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    Any cattle chiropractors going to SA heifer show or located in central tx?
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    West, Tx

    Anybody hear if Pierce Cattle Co. (Doug Pierce) was ok?  Pretty sure they are located in West. Praying for this community.
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    Red Angus bull: Firestorm

    Anybody know if you can get semen for Firestorm bull?  If so, where? PZC TMAS Firestorm 1800 ET  Reg#1472101
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    Red Angus/Red bulls opinions

    Want to try something different with some RedAngus and Red Brangus cows.  Any thoughts on the following bulls and what they might contribute to some really good cows?  Would like to know what kind of females and/or steers.  Any other bulls you like? 1.  Red Bull 2.  Red Bull 2 3.  Red Nothline...
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    Red Brangus Show Heifer For Sale--PRICE REDUCED

    This is a super nice little heifer that we'd like to keep, but times are tough and we just had to pay a fortune for hay. She is a May 2010 heifer registered with American Red Brangus Association (#130457).  She was shown successfully last year and has another year+  to be shown.  She is very...
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    Haygrazer vs. Coastal???

    With the drought and hay shortage in TX, we are considering feeding Haygrazer.  We have always fed coastal (pretty much free choice) to our steers and heifers and are nervous about switching but may have to. Does anyone feed haygrazer?  If so, benefits and drawbacks over coastal?
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    1 YR old male border collie--ready for a job!

    He has founda home with a 4-H family as a track dog.  Thanks.
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    one year old male border collie--(FOUND NEW HOME AS TRACK DOG)

    Very nice, well cared for male border collie looking for a job. I'm posting for a friend of the family.  This dog is active and wants to work.  He is ready to be trained your way.  Current on all vaccinations and worming and ready to go.  HE IS FREE TO A QUALITY HOME!  Located in Central Texas...
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    1 YR old male border collie--ready for a job!

    Posting for a friend of the family that owns and operates a boarding kennel.  One year old male border and likes to work.  He's ready to be trained and go to work for you.  He is current on all vaccinations and worming.  Located in Central Texas, NW of Austin. FREE TO THE RIGHT...
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    Spring Crossbred Heifer for Sale--Great for market heifer show! SOLD-SOLD!

    This heifer is really a nice Jan born heifer.  She is structurally correct, super thick with a big top, but still feminine.   She's got a showy attitude to go with it.  She travels sound as a cat.  She is slicking off and will be solid black...with a little white around her udder.  She is out of...
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    Super Nice RED ANGUS Show Heifer For Sale---

    December 2009 heifer.  She is super nice, sound, has great hair, and has been shown successfully.    She was AIed this month but not confirmed bred yet..and not sure we got to her in time.  She won her class at Fort Worth, Houston, and Austin.  She was Reserve Supreme Heifer behind another...
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    Red Angus Semen Question

    Does anybody know where you can purchase semen from Stryker?
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    Back to school CEDAR FIBER SALE!!!

    Please pm cost of freight to Austin, TX area (78605) for 2 pallets.  I've emailed/pmed several times over last month and never gotten a response. 
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    Question for Cowboy....

    I'd like to ask you a question or two about flushing but can't figure out how to pm you.  After searching through posts about flushing you seem to be someone that is knowledgable and respected in this area.  Would like some input and thoughts on a flush we just did as we are totally new to this...
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    Miniature Schnauzer Puppies for Sale--Texas home and measured.  I had it backwards.  The male (on right) is 12 inches tall.  The female is 13 1/4" tall.
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    Miniature Schnauzer Puppies for Sale--Texas

    Male is about 11-12 lbs and female is aobut 15 lbs. at most.  Male is about an inch taller than gues without being home to actually measure would be about 11-12 inches max. from floor to top of shoulder.  They aren't teacups but definitely small to average for miniature...
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    Miniature Schnauzer Puppies for Sale--Texas

    PM sent to vacanballs...let me know if you need more info.
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    Miniature Schnauzer Puppies for Sale--Texas

    We have five miniature schnauzers for sale...all males.  All the females have been sold.  They are 7 weeks old (born Easter Sunday) and have had first shots, wormed 2x, nails trimmed, tails docked, and rear dewclaws removed.  They are super sweet, intelligent, and friendly.  Mom and dad are our...
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    wanted show heifer spring 09

    Are you still looking?  Send pm and I'll send more info on possible heifer.
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    Show Steer For Sale--Nice Calf (price reduced $1275)

    Sept 29...going to be a nice moderate frame size.