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  1. simba

    Dealing with it

    Congratulations, the heifers look great and it sounds like you have created an awesome program!
  2. simba

    Best Clubby Bulls for Charolais Cow

    I don’t claim to know much about whites or clubbies but the Char X Monopoly cross is pretty popular here in Western Canada.
  3. simba

    Anyone ever successfully IVF'd a cystic donor?

    Thanks. What is the drug called that you use as a DFR? I left that out because I’m not a vet and don’t want to give you advice that might mess up your donor. These drugs and procedures are a lot more technical than most people think. Please talk to your collection centre to be safe and good...
  4. simba

    Anyone ever successfully IVF'd a cystic donor?

    I work at an embryo and oocyte collection centre in Alberta. We occasionally get cystic donors and can usually collect them successfully.  She’ll likely require a bit extra time to set up, at least one extra DFR (dominant follicle reduction) and/or extra drugs which would all be planned out by...
  5. simba

    Hereford breeders

    Harvie High Roller? I bet you could hit a home run if mated to something moderate that needs more bone, growth and power. They can get pretty big though and you’ll have to expect some extra birthweight. This is a High Roller son I bought and used. He’s pictured at about 14 months. He had...
  6. simba

    Breeding heifers.

    BroncoFan I agree with you. In Western Canada as a rule we generally select females with a little extra natural muscle shape and power because frail cattle don’t do well in our environment. I realize that XBAR disagrees with that and that’s fine but as the environment changes so does the...
  7. simba

    Valuing Used Show Equipment

    Not sure if this helps or not but the farm I was working for sold all of their show stuff in the fall. It was all three years old or newer and very well taken care of. We valued most of it at 70% of the new price. We didn’t have any trouble selling it and I was happy to buy a few things for that...
  8. simba

    Thoughts on this guy

    I don’t know anything about Americans but I like him a lot!
  9. simba


    Usually rotating between revive and a kleen sheen/vinegar mix should do it. How often are you washing him with soap and what type of soap are you using? Also, are you making 100% sure you’re rinsing all of the soap out?
  10. simba

    Stock Show Kindness

    The world is a bit of a crazy place right now so I thought it was a good time to start a thread about random acts of stock show kindness. Below are two of my stories, be sure to share your own! This past year at the Manitoba Ag Ex we had four females in the grand drive and were waiting outside...
  11. simba

    Cleaning Out Semen Inventory

    Old doesn’t always equal bad. I don’t know anything about the SAV bull but I think it would be a mistake to dump the Revolution semen. He’s homo polled, known for great females and good numbered. It would at least be worth listing it on the Steer Planet classifieds and applicable facebook...
  12. simba

    When they don’t slick out like you thought they would...

    This one went from Denver contender to county fair bottom ender in a hurry.
  13. simba

    Not a morning heifer.....

    Have you made those changes? And if so, have her eating habits improved?
  14. simba

    Not a morning heifer.....

    I’d give her all the hay she wants. I know it sounds backwards but once she figures out that she can have hay anytime but only have grain twice a day she should start eating her grain again. We have a round bale out for our show cattle at all times. Keep us posted.
  15. simba

    Not a morning heifer.....

    If I understand correctly she doesn’t have hay during the day- is that right? She needs to have access to hay at all times, not just during the night. She’s getting hungry during the day and gorging herself overnight. Feed her 6 pounds in the morning but only give her 20 minutes to eat. After...
  16. simba

    Steerplanet classifieds

    I’ll admit I haven’t looked at the classifieds in at least a year but I did buy a bull off of them in 2015. The seller was in Wisconsin and I was in Alberta. We found the trucking through Steerplanet too, it all worked out great.
  17. simba

    Heifer Calf

    Thank you! She’s sired by Haroldsons Delta ET 69A and out of a Boyd Masterpiece cow. We’ve had two pretty good full sib brothers to her so we were really hoping to get a heifer this year.
  18. simba

    Heifer Reverted

    Tie her low in a nice place with hay for 6 or 8 hours, then try to lead her to water and back. If she won’t go feed her and leave her there overnight and try again in the morning. Keep trying until she leads there and back, she’ll give in.
  19. simba

    Heifer Calf

    I don’t say this about any of them but this one has been special since day one. At her first show she won the all breeds heifer calf jackpot and was Reserve Hereford Female. Her next show is Agribition and then she sells at the Wascana Cattle Company Complete Herd Dispersal on December 21. WCC...
  20. simba

    Wash rack guy

    Russ is correct, Wet Willy (Dean Horn) is who you’ve heard of. He was still doing it last year so I’m sure he’ll be back again.