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    Harvest of Excellence III Internet Sale

    Here she is when we picked her out.
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    Harvest of Excellence III Internet Sale

    Here is our heifer we bought from Heritage Cattle Co.
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    Harvest of Excellence III Internet Sale

    If you are looking for some good Brahman cattle look into this sale. Here are some links to the sale catalog and video clips of all the lots in the sale. Website: Catalog: Videos...
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    Show Halter opinions

    Just made this for my Daughter and was wanting to get some opinions on them. Have had a few requests to make them but not real sure on a price to charge....
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    Project I just finished

    I just built this and have had some interest in people wanting one. Just wanted to see what everybody else thought of them.
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    Swine Flu. N/C Obvious

    Just saw this earlier. Kind of scary....
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    Just a thought.... n/c

    Why is it that when the Republicans want to put in place a replacement for a position the Democrats change the law but then a few years later the Democrats want to put in place a replacement its ok for them to change the laws back????? Seems hypocritical...
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    Cash for Clunkers. non cattle in case you dont know.

    Here is a video I got in an email this morning. Very scary stuff. People griped about Bush and his interrogation of prisoners. What are they going to say about Obama and his people getting inside your home computers. Probably nothing!!!!!
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    Like the old saying, if it sounds like a duck, walks like a duck, and swims like a duck, it probably is! This is yet another get rich quick SCHEME.
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    Just saw this online. Another thing to see how bad PETA is getting.,0,37987.story?track=rss
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    Opinions.... N/C

    Just wanted to get some other Opinions on this. I have attached a screen print I took off the Yahoo home page. This is not the first time I have seen stuuf like this. My opinion is that anytime the media shows something favorable towards the current president they use his name, if it is...
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    Article on CNN

    The below is a quote from Senate Majority leader Harry Reid. "We're going to have to spend some money to get out of this hole. The government's the only body that has any money," Reid said. This burned me up. He acts like they should be able to do whatever they want with our money. Since I...
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    New Addition

    We got an addition to our family as my Daughter calls it. She was just weaned and is needing some feed. But she seems to be a nice little heifer. As you can probably tell we are living in swamp land at the moment. Every time it starts to dry out we end up getting 8 to 12 inches of rain. That has...
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    HLSR on the Internet

    Does anybody know if any of the shows will be broadcast online?
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    Really like that Brahman X calf!
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    Blower for sale on EBay

    Anybody bid on these items? Looked at all the other stuff they have and it looks to be in good condition.
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    Blower for sale on EBay

    Anybody looking for a blower there are two for sale on EBay.
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    419 Scam

    Just wanted to remind everyone again. I have been in the market for a small livestock trailer and found what seemed to be a decent deal on a website. Started emailing the guy about the trailer then he said it was with an escrow company in Kansas. Then he says he is out of the country working and...