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    Conception rates on Sexed Semen

    The semen from Trans Ova in the 5ml straws works very well for flushing. We have used it many times with excellent results. Both Genex and ABS will not work well at all for flushing at least for us. Best thing is to use it for normal AI use. That is just our expierence.
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    President's Speech

    I realise each state is different but we are not displacing students here. I want all the smart educated people we can get here and I would like them to stay pay taxes and improve this state. Should we eliminate borders hell no and our borders should be secured but how??? Republicans controled...
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    President's Speech

    My state already allows in-state tuition for ilegal immigrants if they have applied to become legal and that works for me. I will take all the smart college educated citizens we can get in our state. They use less services and pay more taxes so it seems to make sense to me.  I am sure CPAC would...
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    President's Speech

    It is so nice to see the lunatic fringe is still alive and well in this country!! Obama has been in office 36 days and it may be time for some folks here to start the research on which country they wish to emigrate too! Beware the sky is falling and the Black helicopters are circling over...
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    Interesting reading on the elections

    From Joe Vogel just a little food for thought!! Hyperbole continues to soar in the aftermath of Sarah Palin's bold and spirited, but sadly divisive, sarcastic, Rove-recycled speech at Wednesday's Republican National Convention. The darling of Rush Limbaugh and Pat Buchannan is now being...
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    Tell me how this makes sense?

    The Republican Convention in Denver will cost $150 Million and cause a huge burden on law enforcement and public employees.  They already have their candidate.  Why not do the socially responsible thing and donate the money to charity?
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    Collecting old money

    A CHASIERS CHECK IS EXACTLY THE SAME AS CASH!! Now a certified check is not just know the diference.
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    Joke of the Day

    How do you get a Kansas State Grad off your porch????............................................................................. ...
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    Success with Lutalyse?

    The protocal was developed by Dr. Mike Day at Ohio State. Day o CIDR in and shot of Gnrh Day 5 pull Cidr and shot of Lute 12 Hours later second shot of Lute Heat check from first shot At 24 to 28 hours after 1st shot mass breed  and give a shot of Gnrh we have had severl breeders use this with...
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    When to send in samples?

    Not sure on oth3r breeds but with Simmental unless you want to do it twice you need to do it with an official blood kit to also verify parentage at the same time to prevent any cheating or errors.
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    10 reasons Cow Fitters make better Lovers

    Here you go not steer jock but might work!! Some Things I Learned on the Farm Don’t name a calf you plan to eat. Country fences need to be horse high, pig tight and bull strong. Life is not about how fast you run, or how high you climb, but how well you bounce. Keep skunks, lawyers, and...
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    Not a man in drag but......Camilla Parker Bowles!!!!!!!!!lol
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    name that tune

    OH.. Correct Willie Nelson....Red Headed Stranger
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    name that tune

    OK Here is one and artist The song came and went Like the times that we spent Hiding out from the rain under the carnival tent I laughed and shed smile It would last for awhile You dont know what you got till you lose it all again Listen to the mandolin rain Listen to the music on the...
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    name that tune

    Who wrote the song Mr. Bo Jangles while he was in jail. The nitty gritty dirt bad made a hit of it  (Jerry Jeff Walker )  . How about "And the grownups would tell us, you boys keep your distance, the old man's just telling you lies. But to all of us kidsCowboy Bill was a hero just as blue as the...
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    Word Association Game

    BAIT..........Do you see a pattern????LOL
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    name that tune

    Red: You got it!! Figured I was the only one who had herd of them. Here is another Daddy never sleeps at night Well the kids don't eat And the dogs can't sleep There's no escape from the music In the whole damn street Now she's playin' all night And the music's all right