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    Got our calves

    We just brought our calves home, they look good, a couple of them have had very little human contact so they are pretty heads up and looking for an escape, and the other one is a little more laid back then I would like to see so we are watching him for sickness.  So when you haul calves a long...
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    Friday Morning Wisdom

    A fresh cup of coffee and a beautiful sunrise is much better start to the day then that extra 30 minutes of sleep. and..... It is better to be hated for who you are then loved for who you are not. Add yours!!
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    Just Curious about private treaty sales

    since no one has answered you yet, here it is in a nut shell. Assuming (yes I know what happens when you assume) that you are talking private treaty bid off like they do in Iowa and SD.... You go to breeders place, look at the calves still on cow and for the most part not clipped (some places...
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    Need a Name

    I am getting a French Bulldog she will be a cream color.  She already has a name of Krissy, but one of my daughters class mates (who she describes as a not so nice young lady) has the same name so we are going to change the dogs name.  I can not for the life of me think of any good names, so I...
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    Animal welfare

    I also agree with the horse issue.  I drive by 2 horses everyday, the one looks to be older and is thin, but this winter I was to the point that I thought I needed to call animal welfare. The horses were like skeletons. The other issue we have in this part is that in order to maintain your "ag"...
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    Name that tune returns

    Nope, not Woody Guthrie. It is an older song.......75 or so.... Think monkeys.......(not the band)
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    Name that tune returns

    Here is one!! He was a young driver, just out on his second job. And he was carrying the next day's pasty fruits For everyone in that coal-scarred city, Where children play without despair In backyard slag piles, and folks manage to eat each day
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    What is your favorite fair food?

    Indian Fry Bread and then those curly potato things that are really greasy and salty.  None of those for me this year!!  I am officially on the diet wagon!!
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    Inconsistant weight gain...Whats up with this?

    They get wheat germ oil already, they will not eat their grain without it.
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    Inconsistant weight gain...Whats up with this?

    Red, I was thinking the same thing maybe he is at his correct weight, but he is far from finished. Starting to put on some fat cover over the ribs but it is hard fat not soft, nothing by his tail head and some down in his cod.  Brisket kinda filling out.  This is the pickiest steer we have EVER...
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    what do you think

    I am really liking that KMS bull, looks like he throws good females!! Wish we would have known about him before we bred our shorty!!
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    Inconsistant weight gain...Whats up with this?

    Their pen is a dry lot, no grass.  It has been hot here and quite warm at night.  We have kept them in the cooler until 10:30 a couple nights because of the heat.  We always feed at the same time though.  He left about a can (3.5#'s) of grain un touched last night.  We decided to try to feed the...
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    Inconsistant weight gain...Whats up with this?

    I have a question, why would our steer that was gaining over 4 #'s per day all of a sudden over the last 2 weeks (we have a scale and weigh on Wednesdays) go to gaining only .6 per day and then 1 # per day this week?  grain is the same, his manure is fine no corn in it the correct consistancy as...
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    Since you know how much he weighs, and assuming that you have a starting weight, have you figured out his daily gain?  By taking total weight gained and divide by days between weights?  Then once you have that figure say it is an even 3 pounds per day, you would times that figure by how many...
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    How dry/wet are you?

    It is so dry here, that we  havent had to change the babies diaper for 2 weeks.  :D  Crack myself up!!!  Seriously though, we need some rain, been hot here in the 95+++ range. Cooler the last couple days, but supposed to be HOT HOT HOT again this weekend.
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    The Recipe Thread

    Anyone have a good receipe for beef brisket?
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    Favorite Horse Breeds

                        (clapping)  Give me horse power ANY day, and I do not mean the kind with 4 legs.  I used to Rodeo in my younger days, and thought I would NEVER be without a horse.  I actually do not like them at all now, the only use as far as I am concerned (that I can say on this board...
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    Steer Planet Photo Contest - Post "LANDSCAPE" Photos Here

    Sunrise through the fog.(I did not touch the color this is the actual color). Mountain Water. Fence line During one of our many blizzards this year.