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  1. CRS

    Fu Man Chu X Northern Improvement

    We have semen and have some stored at Hawkeye if you wanted to ship from there. He is registered as a Chi and a Maine. I have posted some pics on here in the past.
  2. CRS

    Fu Man Chu X Northern Improvement

    Sublime. He’ll keep the calf a high % chi and will do just as you want. Power, bone, foot size with a clean front. PHA and TH clean. They also have some grow to them.
  3. CRS


    He is a very good bull. A friend used him and they were all good, no throw aways. They have a cow out of him and she is very productive. Gregg Stewart posted a Facebook video of him as a mature bull and he still looked great. His dam is a sister to Troubadour.
  4. CRS

    WID & Copacetic calf personalities

    I would not use Wynne in Doubt on a heifer. Lots of big in his pedigree. There’s a lot of good options out there. Our bull Sublime, Full Tilt, and In Control all Dual Threat sons. Dual Threats make great steers and heifers. Quality with performance. So many Simmi options, Uno Mas, Loverboy...
  5. CRS

    W/c fort knox

    I’d probably use Bank on It for a Bankroll son. Very consistent.
  6. CRS

    W/c fort knox

    If they still have the videos up, Jones’s sold several heifers this fall. They were a little frailer boned than I thought they’d be when viewing them in person. Appear to be good functional cattle though. Probably not freaky enough for a show steer though.
  7. CRS

    New in 2023 Bulls

    Competitive Edge has some good video of their triple clean bull I Told You So and Griswold’s have several lives on Facebook of their lineup. We’re pretty high on New California and the new Angus bull Vegas a Casino son out of a Charlo cow, should be power with some performance, just worry about...
  8. CRS

    Maternal Made and Full Sibs

    I can’t speak to the sibs of Maternal Made, but he will add power, keep soundness, clean up a front end and they seem to keep those maternal intangibles. They’re not heifer safe despite the pedigree. He is very consistent and most of his offspring seem to be 5.5 to 6 frame.
  9. CRS

    What club calf, Shorthorn or Maine bulls have good dispositions?

    Thanks Mark. He really seems to be working on everything we’ve thrown at him. He just makes really good cattle. Just have to watch linebreeding him back to other WDM genetics, they can get a little big. Here’s a mature picture taken a week or so ago.
  10. CRS

    What club calf, Shorthorn or Maine bulls have good dispositions?

    This is a Sublime heifer out of a HIA. She’s so tame she’s a nuisance at times. All of his calves can be shown as high chi. All of the Dual Threat sired calves have great dispositions and pass it on.
  11. CRS

    Smokin’ Bob heifer

    You could use our bull Sublime. He’s 3/8 Maine and 12.77 Chi so all will be registerable as Chi. We’ve used him on heifers with success. He throws power, extension and cleans up a front end. He’s linebred Who da Man with a shot of Whiskey. He’s also defect free.
  12. CRS

    Changes to Chianina/Chi registrations

    Anyone else read the proposed changes to the way cattle will be registered and classified in the future?  If I’m reading it correctly they’re going to issue fractions based on percentages and numbers of parents previously registered. And it looks as though they may have two separate herd books...
  13. CRS


    We put our bull Sublime in a post a year or so ago. He’s now been collected and his first calves have hit the ground and most are weaned now. They have been better than expected. We used him on a wide variety of heifers and cows and only had one pull due to presentation. Birthweights were 65 to...
  14. CRS

    Best Cattle Buys on the cheap.

    Quite a few years ago now a friend flushed a really good Ali/Kadabra/Total Play cow to Who da Man. They sold all of the bulls off and most of the heifers, one of those back to Winegardner and she was the Champion Chi in 2012. The following year the put the last heifer calf through an online...
  15. CRS

    Post freezing morphology

    We’re collecting a young bull right now, just over 10 months, he’s freezing high quality semen, but not passing post thaw morphology. Any recommendations on getting his post thaw count up? 
  16. CRS

    A Little Reverse Engineering Experiment

    Last year we decided to try something out of the ordinary for us.  We have always been a big fan of Bob Agle and his bulls over the years and we have a 4 frame MAB cow that really needs some added frame and a cleaner front, so we decided to use Agle's bull Bad Medicine on her.  I have talked to...
  17. CRS

    Flushing Recommendations

    Have an 8 year old Who da Man x Kadabra that I will be flushing this spring. Looking for recommendations, she is 28.5% Chi and 3/8 Maine.  We have flushed her to Troubadour once before and bred her that way once.  I just put the last embryo in and hoping it sticks.  Her Maternal Perfection calf...
  18. CRS

    Prepotency of genetics

    Over the years we have had several cows that stamped their calves with a certain look or type.  Currently we have a Maternal Perfection cow and her Uno Mas calf that are nearly identical, was wondering if anyone else has experienced this.  The cow is 4 nearly 5 and the heifer is almost 2.  The...
  19. CRS


    Went out a few weeks ago to feed and when checking cows noticed that one of them was rectally prolapsed.  I put her in a pen inside of the barn and called the vet, by the time I got back to her she was back to normal and for over 4 weeks now not a sign of her prolapsing again.  Just worried...
  20. CRS


    Just had our first Hammertime calf out of a Maximus cow.  The pictures are at 3 days.  Really like him, stout, hairy and built right.  Birthweight was 81 lbs.