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    Looking for Shorthorn steers

    I am looking for a couple of Shorthorn steers. Please email me photos/info or place it on the bulletin board.
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    Show Steers Wanted

    I was trying to email some of you about the calves you have for sale, but everyone's email addresses are hidden. Please either post additional information or picture and descriptions of what you have available.
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    Hired Man

    What are his calves like?  I saw some pictures on this board of him at the collection facility. He looked rough/big in his shoulders. Has that had any impact on his calves being born? Does any one have any pictures of any? What does he seem to work the best with?
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    Looking for Photos

    I am looking for phots of calves that are out of Manchild and Blue Blood. I am interested in seeing these calves as young ones while they are still on the cow and otheres that show what they are growing into. I really like these bulls and would like to see what the prodiogy of theirs looks like.
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    Man Child

    Man Child clubby bull, what is his calves like? Are they growing out good? Does anyone have any pictures of them. What does he throw when bred to Shorthorns?