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  1. looking4champions

    Help with show steer

    Are you giving him any hay?
  2. looking4champions

    HELP with steer walk

    Okay...... Yes. A good trim will help a lot.
  3. looking4champions

    HELP with steer walk

    One claw looks a little longer than the other. Not sure how the other hooves are.... He could have some overgrowth underneath. They will adjust the way they walk to the condition of their hooves sometimes. If you are showing steers, there has to be someone within at least a 100 mile radius...
  4. looking4champions

    HELP with steer walk

    Has he had a hoof trim? If so, when? If not you can start there, but it appears that may be just the way he tracks. I can't tell if it's time for him to get a hoof trim. How close are you to your show? You definitely don't want to go too far trying to correct an issue with his hooves if...
  5. looking4champions

    Generator for Shows

    Looking to buy a generator to use at shows. I know just abour any generator can run clippers and a fan. I would like to get one that could at least run a double blower set up. Maybe the thing to do is just use a single blower at the shows!?!?! Any suggestions on brand and wattage?
  6. looking4champions

    November born steer

    It used to be a manor concern feeding a younger steer.  Now with the genetics of steers, it depends.  Depends on: how big are you expecting him to get, how is he bred/genetics, will your feed program (with or without adjustment) will get him there. Getting him properly conditioned will be your...
  7. looking4champions

    What is everybody else witnessing?

    You said it best!  "The quality shines through even at the most political arenas...." You know it's sad when everyone is paying attention this this one particular steer, even the top jocks are watching..... Then the steer gets in the showring and places way down the line.  The when the show is...
  8. looking4champions

    What is everybody else witnessing?

    I got a good little chuckle out of this, but I'm pretty sure he's referring to the van in Scooby-Doo LOL, That's it! You got me.  I know every judge has their flavor.  It's just that when the selections start to lean too heavily to one side or the other. Something goes lacking.  Either one is...
  9. looking4champions

    What is everybody else witnessing?

    From show to show, I'm noticing that "show steers" are not always winning shows.  More and more I'm seeing instances where big meaty calves with short necks and side profiles like the mystery machine are winning shows. What is everyone else seeing?
  10. looking4champions

    Online Sale Season Has Started.

    I would like to see someone put a lifesized stuffed steer in an online sale and say it's sired by Here I Am. Just to see how much it would go for.  I swear some of these calves people are paying $5K for probably wouldn't sale if they were sired by anything else.
  11. looking4champions

    Online Sale Season Has Started.

    I saw that.... Heifer.... Steer.... Heifer....Steer. I thought it wasn't gonna end.  There was high quality deep into the last lot.  When you breed quality stock the people will buy it, wherever it is!!!
  12. looking4champions

    Online Sale Season Has Started.

    These days it's only Show Circuit and Steerbidder for me.  I used to go to StockShowPlanet and Breeders World.  Now it seems everyone gravitates to SC and Steerbidder.  Live auctions with a lunch and interaction with the animals, breeder and other families is almost a thing of the past now. 
  13. looking4champions

    Rule Supplements "Thicc"

    Has anyone ever tried or does anybody use the Rule Supplements for show cattle.  It seems the guys who started the brand are heavy into sheep and dairy.  Their "Thicc" supplement sounds like it should work well. Just looking for any user info on the Rule brand of supplements and any feedback.
  14. looking4champions

    Best Clubby Bulls for Charolais Cow

    Solid Gold Goldilocks Milk Man Smilin Bob
  15. looking4champions

    adding rib shape?

    I like to give steers cotton seed hulls, but I like to give them all the hay they can manage as well.  That definitely helps.  For hair, try SHAG.  I like it more than Hide and Hair.  Fresh and Femine (from what I understand, never used it) is supposed to help trim up the brisket area and target...
  16. looking4champions

    Fly control in barn - help!

    Fly traps do help alot. I use the type that you mix the packet with water and out in the container.  The key is to put them close to te ground.  The sticky fly traps work took. They work real well.  The fly bait in the can called Golden Marlin and the similar ones by the same manufacturer help. ...
  17. looking4champions

    Happy Canada Day.

    LOL..... It's funny the way life works  ;D  I read some of the jibberesh people post on here and I have to laugh.  People talking down about people from different walks of life, as if they can. Expressing political views on a website named "Steer planet".  Go to your local city council, town...
  18. looking4champions

    Sullivan’s Turbo Fan

    The main parameters you need to concern yourself with for replacement are the Hp(horsepower), rev/min (speed) and the diameter of the fan shaft.  You can try McMaster Carr to find a repacement fan also. Typically those fan motors are 1/2 hp or less.  Rev/min is critical because the motor has to...
  19. looking4champions

    Anyway to gain width?

    I think you have a calf that looks good first and foremost.  How is his conditioning?  End of July is a good ways away.  I would give him stabilized rice bran or some other source of energy in addition to the Fitters Edge to get some additional growth. Fitters Edge is excellent for getting one...
  20. looking4champions

    What's your vision of a Grand Champion Steer

    I know a lot of shows have been canceled as a result of what's going on now..... However, I also know families are still buying steers and continuing to feed steers with hopes of the approaching Fall 2020 and Spring '21 shows still taking place.  Therefore, we gotta keep our steer-eyes sharp...