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    Help Wanted with a USA Angus Pedigree

    Hi Folks - It is I again - I have been busy tracking animals, but have hit a wall  :( I am trying to find the 4 Grandparents of Black Bardella #460791/#1222553 Sire: Bardell Martin 2 – DOB 20 July 1928 Dam: Blackbird Quality Lot: #429029 – DOB 29 January 1929 Can anyone help please? regards...
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    Thanks Folks!

    As per the subject: refers regards Jack
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    Mea Culpa

    Yesterday, while updating my profile, I uploaded what I thought was a semi small jpg as a graphic - I inadvertantly uploaded a 2.8 meg bmp file.  I recognised my error immediately and attempted to upload the current graphic.  At this point in time my ISP and the national telephone carrier here -...
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    What are the odds?

    Hi again folks, a question for y'all  ;D What are the odds that the Danes used imported Aberdeen Angus bulls in the mid 1800's to kick start their modern dairy industry? Jack
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    Aberdeen-Angus Pedigrees

    Hi folks Firstly, please accept my congratulations on an extremely interesting and beneficial site.  I found you by going through the access logs for a website I administer on behalf of some Australian cattle breeders who are line-breeding back to a highly efficient Angus cow - Erica 843. My...