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    OSU wins NAILE over TX A&M

    If this is correct. How does OSU beat A&M in the Judging Contest at the NAILE? 1st – Caleb Boden, Western Illinois – 951 2nd – Caden Arnold, Oklahoma State – 948 3rd – Maddie Schroeder – Texas A&M – 948 4th – Michael Rezendes – Texas A&M – 943 5th – Katie Kempen – Texas A&M – 941 6th – Kyler W...
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    Went Angus X Meyer 734 Embryos

    Since there doesn't seem to be any rules on here anymore. I am going to list a couple of embryos that I have left from a pack of 10 that I bought from Ryan Went.
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    Cattleman's Congress vs. NWSS

    Was wondering what people thought of the comparison of attendees and exhibitors at the Cattleman's Congress and the NWSS. Interested to see if people think both can survive or if one will push the other out.
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    Lot 7 at Udell's

    Anyone know where the lot 7 heifer went from Udell's. I thought I would hear by now.
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    Online Sale Season Has Started.

    Sat down last night to look through some of sales on SC and the next thing I knew it was almost 2 am. What sites and sales are you looking at?
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    Steers at the Iowa State Fair.

    Did they allow any steers not sired by HIA to show at the Iowa State Fair? Either everything is getting bred to him or he is making a good one each time tried.
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    Angus National Jr. Heifer Show

    Where can I find an agenda for the Angus Jr. Nationals next week in Grand Island? I went to but didn't find a daily agenda. Trying to decide what day to go.
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    Feed at Night: Calve During the Day

    I came across this article and wanted to see if anyone was having success with the Konefal Feeding System getting cows to calve during the day. My feed man mentioned it but I had never heard of anyone doing it. He recommended feeding one time per day at 6 pm...
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    Fearless Champions show in Lubbock

    I was looking at the winners in the steer show on The Pulse and noticed that some of steers didn't have their heads clipped. I realize this was a no fit show but is that a thing now? I don't even like looking at fall born steers that they don't clip their sheath.
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    Udell Sale Topper

    Does anyone know who got the $300,000 Angus heifer at Udell's this weekend? They didn't announce it and I couldn't see who was on the phone.
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    "Hype Man" for a sale.

    Do you think a hype man helps your sale?  This sale season I just found them more annoying than helpful.  Especially with the live online sales.  When they were making their pitch I found myself thinking "are we looking at the same animal?"  It also seems to slow down the momentum of the sale...
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    Expanding View on The Pulse?

    Does anybody know how to eliminate the ads or expand the view on The Pulse?  They have added so much advertising around the photos that I can't get a full view of any of the pictures as I scroll through them. 
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    Rick Frye of Iowa

    I just saw on a couple of blogs that Rick Frye passed away.  Any additional information?
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    Sale Reports on Show Circuit Online.

    Is there a way to see old sale reports on The Show Circuit online sales site?  When a sale ends it is gone and I can't find a place that has them archived.
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    Phone Bid Off vs. Online Sale

    I noticed that most of the sales on Steerbidder are Phone Bid Off  rather than Online Sale.  What would be the advantage of doing that?  I thought that is why Online Sales had become so popular.  Phone bid off is a slow process that requires a lot of labor and can drag on for a few days.  Any...
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    Iowa State Fair- Beer Garden/Place to Relax.

    Where is the best beer garden or place to relax while walking around at the Iowa State Fair?  More mello than "whoop it up".  We won't be there that late on Saturday.
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    Why doesn't this ever happen in the Show Cattle World......
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    To early for Denver Display Bulls?

    I haven't seen anything from the big players about the display bulls they are bringing to Denver.  Is it to early to announce or did I just miss them somewhere.
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    Reserve Supreme Heifer at the American Royal?

    Who had the Reserve Supreme Heifer at the American Royal?  I must be missing it, but I can't find it listed anywhere.  I see that Kelton Arthur had Supreme with the Char. but don't see Reserve.
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    Style Cleans Up at the Ohio State Fair.

    Silveiras Style 9303 cleaned up at the Ohio State Fair.  As I read through the heifer results I was expecting to see the Hereford sired by him.  Good looking cattle.