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    Joint supplements

    What is the best Joint supplement to use on a steer? Thanks for the help.
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    monopoly semen

    How much is monopoly semen running? thanks for the help.
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    Kansas beef expo

    does anybody know where we can order win pictures from?
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    MilkMan Bull Calf

    3 days old weight 110 lbs. We had to pull him but it wasn't a hard pull. he is out of a polled hismen x angus cow. I took the pics with my phone.
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    Monopoly calf

    He is 3 days old. He weighted 85 lbs. and is out of a MGM Grand (Black dice)x Simmy cow. Sorry the picuters aren't great he didn't want his picuter taken.
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    how do you resize pictures

    I have windows visit. Red used to do mine? :'(
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    Jakes proud Jazz

    I was thinking about breeding a red blazed face money shot x hereford x mainex angus to him. She is pretty clubbie. But I don't know anybody that's tried him. What are the birth weights like on clubbies?
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    Any body know where I can find Heatwave 1 semen?
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    Denver pictures

    does anybody know the web address for to order pictures from denver?
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    money shot

    Has any body used him? What are the calves like? I have see a couple of them that are really good.
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    rope halters

    My friend has a steer that keeps breaking the sullivans rope halters. He's not mean he just knows how to do it. It could be a new one or a old one. he's went through 10 in the last week. Has any body seen this? he shows sunday and wensday of this week.
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    Has anybody had any calves out of him. What did he work on? how were the bw's. Pics of the calves would be great. Thanks for the help. Lacey :)
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    New Mexico beef expo

    It's a small but fun show. March 15-16th theres 4 jr shows, one open and showmenship. jr ages 9 to 22. entries are 40 dollars a head.
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    clipping the neck

    I bought the 5/8's blade to do my heifers necks. Do I just do a buzz job with them, or do i clip like i would do it with the super blocking blades? The heifers a have lot of hair on there neck.
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    Where eat in denver

    Where are some good places to eat during the stock show. I'm bringing some friends that have never been, I want to show them a good time.
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    Wanted:Spring born steer/heifer close to Colorado

    what about the stock show has some good ones in there pen of 3 show.
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    I have 3 cows that have been ultrasounded 2 weeks ago one was 90 days, one was 70 days and the other was 60 days. The last couple of days they have been acting like they were in heat even standing when jumped on. I know they can have False heats but all 3 of them?
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    What do you think?

    I was just wondering what you guys think about this steer. He is a 4/4/07 kadabra out of a chi cross cow. FYI - I removed the giant pictures - DL ;) ;)
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    PHA Tests

    I lost the number to call to get your results. Does anybody have it?
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    Black hair dye

    I was dying my heifers today and i got some on my hands, what takes it off?