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  1. vc

    Stall/barn set up

    Yes, you wet and pack the fiber down, but you also have to make sure and do it daily and muck it out every time you are there. It is imperative that you remove the manure often.
  2. vc

    Opinions on steer

    Have you wormed him yet? Really need to work the hair he looks like he has it need to get it all trained to really pop. There are a lot of good videos out there that really give a good explanation on how to do it.
  3. vc

    Stall/barn set up

    They need to get out at night, we had our steers in a stall during the day with fans running, calves were tied fans running from behind, if you have a gfi, and the calves can not get to the fans they should be fine. We kicked the calves out at dark into a large run, they need to get out and...
  4. vc

    Show Heifer Feed

    3 percent of 600 is 18 pounds, I would be careful feeding that much to her you might just burn her up.
  5. vc

    Show Heifer Feed

    Market Heifers or breeding? Heifers will get fat earlier than steers, need to feed slower than steers for market to make them hit 12 o'clock when you need them to.
  6. vc

    Help with show steer

    I would try feeding 3 times a day and adding stabilized rice bran to your feed.
  7. vc

    Show Cattle Stall Bedding

    Cedar fiber is the best, I'm sure if you do a search for cedar fiber bedding you can find something in your area. We would put a 4-6 inch deep bed down, soak it and pack it tight, makes it very easy to keep clean, easy to remove the manure. We also used a stomp mat under the front feet in the...
  8. vc

    Feeding advice

    we would start with about 2 pounds a feeding of the beet pulp, but we fed it dry mixed in the feed and let it expand in the gut
  9. vc

    Topline fat cover help

    You could add it to, if he does not clean it all up then replace 2 pounds of grain with the Stabilized Rice Bran.
  10. vc

    Need alternative for neck sweat

    If this is for the steer you posted I would wait no need for it yet,
  11. vc

    Topline fat cover help

    Stabilized Rice Bran, 2 pounds a day, will add a smooth finish to them, plain rice bran is not the same and will not give you the same result.
  12. vc

    Opinions on steer

    He looks like a decent calf not fancy but functional, what does he weigh? I would really start working his hair, he has plenty of it, it is amazing how much softer they look when the hair is trained. I tried to look up the nutritional value for your feeds, the Pro Form is low on both protein and...
  13. vc

    What should I do to make my my cow look “softer”

    Well she looks like she has plenty of cover on her, and you said she is due in 2 months, I think your best bet is to back off the grain and give her all the grass hay she wants, keep pushing her and you could end up with a big calf, as the calf develops she should fill in.
  14. vc

    What should I do to make my my cow look “softer”

    Post a picture, it will help to see what you are trying to do,
  15. vc

    Bottle Calf for show won’t lead on halter

    Try tying him for a few days, where he can stand and lie down, do not feed or water him where he is tied put the water and feed away from him. lead him to the water and the feed is.
  16. vc

    Anyone else?

    Had a steer jump the fence as we unloaded him, he was missing in the creek bed for about a week before he got lonely and ended up in with some horses, cowboy ran him back into the trailer, he spent 5 days in the trailer before he was settled enough to try again. Every other time if cows got out...
  17. vc

    Advise on putting weight on a small calf.

    If your goal is to make the minimum weight, so she can show the animal, at 8 years old it might just be the best plan, depending on your minimum it can be done. I showed a home grown 14 month old calf back in the day, we left him on the cow as long as we could supplemented the cow and had him on...
  18. vc

    Thoughts on this steer

    Not the best at putting it in words but when I watch the video, there is something about his front third that does not just fit together, he looks like he might break behind the shoulder as he matures and the his neck out of the shoulder placement is not ideal, he will be a heavy headed steer...
  19. vc

    Picking your calf

    This is a Here I Am, we sponsored a few years ago he started out real green, in the end he packed on the weight and muscle and had incredible hair for a steer raised on a dry lot on a dairy in So-cal. We try to find calves that will be fat steers, room to grow, do not look like a finished steer...
  20. vc


    looks like you did alright in your sale, I watched the Coor sale last night, just wow.