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    Champion Drive and Fitter 35

    Can you educate me on the difference (other than a little bit higher protein and fat)?
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    2018 JR Nationals

    Any word on any of the 2018 Jr Nationals and locations?
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    Halter Breaking

    In search of thoughts/advice.  I have a new steer that was tie broke when purchased.  He came home and walked like a dream for a week.  Now going on 2 weeks we are in a tug of war with him.  He's calm and doesn't do anything bad-my 9yo loves him.  he will lead to his feed bunk (which we do daily...
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    JPJ Daughters

    What is everyone breeding their Jakes Proud Jazz daughters to?  I'd love to go back to a PB Shorthorn but looking at the Bulls and EPDs...BWs are high-at least they are for my taste.  Any suggestions and/or education on the Shorthorn breed is appreciated!
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    Jakes Proud Jazz Daughters

    What are all of you breeding to thr Jakes Proud Jazz daughters?  I have 1 that is JPJ on a 3/4 char cow.  I am wanting to go back to a Shorthorn bull, but every bull that strikes my fancy is a JPJ son.  Any words of wisdom is apprciated!
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    Solid Gold genetic question

    Genetics question.  Solid Gold bred to a heterozygous black Maine cow...and calf is black.  Just coincidence that the black appeared?  Now, I know black was/is a possibility but just a little puzzled.  Any genetic insight is appreciated!
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    Bull or steer him

    Had an older post-cant find it.  He's a Jake's Proud Jazz x Ali/Power Plus maine heifer.  bW 76lbs.  DOB was 1/27/14
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    Bull or Steer

    What do you all think about this calf?  He's a Jakes Proud Jazz x Ali/Power Plus heifer.  Think he'd make a good bull?  Or should I steer him?
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    Monopoly Daughters

    What are you folks breeding your Monopoly daughters to?  I have a Monopoly X Char....she lost her 1st calf and is due in a few weeks with her 2nd calf-bred to I-80.  I am hesitant to take her back to anything that traces to HW cause I am worried of BWs.  Any suggestions? Thank you in advance!
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    Pregnant Cow question

    I have a cow who is about 17wks bred....and for the last 2weeks off and on she's had clear slimy mucus coming out.  Normally I've seen this closer to due dates.  The cow as confirmed bred at 60days (give or take a few).  She had a hard pull last year and lost the calf.  The AI tech did a round...
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    Power Plus

    How is everyone's experience with Power Plus?  I am considering using him on a PB maine heifer of mine out of Ali.  Is he an easy calver?  Thanks for any information!
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    Solid Gold

    What is everyone's experience with Solid Gold, as far as calving?  Are they big?  Considering him for a few maine females....but concerned about the BWs.  Any information is appreciated.
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    Maine-Anjou Bulls

    Ok...I have a question (or a few) for you maine-anjou breeders out there.  I am getting a 'bull list' together to breed 2 of my cows to.  1 is a PB maine (Power Plus sonX PayOff) and the other is a cross (MonopolyX Char).  I am trying to breed for high% maines (or PBs).  I am aware that I'll...
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    Pregnant cow question

    I have a cow due to calf on 12/20.  She's bred to I-80.  I have notcied for the past 3days she has had a slow drip of urine coming out.  Occasionally she'll stop and raise her tail as if she were urinating, but a slow stream comes out and not a "normal" amount(less) either.  My assumption is...
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    SLC Sooner 101

    I know it's HARD to find....but does anyone know where I could get my hands on a few straws of Sooner semen?  Looking for 2-4straws.  Thank you for the help ahead of time!
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    Can anyone inform me of the bull Pud (Total Solution x Shamrock/Meyer734)?  I hear he's a heifer bull.  I am considering breeding him to an Ali/Popeye char heifer of mine.  Thank you for any information you can provide!
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    Bloat Question

    Got a heifer that is bloating as of late (off and on for the past 2weeks)  She was fed 12lbs Honor ShowChow Fitter's Edge, 8oz VitaFerm SureChamp, and  2lbs beet pulp plus free choice coastal hay.  The kid I have showing her feeds 12lbs Honor ShowChow Fitter's Edge, 8oz VitaFerm SureChamp and...
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    Genetic Question

    Ok, for you genetic folks out there...give me your opinions please.  I have a black PB maine (she has some white on underline)....I am planning on breeding her to Yellow Jacket.  The calf will be 3/4 maine...but what are the chances of me getting a colored calf (red, smokey, etc.)?  I am not...
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    AI Problem

    Ok...I've got a PB charolais cow that I am trying to get bred.  I've had her AIed 3 times over the past 5months.  Long story "shorter" she had a HARD pull in August (150lb Monopoly heifer calf).  She did get a little tear on her vulva...but nothing bad.  When time came to rebreed her, the vet...
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    PB Maine heifer

    This is a PB maine heifer of mine.  She's an Ali X Power Plus.  Tell me what ya think-the good and bad.