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    Little cedar aviator

    Doc, do you still have some you'd part with?
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    Solid Gold (clone) calf pics

    I'll be flushing a shorthorn cow to him soon. This calf looks good. I like the looks of his offspring.
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    Hard Drive cane code?

    Does anyone know hard drives cane code ?
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    Need breeding help

    we flushed our shorthorn donor to i80 we are very pleased how they look.
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    Bushy parks sale

    Thanks. Were you there?
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    Bushy parks sale

    Does anyone know what lot 41 brought. Thanks.
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    Gestation on I-80 Calves

    Had an et calf go 290 days and a full sib et go 275. Varies most I have heard come a week early or so.
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    New Born Problems

    It has all kinds of energy. It can get up by itself and eats just fine. It was running around in the pen today. The back legs now out quite a bit though still gets around like a new born.
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    New Born Problems

    Had a calf that was a couple of days over due. the calf was a hard pull then got hip locked for 15 minutes. calf had problems getting up when it was first born but now can get up. it now is walking like  a new born. stumbling over its self. im assuming it had something to do with being hip...
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    Jackpot Steer feed by Kalmbach

    Kalambach isn't a nationally known feed it is only located in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana. we have only fed 1/3 1/3 1/3 blend and it worked very well.
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    I saw him in Denver this year. He was impressive standing there. He is really big framed. Once he got on the move he was very soft footed.
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    Aborted calf?

    Shouldnt be she was a salute x steermaker bred to monopoly
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    Aborted calf?

    Had a cow last night have her calf and the calf was not alive and she was 45 days out what could be the cause of this? dumb luck?
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    Possiple Flush?

    How do you figure most shows like jr nationals they have to be 50%
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    Possiple Flush?

    The cow is actually 7/8 shorthorn. so the calves cant be shown plus at most shows.
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    Possiple Flush?

    Any other suggestions if not shorthorn?
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    Possiple Flush?

    I am thinking about flushing this cow I am thinking about flushing her shorthorn and using sexed semen. Here is a picture of her and her first calf. Her first calf is a drifter heifer. Any ideas on what to flush her to would be appreciated. The cow is a Salute x steermaker. The cow picture was...
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    Shorthorn Plus registration

    The bull is not registered in shorthorn association but is in the Maine he goes back to heat seeker that's why I was wondering if the calf can be registered anything higher then 7/16