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  1. J

    Old Maine Bulls

    What are the EPD's on Manitou Yukon?
  2. J

    Charolet Maine cross bull

    I have not been on in a while and have been ill.  I recently bought a bull from Bushy Park and would like to buy another bull.  I am looking for a Maine Charolais cross bull.  If you know of one that will make show steers in Texas let me know.  He would need to be a registered Mainetainer. ...
  3. J


    Happy Thanksgiving to all! May God's riches blessings flow freely in you and all of your family's life! Thanks for being a blessing to me! Joe Dale Wilson
  4. J

    What would be your asking price?

    Thanks to all of you, especially about when to sell.  Zane, I hope to see you real soon. jdw
  5. J

    Witch Doctor or Taz

    I have a Gucci heifer that will calve in December and we are excite as she is the real deal.
  6. J

    Witch Doctor or Taz

    All of our Gucci calves had the look.... every one of them drew attention from all of our visitors.  A long time ago we had Witch Dr. and his look improved our FB's and their size, but they did not have the look that Gucci had.  Our average BW on Gucci over the last two years was 71 lbs.
  7. J

    Witch Doctor or Taz

    I agree with Mainegirl.  I use Gucci on heifers and I have sold several prospect calves out of him.  His calves come easy, have good dispositions, develope bone and hair after birth, stand naturally right.  My only criticizm of the bull is they are slower growing but will keep on growing.  I...
  8. J


    Really nice looking bull.  Would love to have him to use on some 1/2 bloods.
  9. J

    What would be your asking price?

    I have 12 yearling registered Maine Anjou heifers that weigh around 1000 lbs and will be ready to breed in December.  They are either 75 or 87.5%.  One PB is red, one PB is a slightly blue, and the rest are black.  They are open and we will have them checked this week.  Because of our continued...
  10. J

    Lutalyse for timed A.I.

    Chambero, I had a similar problem with the last shot I gave the cows freezing in the shrynge, and averaged 1 out of 10.  On heifers I have gotten 50-67% most of the time and once 80%.  On cows if the weather condition are right I have gotten 100% on 12 cows one time in 35 years with the average...
  11. J

    Cream of the Crop sale

    Did anyone go to Kris Black's bull sale?  If you did could you tell me what #5, 52, & 53 sold for?  Thanks jdw
  12. J

    Tyson Bull Calf

    His calves are thick.  I too would like to know about what type of dams he produces.
  13. J

    My Dad

    Thanks. About three times per day, I want to call Dad and discuss cattle, farming and the bad weather.  He was my best male friend and we talked often.
  14. J

    Our drought, need help

    Most of our cows are young, only one 10 year old, and one 9 year old.  Most will calf in September through November and are AI'ed to Gucci and Smokin Joe and a few others.  I would prefer to ship them no further than Kansas or Missouri.  I would be willing to purchase some good hay to feed them...
  15. J

    My Dad

    Thanks a million ....
  16. J

    Our drought, need help

    We are in a very sad drought.  On 68 acres of oats I got 46 small round bales.  I have all my ponds and tanks that are dry and have been for 5 months.  I made 12 bushel's of wheat and none of my neighbors cut theirs or made hay of it, as it was too short.  You cannot mow my pastures as short as...
  17. J

    My Dad

    Since the end of January we have really been tied up.  Dad fell in the shop the last of January.  Prior to that he walked two miles per day.  We went to several doctors because he was having back pain.  Finally, a surgeon operated on him and he had a fast growing tumor in his back that was...
  18. J

    dr who bull sold

    If you still have the bull, please send me a photo or two, price, BW, registration, PHA and TH status, WW, YW, etc.  Thanks.  [email protected]
  19. J

    Who Made Who bull SOLD

    I would want him registered as a Mainetainer.  [email protected]
  20. J

    (5) ET full brother Meyer 734 Bulls for sale

    I would be interested in the two that have Maine influence in them.  Are they registered as Maintainers? [email protected]