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    Breeding suggestions--clubby

    We've decided it would be fun to breed a couple cows clubby each year to take to a couple shows. I thought it would be fun and interesting to see how you all would breed this Shorthorn cow for a clubby calf? She's probably 14-1500lbs and frame 5.5 to 6.
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    We have a group of 3 open heifers and 3 bred heifers coming ~15 hours next week with the breds exposed for March calves. Would it be worthwhile to get some electrolyte powder for putting in the water trough when they arrive? It's a large Ritchie free-stall trough that holds ~40 gallons.
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    Cattle loading

    I saw this video: in an "OnPasture" article a while back, and I was pretty skeptical about getting untrained cattle to do it. However, tonight I needed to get a cull cow off to the sales barn and I didn't feel like moving the whole herd up to the yard to use the...
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    Shipping after breeding

    This is a question that seems to arise from time to time, so I figured I'd share an article from Genex that I saw today. Short version: shipping before day 4 is *probably* fine, but don't ship or stress them out from...
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    Flatbed bale beds

    Wondering if anyone on here has recommendations for flatbeds or bale beds that they've used and liked or disliked? Features that I should look for or avoid? I'm on the fence if I want a bale bed with the spears or unrollers: or is the bale moving equipment is just a waste of time and money...
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    2020 Denver Bulls

    Trucks are on their way to Denver.. who are the hot bulls everyone is excited to check out this year? Any breeds/club calf, hill or yards. Also post candid photos when you've got them  ;D
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    Greenhorn Sale 2019

    Any results from the sale yesterday? I couldn't find a website where it was being broadcast online yesterday afternoon, sadly
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    Hauling Canada to southeast Minnesota

    Any recommendations on who could bring cattle down from the International Peace Gardens area in Manitoba/ND to southeastern MN?
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    Best shorthorn cow families?

    What are some of the cow families that really seem to stand out as productive females in the shorthorn breed in this decade? If you can match them up to a specific herd as well for reference that would be great as well. I'll start us off: It seems to me like the Rosewoods have had a pretty good...
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    Less well known Shorthorn herds

    What are some smaller or well less known shorthorn herds out there that are worth traveling to take a look at? I'm specifically looking for productive cows that aren't pampered, but still have a decent enough phenotype to produce County fair calves or "first time showman" calves. I have...
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    Cheap Creep feed

    With grain being relatively cheap these days, I was wondering if anyone has a good recipe for a cheap creep feed that I could mix up relatively easily? I will only have about 7 calves this year and my feeder capacity is only 650lbs, so getting the feed mill to mix a batch up is sort of out of...
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    Lauer Polled Shorthorns Dispersion

    I just noticed on the Shorthorn Country sales page that this dispersion sale is scheduled for October.. I presume this is the Keith Lauer that I see mentioned in a lot of sale catalogs? Does anyone know anything about this sale, or can fill me in on what their cattle are primarily known for? I...
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    Question for Canadians

    All of our drinking fountains are pretty old and beat up, so I'm wondering what is typically used up in the real cold country for winter watering? I'm in MN so we do tend to get just as cold, but we don't stay at those temps for as long. Any pictures or brand recommendations are very much...
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    JDMC Big Sky

    I apologize if there is already a thread on this bull, but for some reason the search bar doesn't seem to be working. Has anyone used this bull on heifers? His EPDs seem to look good enough to be heifer-safe, but I was wondering if anyone here had personal experience with using him on heifers.
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    Bull partnerships

    I'm wondering if anyone has had experience with going in on a bull with another breeder? I was talking with a breeder near me about finally getting a herd bull of high quality, and he mentioned he's currently in the process of doing the same since he lost one of his top bulls this year. We have...
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    Calf pics

    Just thought I'd share some pictures of our calves from this year...
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    Re Sync cows

    We set up a group of TAI cows on May 29th, and on the 31st I put KAMAR patches on the whole group as a way to identify who came back into heat (I'm living/working over an hour from home for the summer, and there's no one I can count on to reliably heat check even once daily). Two of the group...
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    Heifer conundrum

    Does anyone have any experience with R C WG Damn Proud or SULL Stockman 898 genetics? I've unexpectedly come into possession of a heifer out of these 2, and I'm not sure what to do with her. Is she worth raising as a breeding female (maybe for producing clubbies?) Or am I better off feeding her...
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    Corral panels

    I'm loking at finally installing a set of cattle yards, and I need suggestions on panels to use or avoid. I really liked the panels I saw around Australia, but so far I haven't been able to find anything like them. They are oval and made of hollow galvanized steel. M&M Stockyards was a very...
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    Socks/stocking legs in shorthorns

    Can anyone point me towards some scientific literature that explains how socks work genetically? Are they dominant or recessive? Complete dominance, codominance, or is it epistasis like coat color in labradors? Is it sex-influenced like scurs? Any information is greatly appreciated!