBE Rowe's Gold Club (PHAC) ROWE GOLD CLUB ICE PICK x ROWE MS DRAFT PICK 88E REG. 75% Maine-Anjou Embryo Bull Calf DOUBLE BRED DRAFT PICK MCNB Jake Easy x Wild Rose purebred Maine PHA/TH free by parentage MCNB Tugboat Habanero X Wild Rose...
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    How do you want to go?

    Ok, this is a morbid thread! I was thinking today since it's about the anniversary of my grandmother's passing. My family does not do viewings & both the hubby & I agree. At her funeral they had a bagpipe player walk in at the last of the ceremony. it was so touching because she was very proud...
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    Would you fudge on age?

    Since the fudging on BW was so interesting I thought we'd try age. If you had a calf born towards the end of December would you make it the next years model? Or if it was right at the end of the month would you bump it a month? Or is it not a problem to bump several months? For you big breeders...
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    To fudge or not to fudge, that is the question!

    OK, first off before the ethics patrol accuses me of wrong doing, I'm not changing BW's.  My question is this; if you had a bull calf that weighed 101 pounds would you fudge a little & say it's below 100? Or would you just estimate & just base weight on how the calf looks? Since this poll is...
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    Money Man calves

    I will admit that last year I was disappointed w/ my 2 Money Man's. But I decided to give him a second chance on the same cows & boy am I glad I did!!!! This is the heifer Gidget here is the bull calf out of Rose just born this afternoon I've never had calves w/ so much vigor after being...
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    Joke's on us!

    Last year we AI'd a cow. A couple of months later she was back in a strong heat. Since we were looking at reducing some of our numbers here & it would put her real late, we turned her over to the farm's bull. Well, yesterday she had her calf & it was spot on for the AI date. Gave us quite a...
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    heifer blind in one eye

    it's looks like our one heifer will be blind in one eye. Too be honest no idea why. She was the one we had troubles w/ from the beginning. We've thrown the whole arsenal at her including an ointment for the eye. My question is how much will this hurt her resale value? So far she's a good looking...
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    I'd like to take a moment & thank the people & businesses that are advertising on our forum! I hope it's getting your name out to more people! Red  (thumbsup)
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    Dirty Harry on heifers?

    need to settle a dispute. I have a Hardcore x Iceman x Foreplay heifer that will be bred this spring. Hubby & nephew are set on Dirty Harry. I want gigolo Joe. Has anyone used Harry on 1st calf heifers? If so how did it work out? I see he has no EPD's so can't compare that. Since out of Ali is...
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    Meet Gidget!

    I'd like to introduce everyone to Gidget. She is a Money Man x Gold club x Wild Rose heifer. Was born unassisted at 87#'s. Can already tell she's going to be ornery! Red
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    fall born steer for sale

    since it's listed as a private treaty phone sale I think that would be the smartest thing to do.
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    Min Asusies for sale

    didn't come through. Go to addtional options & then attach look for them on your computer & open. You can also attach pictures from the web by clicking on the insert image button above & pasting site in between img
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    MOVED: Who would you flush her to?

    This topic has been moved to The Big Show .
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    there have been some concerns that they are ads for others cattle being listed. Unless you have permission from owners it shouldn't be done. I would perfer owners to post permission for anyone else to sell their cattle. we don't want to break copyright laws or have someone promise something they...
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    Gizmo calf

    Our Gizmo calf came at about 11:00 Saturday night. He's a bull calf, roan & looks like a meat wagon. He did weigh 115# ( came from cow) but was born unassisted. Will steer him. Named him Lee! Gizmo bull calf Gizmo & Gigolo Joe calves Red