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    Matt Lautners Outlaw bull

    Has anyone seen this bull in person??? Looking for an opinion, want to use him but haven't seen him live.
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    Lautner's Outlaw bull

    Has anyone seen Matt's bull called Outlaw (I80xwalks alone) in person? Thoughts?
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    Guyer sale

    Can anyone tell me what lot 94 brought? Or how she looked?
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    Hubbard mineral

    Does anyone have any experience with Hubbard mineral? I am using vitaferm right now but am thinking of changing because of convenience with a local dealer. Any thoughts?
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    Kris Black Female Sale

    Could anyone tell me what these lots brought? 430,435,439,481,441 Thanks
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    looking for semen to buy

    I have 2 straws of meyer 734  i would sell
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    Shorthorn Plus heifer for sale

    Can you send me your email address? Thanks
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    Friction/Heatwave Steer

    $1500 Just guessing on weight, but around 600- 650 i would say Located just west of Cedar Rapids
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    Friction/Heatwave Steer

    Friction X Heatwave Steer for sale 4/2/09 $1500 or best offer located in east central iowa
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    Shorthorn Plus heifer for sale

    Vegas X Meyer Son heifer Shorthorn Plus Birthdate  4/10/2009 $1500 or best offer Located in east central Iowa
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    Good Calves at reasonable prices sell September 12th This is our first sale, and I think the calves will go pretty reasonable.
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    Opinions on Milkman and Leroy Brown

    Has anyone had experience with these 2 bulls?  Just looking for input.  How about birthweight on both?
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    Meyer 734 and Friction Semen for sale

    I have 2 units of Meyer 734 for sale, I bought 3, used one, and stuck the one I used. I have 2 unit of Friction left.  Bought a full cane the first or second year and have stuck 5 of 8. $600 for the Meyer $200 for the Friction Email [email protected]