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    Anyone going to or showing at Lima, OH show?

    i didn't take foxxy to school...but she listens well....i don't thinks she knows she is a dog....she thinks she is human....she is soooooo spoiled...she eats frosted mini-wheats every morning with my husband...he gives her a little bowl on the chair next to him and they have their...
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    Anyone going to or showing at Lima, OH show?

    she is staying with grandma on friday night and they will bring her down on saturday and she will stay the rest of the weekend with us.....she goes everywhere with do chores at all the farms, taking kids to bus, she really gets mad when i don't take her and she finds something of mine...
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    Anyone going to or showing at Lima, OH show?

    we will be there....we are taking 2 simmi heifers, 1 aob heifer, 1 chi steer and on xbred steer....hopefully the weather will straighten out.....but we will still have fun regardless...hope you get to go red it will be nice to see you again....char
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    brag on yourself about NAILE placing!

    we bought a simmi heifer in the ante up sale and she was fifth in class out of her home yesterday and we fell in love with her...she will be my middle daughter's showmanship heifer in the best program...see how that goes next week....lots of work to do until then..congrats to all...
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    Ohio BEST Program

    lets see.....i think we will be showing a chi steer, maine steer, 2 xbred steers, aob heifer, and a simmi heifer.....lots of work....but we have three kids showing this year....should be fun....char
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    Winning Edge sale

    zak...what lot are you....we have 4 heifers.....lot#'s 33 A&B, 53, and lot pic of lot 71....craig lost it somehow.....i really like your heifer by the way....char
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    Are you a fretter? ( warning- personal angst)

    Thanx you two I really appreciate it....Char
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    Are you a fretter? ( warning- personal angst)

    My name is Char and I, too, am a FRETTER......I just lost my job last week and am a nervous wreck....I applied for hubby says don't worry about don't have to get a job until October...what so big about October, I have no clue!!!!  We should be just fine.....but what...
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    Tire biting- woody not cattle!

    my corgi is very smart... and listens pretty good....but what she is going to get is puppy school....whether she needs it or not....i took my last dog there and she was a german shepherd and she was the best dog to break cattle because she listened and knew the commands....and my little Foxxy is...
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    Corgi picture for Red

    ours love shows....the funny thing that our house cat weighs more and is taller than the pup....and they play like crazy....they are very jealous of each other....u have to pay attention to both at the same time or someone is hissing or (lol)
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    Corgi picture for Red

    ur pups is that i look at the picture....mine has a little more black on the face...she looks like a fox.....that is why we call her saw her at the bowling green show...she is alot shorter than woody for sure...but she will only be 4 mnths old on monday...char
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    Last Calf! YEA!

    we finally finished sometime sunday/monday morning.....the last one was a bull....that is wonderful.....the majority of calves were heifers.....i think we have heifers coming out of our ears.....oh well all is well and doing great.....char
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    Frostie's Woody fix

    i can't wait to get our corgi home.....we bought her at the expo....but the girls we got her from took her home....we are leaving for disney on on 4/6/08 we will be heading to hillsboro to get our little girl....can't wait...never had a dog that small...we are used to having big...
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    Winter Blast Columbus Ohio

    Yep we will be there.....we don't have anything in the sale this burned out after selling 5 bulls last the guys and can relax and watch the sales....and watch the kids show.....hope to see ya all there.....i'll look you up Red... See ya this weekend Char
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    Spring Break - Anyone going anywhere or just working on the farm?

    we will be at the Ohio Beef Expo.....then Easter....then we will go the BEST show in Dover Saturday only.....come home and pack summer clothes because we fly out for DISNEY Monday and fly home Friday... (clapping) can't wait for that....we have never been there....this was our xmas present from...
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    Year of the twin

    so far we have 1 heifer and 1 bull with plenty more to come....char
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    Maine Show

    hopefully they are .....i would like to watch them.....i have been searching online to try and find any info would greatly be appreciated.....char
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    Denver bulls

    does anybody know of the website to look at the new bulls in denver.  char
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    neti pot

    i just heard about the neti pot this of my patient's has one for her son he has allergies really bad....and it has made a huge difference....he is not taking any more allergy medications...she swears by it....and she did hear about in on Oprah....char
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    Special prayer/thought request

    please keep just say a little step daughter's boyfriend was in an accident last night on his way to work and ended up breaking his neck....thankfully he had an angel because he can move his arms and legs....he broke vertebrae C2....he is in ICU and this afternoon they placed him in...