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    Semen tank and contents

    MVE SC 20/20 semen tank and contents for sale. Contents include , 4 original units of Monopoly, 3 Alias, 1Point taken, 3 Jessie James, 1 Heat Wave,2 Infared,4 Ivision, 7 Walks On Water,. Simmental semen 8 Thundertstorm, 2 Lucky Dice, 2 Black Advantage, 3 Mr MT, ! Red Top, 3 Black Top, $ 1300 ...
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    Southeast Iowa Club Calf Sales Sept 17

    Selling calves out of Q-Dog , Walks On Water , Who Made Who2 ,Monopoly ,Hired Man ,Infared , contact Joe Lampe at319-560-9317
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    Southeast Iowa Clubcalf Sale Sat Sept 17

    Lampe Club Calves selling Sat , bids end at 6 , contact Joe Lampe at 319-560-9317 , calves by Monopoly , Q-Dog  , Walks on Water ,Infared ,Who Made Who 2 , and Hired Man.
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    Southeast Iowa club calf sale

    Selling September 17 bids close at 6 p.m. Calves sired by Q-Dog, Walks on Water, Infared Who Made Who 2, Monopoly, Hired Man.  P.S. unable to download videos to internet call Joe Lampe at 319-560-9317
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    Souteast Iowa Club Sale

    Just a reminder that we are having a bidoff sale Sat the 18th with bids closing at dark. There are 6 breeders all within 15 miles of each other , so come and enjoy the offering , for more info call 319-560-9317 or 319-560-9074
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    WTB Steer

    We are having a bidoff sale this Saturday , we are located in Southeast Iowa about 3 hours north of St. Louis , registered simmi halfblood by Heatwave 6 and Drake Infared , also a great set of heifers , by Point Taken ,Who Made Who , Hairy Bear , Monopoly , phone is 319-560-9317 or 319-560-9074 .
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    looking for an awesome show heifer...

    I don't have Angus , but I do have some halfblood simmi heifers and several great crossbreds that are selling this weekend the 18th go back several pages and you will see some of the pictures that I posted phone is 319-560-9317
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    Lookin for a steer and a heifer

    I live in Southeast Iowa , we are having a bidoff sale on the 18th , have a great Point Taken and Monopoly heifers , and some registered halfblood calves by Heat Wave6 and Infared , my phone is 319-560-9317 , the halfbloods can be registered as simmi's.
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    looking for a hiefer near iowa

    We have a grea set of hifers that areselling Sept 18 in a bid off , we are located i southeast Iowa phoeis 319-560-9317 ,yo won't be dissappointed
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    Southeast Iowa Club Calf Sale- Joe Lampe- **NEW PICS** continued

    Southeast Iowa Club Calf Sale. Bids close September 18 at dark. Contact Joe Lampe at 319-560-9317 or stop by the farm 1347 110th St, Salem Iowa 52649. Picture 1. Hairy Bear heifer out of an x-ray vision simmi cow Picture 2 and 3. Point taken heifer out of a who made who cow
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    Lampe Southeast Iowa Club Calf Sale September 18, 2010

    Southeast Iowa Club Calf Sale September 18, 2010. Joe Lampe, 1347 110th St, Salem IA 52649. 319-560-9317. **1st Picture- Spotted Heifer is a Point Taken heifer out of Who Made Who simmi cow- She is a late March calf and super stout, long necked and would make a great market heifer. **2nd...
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    WTB breeding stock show heifer

    We wil be selling heifers out of Heatwave,Monopoly , Infared, Who Made Who , and Point Taken , we are located in Southeast Iowa , calves are selling in a bidoff Sept 18 , phone is 319-560-9317 , leave message , work days with differnt days off.
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    Looking For a good simmental steer

    We have 5 halfbloods out of Heatwave 6 and Drake Infared , located in Southeast Iowa , selling in a bidoff Sept 18 , 319 560 9317 , bids start at $1000.
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    Southeast Iowa Club Valf Sale

    The sale is Sept. 18 , with bids closing at dark, thanks.
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    Southeast Iowa Club Calf Sale

    We are offering steers and heifers for sale out of Monopoly , Point Taken , Heatwave 6, Infared , and Hairy Bear. All calves will start with a $1000 base bid up to $2000 , then bids will be in $250 bids, will post some pictures next week, phone is 319-560-9317, work days , so leave message...
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    WTB Competive Heifer Near West Central MN or close area

    We are having a bidoff sale Sept 18 will have some pictures next week we are located in southeast iowa phone is 3195609317
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    Wanting a nice blue roan heifer or anyother color.

    We have colored up Point Taken heifer that sells in our sale Sept. 18 , current price on her now is $2000 , with bid off ending at dark , send me your email , and I will send what pictures that we have, hope to have new pictures as soon as it cools down or call me 319-560-9317
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    Wanting a young simmental hiefer!

    Will have pictures on the web sight soon , we have one purebred by Builtright and several halfbloods by Drake Infared , which are black give me a call 319-60-9317 thanks
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    Heat Seeker Donor For Sale Updated 7/24/10 Calf Pics Added

    Send me price , breeding date and location 319-560-9317
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    please send me what infomation that you have, to Joe Lampe at 1347 110th st Salem Ia. 52649 , my email is [email protected], thanks