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    2006 Eby trailer for sale

    For sale is a 2006 Eby wrangler aluminium livestock trailer.  Trailer is 7.5 x 22.  Side door with ramp and rolling center gate. Asking $12,500--firm Trailer is like new and has only been used for 2 or 3 shows. Save $4,000 compared to new models. Location: Northwest IL,45 minutes east of quad...
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    Free half interest in steer for Eastern States Beef show & sale

    assuming said contest is based soley on quality grade and not yield or weight
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    This is great n/c

    Liberals are running around blaming everybody for why they lost Kennedy's seat. Far Far Left and the moderate left are fighting. Obama-care is dead.  This is the best I've felt as a conservative in a while. <beer>
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    divas and donors sale

    anyone seen this gal?
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    The Fallacy of Global Warming

    Doesn't get any better than this:
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    Ribeye area and consumer acceptability

    Thought I would share this: Associations between portion size acceptability of beef cuts and ribeye area of beef carcasses Abstract Carcasses that do not conform to mainstream specifications (e.i., those with non-conforming ribeye...
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    Read The Post

    Please read the post thoroughly.  If you have a question of how much or where located, or sold, read the original seller's post.  You will likely find what your needing.
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    NAIS the comments are a good read Its amazing how this issue is dividing people of small farms vs large farms
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    NAIS Listening Sessions

    anyone seen this?
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    Simmy Breeders

    I heard that the Simmental Breed lost a tremendous supporter, as Peter Courtney owner of Triple C Simmentals, has passed away.
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    take it you need a CDLl and a dot number for that rig?
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    bull bash sale

    anybody seen a picture of this white bull selling? pretty good one IMO.
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    Awesome Angus Show Heifer Selling in the MO Angus Futurity

    yeah shes good, thought she was maine before I read the subject line
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    Red Heeler and Guard Llama

    the picture of that dog, lmao!
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    Ever notice.....

    That good ones are called "smokes" but Bad ones are called "grey"
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    Sweetheart Sale

    I always look forward to the lot comments every year and this one is good too.
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    More Defects

    Heard that: Precision cattle can carry Water Head (hydrocephalus) now in addition to Curly calf. Mytty In Focus cattle can carry fawn calf syndrome Bando 598 cattle can carry a strain of dwarfism
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    Kenny's shoes

    Anybody picked up this book yet?  If you haven't, you should.  Really interesting biography of Ken Monfort, one the pioneers in the cattle feeding industry. 
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    Angus Steer Wanted!!

    That is bush league, I understand the chi and maine deal but that is rediculous
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    reg angus bull for sale

    do you really think people will not notice your self promotion?