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  1. ghostrider

    Fort Worth steer show

    He doesn't mind one straighter than most judges these days.  He likes them stout and cool looking, and obviously doesn't mind little ones.  But he's pretty consistent and easy to follow.
  2. ghostrider

    Best clean Heatwave or Monopoly son?

    Seeing some nice Dakota Gold babies. Don't know how they're gonna feed, but some look pretty promising.
  3. ghostrider

    Monopoly vrs Monopoly clone

    Different cane codes for the same bull just means the semen was collected at different studs.  Some bulls get collected at the same stud every time.  Once in a great while you might get lucky and the same code is available at the second stud that he was given at the first.  Most of the time a...
  4. ghostrider

    Registration Question!

    If she's sired by Monopoly, she can be registered Chi.
  5. ghostrider

    What do you think of Fort Worth Steer Show?

    Well, Johnson certainly ended up with a nice one.  I have no doubt he did miss a few.  Nobody judges that many head in that period of time without missing some. Nobody.  Maybe he tried to rush it a little much, I won't argue that.  But the format is as much to blame as the judge. If you want a...
  6. ghostrider

    paint vs black

    Black - no contest.  I agree that a little white can help catch your eye, but can distract even more.
  7. ghostrider

    carpe diem vs indian outlaw

    Not saying he doesn't work in the right situation, but Indian Outlaw had some serious structural issues, from the time he was just a calf.  Most of his health problems probably just stemmed from being hard doing, like most too straight ones.  Carpe Diem was much, much sounder - even though he...
  8. ghostrider

    what happened to bojo

    Vc, I agree completely that I'd use that definition, too... it's just not quite what the guy that named him told me it meant when I said "Bojo? Where in the world did you come up with that?" I did run across a set of spring born heifers that were sired by him that impressed me alot - sound, big...
  9. ghostrider

    what happened to bojo

    Let's just say that those folks that won't use a bull because of a name that might refer to something naughty probably will want to step back and leave this one alone...
  10. ghostrider

    The diary of a wanna be show girl...

    Wow, just think how much space it would take if all of the posters here chose to use this forum as a diary... I'm really not against you Shorthorn Girl, but I think maybe a blog would be better suited to those purposes. I'm not asking you not to post on this forum, but please use it for...
  11. ghostrider

    Sept.Heat WavexHerf, back on market

    Could you post a rear view?
  12. ghostrider

    Picture:Denver Display Bull-Who has the Best Display Bulls going to Denver?????

    Congratulations on Eye Of The Storm - he's very impressive. Please don't take this wrong, but anytime you promote a bull (or anything else), you're opening him up for public commentary.  If you can't take the negative along with the positive, I think you might have a long month ahead of you. ...
  13. ghostrider

    Very disgusting day yesterday

    Some animals just can't take the anasthetic, at any dosage. I wouldn't be in such a hurry to blame the vet - often what is recommended and what works in the real world are quite different. I am sorry you lost the calf.  It really stinks when everyone has tried their hardest to do the right...
  14. ghostrider

    help with feeding my steer

    The 5# adg is high, but his actual weight is right on target, IMO.  I'm afraid if you try just to meet your adg goal by reducing your current ration you'll end up not finished, even at your target weight.  The first thing I'd do is switch from that 16% grower ration to something around a 12%...
  15. ghostrider

    Using EPD's in a show?

    If epd's are honest and accurate, it might not be such a bad thing.  But using them in the show ring is just that much more incentive to fudge on them for those who are willing. Even the most honest and accurate of epd's are still just that - estimates.  I have less problem with using actual...
  16. ghostrider

    What do people look for in show calves

    Lots of good stuff here.  Just a couple of things to add... Others have mentioned mobility.  More specifically, you need to look for a long stride with the back feet setting down in the tracks of the front ones.  Watch them from the sides and make sure all the joints in the legs flex, and do so...
  17. ghostrider

    Star Power heifers poll

    Me too. 52  may be cleaner and smoother and straighter lined, but she appears to be way too refined, IMHO.
  18. ghostrider

    What do you guys think?

    Chris, do you want to sell him or is your sister going to show him?  If he's for sale, pm me your number and I'll try to get with you and take a look at him.