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    New vet will scratch his head.
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    FSF Kolt 45 and maternal shorthorn question.

    Ive seen some good Kolt 45s. I havnt used him myself yet, but may on a deep clean monopoly daughter.
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    WID & Copacetic calf personalities

    I wouldn't used WID on a heifer. I know some have used HIA on heifers and gotten away with it, I wouldn't. I may try Sweet Willy.
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    New in 2023 Bulls

    Told you so looked pretty good from the pics and video. Has anyone had eyes on the In Demand bull, Clean full sib to Chosen 1?
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    Maternal Made and Full Sibs

    Was wondering everyone's experience with the 3 promoted Brothers. Do they increase frame size? Keep same as dam? Do the lengthen a neck? Clean one up? Add milk? Or follow dam? Thanks in advance
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    New in 2023 Bulls

    What's everyone's thoughts on the new bulls. Seen limited photos from OKC and Denver. Assuming a few more will be released in the coming weeks.
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    New Beginning

    Picked up some Makin Time from GCC today.  Wondering how his CE is.  Was thinking about using on a couple of HIA 2nd calvers.
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    New Beginning

    I'd also be interested in reports of calves out of maternal made 2
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    Uno Mas or Fully Loaded Sexed?

    Which one of these is the easiest calving and which one is making the better females?  I know there is more track record on Uno Mas, I havnt heard too much about the fully loaded females yet. Thanks
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    Finding recips and co-op herds

    Trevor Roche,  probably find him on fb.  Roche Cattle, ID
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    I've asked before, but what is the best Broker son to stamp them like him? With his semen going up, has everyone went to a different genetic line to see what works?  Did they ever get a Broker clone?
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    Any info out there?
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    Simmental bulls

    What son of Broker had everyone been trying out for his replacement?
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    Simmental bulls

    Which simmi bull would add frame, keep depth, and clean up the front of 1?  Also, is there a baldie that would also work?
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    OKC Bulls (Denver Bulls)

    Whose bull was Here 'em talkin'? What was the pedigree on flip side?
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    Bump. I'm also interested.  Have they collected the clones yet?