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  1. J

    Goat genetics

    Sort of just a general question. Where in the country do the best goat families come from? I come from a show cattle background but mg kids chose meat goats. I bought a small starter heard a few years back. We started our our first year dead last. Here it is our 5th year and we are placing 3rd...
  2. J

    Feed ration too dry?

    So ive been getting a custom ration that is a modified AAOK recipe with sure champ mixed in for the ameferm and vitamins and minerals.  I havnt talk with my grain guy yet about this but it seemed like the ration was coming out very dry and dusty. I had a a couple ton come out with a nice...
  3. J

    Cool room question

    I know there are many posts about this topic and ive read many but dont feel i got the answers i was looking for. I have a show stall in my barn that I have been putting the show cattle in. It has room for 3-4 head but we only put 2 in it at max. The ceiling is sealed already and dupe insulated...
  4. J

    Genetics / Sire Questions

    Ok so here is the deal. I have 2 heifers I'm trying to decide on a  bull for and while looking up their genetics it seems to be limiting my options. Heifer #1 Sire- Frisky Whisky Dam- Believe in me x pale face / who made who Heifer #2 Sire - Front and Center Dam - Believe in me / Total...
  5. J

    Protein question

    Recommendations to add extra protein to the Auckland feed ration?I'm using the ration and top dressing sure champ for the minerals and ameferm.  Would like to see maybe 2% more protein added to the ration.
  6. J

    Peace pelletS

    I have a heifer that gets super stressed when she's in the chute or when her stall buddy isn't right next to her.  She's always looking behind her and walks sideways alot.  She does the lil head wobble sometimes too. I've bee looking into daily  calming agents.  The one that keeps popping up...
  7. J

    Cedar fiber question

    I know most use their straw and manure to fertilize fields. I heard that cedar fiber is bad for composite fertilizer due to its resistance to degrading. That being said, what do you guys do with your giant pile of cedar fiber and manure? Thank you for your responses and important.
  8. J

    Getting back in the game. Just have a couple questions

    I showed all over the east coast during my childhood and teens. Here recently my 2 nephews have showed at our county fair and now have a lot of interest in the real clubby show game. I just recently got the barn back to club calf ready and we are going to start with a couple great heifers and a...