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    heifer or bull

    What exactly are you planning to do with this heifer or bull? I got a buddy somewhat close to you has one of each nice pictures too.
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    When does a person have too much Influence?

    I have found my self a several sales and national jr. and open shows. It always seems that everyone of these breeds and locations has a person that everyone just seems to worship the ground they walk on. I find it disgusting to have to kiss ass to make it look like my cattle are good. I can...
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    Spring Born Shorties

    Random Shorties
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    Wanted: Maine Anjou Bull

    where you at?
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    Dirty Picture

    Yall are something comeing in here thinking you gonna see the hoo-haa. But any ways what do yall think of her. Possibly for sale at later date. Mostly Maine Influence
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    couple of fall borns

    NICE! nough said
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    So whats the deal with all these bad poll jobs ive been seeing lately? Seems to me sometimes its just better to leave them horned, than to see them mangled. I know everybody wants there poll to be as nice looking as the next guy, and not to say that i havent seen some nice ones. But come on if...
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    Rain For sale, Or free Central-Texas

    Well actualy we are just north of Corsicana in a little called Rice, although my uncle lived out there in Marble Falls, due to all the rain he has had to move to the Jacksonville, east texas area. Anyways looks like summer might want to start pretty soon.
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    Rain For sale, Or free Central-Texas

    Ill get on that as soon as the roads are passable again.
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    Rain For sale, Or free Central-Texas

    Im tired of the rain, its been like 4 or 5 weeks of down pours. The white show cattle dont stay as clean, kinda sucks. 3 years of drought to 1 month of Rain , What a country!
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    Donkeys for sale

    I got Donkeys, horses, for sale in central Texas. Neighbor doesnt want them anymore said he would let them go cheap.
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    Texas TJLA Belt Buckle Bonanza

    Anyone going? Does anybody else have a problem with the animals getting sick in their barns? Everytime we go to Waco the animals come back, just a little down I guess.
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    2007 Showman Pictures, Post pictures of Your Little People

    Heres Some Random Pics of my sisters
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    A wise old Texas Rancher

      A wise old Texas Rancher went to town to : trade for a pickup truck he saw advertised : in the paper for an unbelievably low price. : After showing the salesman which truck he : wanted,they sat down to do the paperwork. : The salesman handed the rancher the keys and : the bill,to which...
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    I Like Big Butts and I can not Lie, Calves For Sale

    Here Are the pics Only Serious Offers Please
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    I Like Big Butts and I can not Lie, Calves For Sale

    And none of you can deny!!!! Texas Calves Looking For quality Shorthorn Carttle Check out NHR SHORTHORNS #1 and  Salute Heifer #2 & #3  SS KABOOM Heifer #4        NHR Thunderstruck Bull/ Steer Prospect #5    K-KIM Triple X = First Three, JM Vortec One on the Right    All Heifer calves