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    Cattlelac Jack

    Was wondering if anyone has seen him. And if anyone has any suggestions about using him. Thanks for any replies
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    Leroy Brown

    How are the Leroy Brown calves? And how are his birthweights? thanks for any replies
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    TH Carriers

    I am afraid that I got one of my TH carrier cows bred to a TH carrier clean up bull. My question is what are the chances of getting a TH calf born, if this has happened. Thanks for any replies
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    Static X Bull

    Has anyone seen the new bull named Static X? If so how does he look.  Thanks for any replies I was maybe thinking about using him as a free bull for this year.
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    Sun Seeker

    Thinking of using Sun Seeker on a few cows, but was wondering what he works the best on and what he will add. And how is everyones calving reports on him. Thanks for any replies
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    Help Please with Implants

    We have never used implants before with our show calves, I was really considering using them this year on our show steers. But would like to have some other peoples opinions on them. Why should they be used (what will it actually help the calf with)? How do you know that it is the right calf to...
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    SUN SEEKEER Calves

    I have a cow that I believe will work very well with Sun Seeker but the cow is black and white painted. I was wondering what I should expect if I do end up breeding Sun Seeker to her as far as the color pattern he will give to the calf nowing that the cow is painted. Thanks for any replies
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    New bulls of 2007

    I was wondering what everyones thought were on the bulls of 2007 calves will be like this year and which ones will be having excellent calves. My choices are first Leroy Brown then Monopoly, Jimmy the Greek, Cowtown, Cash Flow, American Muscle, Margaritaville, and maybe even White Chocolate...
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    Has anyone had any calves out of Leroy Brown, if so how do they look. I have some cows bred to him and am ancious to see how they will look.
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    green looking calf

    I have a calf that I weaned about 6 weeks ago and am now trying to sell him but he looks really skinny because he is just so green. I was wondering if there is any way that I could make him come out of this stage that he is going through any quicker. I was thinking about some show bloom but am...
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    Leroy Brown

    Has anyone seen or had any Leroy Brown calves yet. I am thinking about using him this year to get some show steers. What does everyone think about him. Thanks for any replies
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    Connetor bull

    I am looking into a cow that is out of a bull named Connector. I have know idea about the Connector bull and was wanting to know if anyone knows anything about him. what hes out of or what kind of bull he is. If it helps any Mike Mimms from Hereford Texas bred this cow. Thanks for any replies.
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    What does everyone think of the new bull named Leroy Brown I saw a video of him when he was at Denver and thought he looked really nice but was doubting my word, so would like to know what everyone else thought about him. thanks for any replies
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    I really was interested in the new bull sired by Heat Wave named Leroy Brown and bought some semen on him and was planning on using him on a decent clean fronted charolais cow then I saw a picture of him in his working clothes and thought that he was very chuncky fronted but now I am thinking...
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    Well it is breeding time for us, we will be AIing on the 18th of November. I am wanting to feed a 15% breeding feed and some really good mineral so it will maybe help us out on our conception.  I have not started feeding it yet but was just wondering if it is too late for the feed and mineral to...
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    Hairy (Hairy Bear Son)

    I was wondering if anyone had any information on the bull named Hairy, like how his look and recommend use. I really like this bull and am wanting to breed some cows to him. Thanks for any replies
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    Salute calves (Shorthorn)

    Anyone have any Salute calves yet? Did they come easy and how did they look? What can I can expect I have seven bred to him. Thanks for any replies
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    I like both of Dan Sullivans new bulls UP GRADE and TIDAL WAVE. I was wondering if anyone has seen these bulls in person and what they look like. THANKS FOR ANY REPLIES
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    Salute calves

    How are the Salute calves, and how well would he work on a Heat Seeker Cow? Thanks for any replies
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    I was wondering what everyones thoughts were on the new smokey bull named Interstate. Has anyone seen him, if so than what does he look like.Thanks for any replies