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    Sore Losers

    This is too funny, I just had this same talk with my son tonight.  We've had a bad last three months and last year his fair was awful.  He threw up for five days straight the first day of the fair and missed it all so we were hoping for a good year this year given all of our other happenings but...
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    Packing up the Showbox

    baling wire and duct tape.  Will fix about anything.  A bag of twizzlers is a good idea too!  ;D
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    The most humiliating moment in my show history this weekend

    No picture of the goaty, it was way too bad.  I didn't want to humiliate the little critter plus I didn't want brittnie to feel any worse.  I did get pictures of britt showing but not up close.  ::) Brahmergirl Thanks CAB!  I think I was just put up with men for the day as my poor son is...
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    The most humiliating moment in my show history this weekend

    Sorry I got side tracked and forgot the rest of the story about the mysterious green stuff.  Come to find out when the kids were getting stuff out of the box, they tipped over an entire bottle of Coppertox for my horses feet and it was EVERYWHERE!  ON lead ropes, in the bottom of the show box...
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    The most humiliating moment in my show history this weekend

    OK, I had the most humiliating show experience ever this last Saturday.  My great niece has a goat and so does my son, well her mother is going through a divorce and so I thought it would be good for her to go to this little goat jackpot this weekend to get her out of the house.  This is her...
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    Best/funniest story!

    nope, they literally look like little immature trumpet vine flowers.  You know the red looking flowered vine that grows and grows and you can't get it killed out and it attracts the bees and stuff?  They just look like little nubs or abcesses.  They are just too funny looking! Brahmergirl
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    Bling Halter

    It looks like it fits perfect!  Oh you have made my day Linz!!!! I have had a terrible weekend and monday and so that is really a positive thing for me!  Thank you for the picture!!!! (clapping) It looks good on her, she's a pretty little calf!!! Brahmergirl
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    How did you learn to back a trailer?

    You know, that's how my friend's husband told me to back one.  He said put both hands on the bottom of the steering wheel and whichever way you want the trailer to go move your hands in that direction.  Worked like a charm but then I graduated and just turn the wheel from the top now and look...
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    Idol-anyone surprised?

    I missed the ending, I was outside doing the many tasks of the evening and missed the last ten minutes but found out this morning.  Yes, I was shocked.  I thought Melinda was good but I thought she didn't fit the class though.  I kind of thought she was in a different class.  Probably because...
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    How did you learn to back a trailer?

    We have since then graudated to a 16' stock trailer and my husband kept trying to tell me the bigger the trailer, the easier it was but there was no way I was going to fall for his words of advice.  This is the man that would try to come out and help a few years later and it would just make it...
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    Show Box

    Nice Job!  Very envious of you! ::)
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    How did you learn to back a trailer?

    You know, I was thinking the other day, I've come a long ways on backing the trailer.  That was absolutely the biggest dreaded thing of the whole show animal thing.  Now remember I grew up in the city and never lived on the farm.  The most horrifying thing I had had to encounter in helping my...
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    How was your week?

    That's Awesome!  Just look at that smile, it says it all!  Brahmer
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    Best/funniest story!

    My son's first year at the fair, the goat project was not a large one at that time.  Growing up in town and being in 4-H, goats were not exactly in my vocabulary nor my encyclopedia so a friend and I were standing there looking at these poor little goats that some little boy had brought to the...
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    You Might be a REDNECK if........

    You carry 5 gallon buckets in your truck at all times because you just never know when you're gonna need a lawn chair! (lol)
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    Freeze Brands

    We ordered our hot brand through husky branding irons.  I know they have freeze brands also.  too bad we can't use them as the hair shows back up gray and it is very difficult to see on ours!  Have to hot brand, ahhhhhhh!  There's nothing that churns my stomach more than the smell of singed skin...
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    I am sitting here reading all of your stories on this twine and hair thing and laughing my buns off!  I keep thanking myself that we have "polyester cattle".  This is our first year in the goat project so I decided since I don't use the clippers much,I had better figure out this clipping thing...
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    crazy things you see at shows!

    I have to share something I saw last weekend at a show.  I just chuckle and chuckle when I see these things and have to wonder what the people actually get out of it.  anyways, here goes: I am at this little county show last weekend and a young teenage girl and her boyfriend show up to the show...
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    How was your week?

    Gr8 ideas guys and gals!  Keep 'em coming! Red, finally it didn't rain today!  Upper 80s  and humid!  Worked outside all day, had one last rain shower yesterday and only a 40% chance of rain.  We've had over 10 inches of rain in the last week, it was so bad today was supposed to be weigh in but...
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    10 reasons Cow Fitters make better Lovers

    How about: They're the biggest tease ever! No matter where you are, they always make sure you look your best! They can tame the wildest...of curls! They love to run their fingers through your hair! I don't know, just trying to help out!