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  1. ISquaredCattle

    Cheap hair growth?

    lol I just breed for hair they come out hairy you brush them and they get hairier 😂
  2. ISquaredCattle

    Opinions on steer

    He looks really small, and has a very high tailhead… but otherwise he looks ok. Good luck!
  3. ISquaredCattle

    Show steer doesn’t want to walk in show ring

    Feed him in the show ring a couple tomes. That’ll fix it for sure.
  4. ISquaredCattle

    Does Corn 'Burn Hair Off' Cattle?

    The only thing I can think is that corn supposedly makes them warmer, which would in turn make them shed. But I feed corn in my ration and it doesn't cause a problem.
  5. ISquaredCattle

    Anyone else?

    It is not just you!! We've had cows in the neighbors yard before. :p The worst time is when we were almost to a horse show and we had to scratch and go home to put cows in. THAT was disappointing.
  6. ISquaredCattle

    Bull calf for beef

    You cannot raise the bull till he is breeding age and then band him. At that age you can not castrate a bull; they won't breed till at least 18 months of age.
  7. ISquaredCattle

    Setting up a new calf

    Everyone does it differently... I start my calves really young I just always make them set up when they stop. So, when they are pretty good with the halter you can start turning around and setting them up every time you stop, they learn really quick. Some of my old show heifers (now cows) just...
  8. ISquaredCattle

    Bottle Calf for show won’t lead on halter

    When i get a difficult calf I just leave the halter on, as long as they aren't out on pasture. They will learn that when they go forward pressure on their head is released (they will step on the rope, and then walk forward) Sometimes you just get ones that are especially dumb, sadly. Good luck!
  9. ISquaredCattle

    Dakota Gold Heifer For Sale

    She is pretty! Too bad I dont need another one lol.
  10. ISquaredCattle

    Showmanship questions

    So you probably aren't getting this in time but I am going to blab anyway. When I did 4H judges would ask me this a lot. This breeding heifer is a pretty recent one for me so I will go off of her. 'Tell me about your project.' 'this is a 202__ Charolais Angus cross. She gets blah blah pounds...
  11. ISquaredCattle

    Steer Feeding Tips?

    This is the mix that didn't work too well. 110 oats 900 corn 400 purina precon 250 purina 4 T-Fyer 20 mineral 50 molasses
  12. ISquaredCattle

    Steer Feeding Tips?

    Thats a good idea. There is mineral in the mix, yes.
  13. ISquaredCattle

    Steer Feeding Tips?

    I recently am getting into steers and have been experimenting a bit with feed mixes... I used a corn/oats/beet pulp/cottonseed hulls/molasses mix, with lots of hay, and after the steer reached about 900# he got sort of a pot belly. What did I do wrong? I would really appreciate hearing what...
  14. ISquaredCattle


    Hi everyone, new here. I show cattle a lot and raise registered British White cattle...