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    Caption This Picture

    "We're Freeeeeeee!" (lol)
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    What makes your cows go absolutely crazy when they see or hear it?

    My cell phone!! For awhile I had that mosquitos tone, and when the cows heard it, man, took me a half an hour to get em settled down. Lesson learned.  ;D
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    Do you have Dial-Up or High-Speed Internet?

    This site runs very fast considering I'm a dial-upper. Some other boards I cruise don't run very fast!  (lol)
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    Show ring ethics

    I think my buddy has become a "hotshot." He's not cheating, but he's so competitive and serious, it takes the fun out the show. (:))
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    Getting white clean

    Good To KNOW! Wow, I am in the mood for pie.  (lol)
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    Have you tried Oxy Explosion? Works great for me the last two years.
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    Getting white clean

    I HAVE! Works great. Easy as pie. (clapping) (clapping) (clapping) (clapping)  (cow)  (cow)  (cow)  (cow)  (lol)  (lol)  (lol)
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    Weight classes?

    My calf is about 1220 right now.  ???
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    Nashville Star?

    I watch MTV a lot.
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    Weight classes?

    Typically, what is a good weight for show calves? Are there different weight classes? Thanks for your help.
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    Thank you, Red!!!

    I could write articles. Sounds fun.
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    Listening to any good music?

    Nah, don't like any country stuff. I like the hardcore stuff. Metallica, Lamb of God, Megadeth.
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    Maintaining Weight Suggestions

    I could use some help with maintaining weight on my steer. He's just about where I want him right now, but I have trouble keeping him there. I'm new to showing steers so any other tips would be great too. David
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    UPDATE: 15,000 Dead

    I've never seen anything like this. It's really, really bad.
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    Show ring ethics

    I heard this, too. The big time fitters are probably going crazy.
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    Where do you get a steer airfreshener? this is where I bought mine
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    Problem with Warts

    that's interesting. never tried it.
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    Problem with Warts

    if you get a vaccination, you need it for all your calves. a buddy was telling me about this--some of his calves started to get the warts