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    Calf walking on toes

    We have a 2 month old bull calf that I noticed walked on his toes on the back legs. We were hoping to keep him as a bull but this has us questioning it. Would a trim help this at all?
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    winterizing water tanks

    does anybody do anything to their stock tanks and automatic waterers in the winter to help cut down on ice? other than those electric heaters (they use a lot of electricity). does putting a wood box around them help at all?
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    I posted about this on another forum. But also going to post it here. Bought cattle from a reputable breeder, at a complete herd dispersal sale on Sept 12 & 13. Bought 3 open yearlings and a bred heifer. To our luck, a cattleman (who wasn't at the sale, nor did he buy any) called up my husband...
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    Melatonin (for calming)

    We are wanting to use Melatonin for a calming agent. On other posts, I had seen people recommending that grow and shine stuff (when using melatonin for hair) and also Omegatin (from tractor supply). Do either one of those work for calming too? the first show is this weekend so needing a fast...
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    tell me what you think?

    Howdy. I haven't shown in years. My hubby has only shown dairy. We run a (very) small commercial red Angus influenced herd. We are letting our friends daughter show one of our steers at our local county shows. He's out of a red angus/simm heifer by a simm bull. Born end of march of last year...