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    The BEST silver Denver or Fort Worth sized steer available now!!!!

    How much are you asking for him? What does he currently weigh?
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    Who Made Who semen for sale

    To everyone that sent me messages regarding this, sorry for the delay i have been on the road traveling. I was able to get it sold to a local buyer while I was away for $60/straw. I may have some more available in a couple weeks after I decide how much I am going to use
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    Who Made Who semen for sale

    I have 20 straws of Who Made Who Semen I am looking to sell. If anyone is interested let me know. Will consider all serious offers. Located in Texas
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    Medicine Man

    I have the opportunity to buy a Medicine Man (Maine Anjou) son for a pretty good price.  what are medicine man calves like overall, what does he work best on,
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    Gigolo Joe

    I know the owner or someone close to this bull has been on here before, I was wondering if anyone has used him with Charolais cross heifers and how that turns out? Also what is temperment(sp?) of his calves? I already have some straws and im just trying to figure out what I am going to bred...
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    Looking for heifers/cows

    I am looking for 5-10 good angus or angus cross or possibly some clubby type females. Looking for yearling heifers or young cows bred or open. I am located in Texas, send me a message if you have information of cattle you might have for sale
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    whats the prices on the Leggacy and the Apollo Heifers?  also where are you located
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    Registered Percentage Charolais Heifer.....?

    Where are you located at. I have an Oct Smokey Heifer that is out of a registered Char bull and a shorthorn cow.  I got some pics on my phone if you can post your email address i can email them to you. Im in Texas by the way.
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    Registration ?

    I got a couple of heifers that are out of a registered Charolais bull and registered Shorthorn cow.  One is pretty much solid white the other is smokey colored, but i was wondering if i could register them as percentage chars or shorthorns?
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    4X4 Bull?

    Anyone know anything about a bull called 4X4, i know he is a little older and was just seeing what everyone thought of him/calves.  I have the opportunity to purchase some calves out a 4X4 son
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    Gigolo Joe Bull Calf For Sale

    Real nice bull Juli, cant wait for my GJ calves to come
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    Fall Borns For Sale (ADDED A PIC)

    I would like some info on the h2 steer. Breeding, age, weight, price, location. Thanks in advance
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    east texas show steers ((((((((((((((with pictures now )))))))))))))))))))))))

    do you have any pics yet, if so i would like to see some please. i am interested in both steers and heifers
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    looking for fall born shorthorn steer

    How much are you looking to spend? What show are you looking to go to? I know where a couple of really stout ones are. just send me a pm
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    Looking for Fall Born steer

    where are you located? and how far are you willing to travel
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    Steer For Sale, New Price- $800

    would like to see some pics and what his weight when was he born?
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    Fort Worth Steer Show

    Does it start this week? Anybody here going up there and can give us some updates of the winners on here
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    Crossbred heifer- priced reduced

    where are you located and what else do you have available
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    Golden Child Hfr

    nice calves, could send me more info (pedigree, age, prices) on the 2 heifers