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    rutledge farms sale

    What did the lot 57 angus bring?
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    County Fair Judge selection

    We've shown under Patrick Gunn before, and he did a really nice job.
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    Question to Moms

    What have you found works best for black paint stains on pants, shirts, and coats from a long weekend of showing? All help is greatly appreciated!
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    Ft. Worth heifer champions

    Who had the Angus? Thanks!
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    Maine Jr Nationals.

    Where can you see pics of winners and results..? Thanks
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    Fort worth jr. heifer show

    Sounds like everyone did well! Anyone know how the Angus Jr show went?
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    Favorite Bulls on display at NWSS

    Was the Angus Bull that PVF had Striker?
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    Foundation Female Sale At Denver.?

    Does anyone know where to find the catalog online.? Haven't had any luck finding it.                                               Thanks
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    Best route to Badger Kick Off/Driving buddy?

    Whose judging at Badger this year?
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    Mid Continent Sale

    Didnt get to make it down like we wished. What were averages? High Sellers? And how'd the Angus heifers sell?? Also what did lots 45, 71, 72, 74, 75, 77 Bring? Any Info would be greatly appreciated!
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    KC steers

    Where can you see pics at?
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    Belt Buckles

                We have found to really like his stuff. He goes to most of the big shows. I'm not sure how fast he can get stuff done though....
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    what brand of jeans do you wear?

    I absolutly LOVE cruels! I wear them, shows, parties. everywhere. Its been a long time since I've gone to Quarter Horse Congress! 
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    belt buckle

    I know we have had the Agri Buckle guy make some belts and buckles for us. His website is . I know he will be at Louisville. He is normally at Denver too.  I know he does a lot of work for Denver and Angus Junior Nationals...We have been really pleased with his work.
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    Top 5 Country Artists

    Speaking of Shania Twain...what happened to her in the music industry? I haven't heard anything from her in a long time... In no particular order...   Taylor Swift   Garth Brooks   Kenny Chesney   George Strait   Sugarland
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    Help On Presentation

    Thanks for all of the input! I really really like DL's idea. I'll be sure to post my final grade & everything..                                                                   Thanks Again!
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    Help On Presentation

    Our class was assigned a presentation on our choice. And me being the schools only cattle girl I think that would be best to talk about. The 'structure' of the speech/presentation isn't difficult but it will be difficult to keep my classmates' attention. ( They are all either football players or...
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    Cates results!

    Who ended up buying lot 9?