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  1. HeiferShower14

    HSC Full Control

    Whats everyones thoughts on this to help hold a heifer so her brisket wont blow out?
  2. HeiferShower14

    Exhaust Fan

    What brand/type is everyone using in there coolers. My coolers 12X20
  3. HeiferShower14

    Walks Alone and BIM on second calvers?

    Thoughts, yes/no?  Cow is a Indian Outlaw x Irish Whiskey.
  4. HeiferShower14

    Oklahoma Beef Expo

    Anyone know the prizes for each ring?
  5. HeiferShower14

    Preventing tail mites

    Whats a good way to prevent tail mites? My heifer has a white tail so I don't wanna go pouring anything on it that will stain it. Thanks
  6. HeiferShower14

    2013 Junior Nationals?

    Where are they all at? i know its alittle early.
  7. HeiferShower14

    20 inch turbo fans for sale

    20 inch turbo fans for sale Used two summers, still alot of life left, i will be at the KSU Kickoff show in hutchinson kansas this weekend friday to sunday, you can pick them up then i dont want to ship them. Text or call if your intrested 3162394988 160 a piece obo More Information
  8. HeiferShower14

    Indian Outlaw Heifer For sale

    I Have a march Indian Outlaw X Hereford, Colored almost exactly to IO. would make a great heifer for down south. PM if intrested. shes really green and needs  time and some work, 2750 takes her. ill get pics ASAP its real muddy right now so im going to wait till it drys up abit. located east of...
  9. HeiferShower14

    Steel force X steel force

    Has anyone seen or had any double bred steel forces if so howd they look?
  10. HeiferShower14

    Steel Force Daughters

    What should i breed my steel force heifer to? shes due to calve in march with her first calf.
  11. HeiferShower14

    Fitting white legs on a black and white heifer!?

    How do you fit white legs? How do u build them up? Thanks in advance
  12. HeiferShower14

    Favorite Mono Calves

    Whats your favorite monopoly calves of this fall? use alot of detail for us please!
  13. HeiferShower14

    fall shows

    what are all the fall shows in the midwest?
  14. HeiferShower14

    Wanting a young simmental hiefer!

    Ratcliff ranches is having a sale september 19, all foundation simmentals out of steel force. check it out youll be surprised on there cattle. there in vinita oklahoma
  15. HeiferShower14

    Missouri State Fair

    Anyone going?
  16. HeiferShower14

    KS Chi field day??

    Is there one this year? dates?
  17. HeiferShower14

    Checks in the mail

    Anyone breeding to him this year?
  18. HeiferShower14

    what works on icechest daughters?

    i dont have a pic of her but one thing she needs is set to the hock, i was thinking maybe monopoly?  any other ideas? this would be her second calf
  19. HeiferShower14


    wish we had that green grass and the sun
  20. HeiferShower14

    KSU AGR Kickoff Show

    Anyone going?  Im taking a % simmi and a chi.