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    Spooky heifer?

    Your heifer may deserve a second chance? Our heifer group sometimes has been startled by tom cat fights and possibly racoons. We have coyotes, foxes, and other things that run nearby during the night and/or make terrifying noises. Someone who sometimes feeds them suggested that "something had...
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    Weston Surprise 9th Dr. Bert Moore Those are very attractive calves.
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    2023 Rodeo Austin!

    Congratulations on your success!
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    2023 Calves

    That's a great photo of contentment! Other than the snow, the calves' bedding looks good enough for their herdsman to take a nap. I wish my late grandpa and dad were alive to tell us what it was like sleeping, when they were "riding the rail" with their Shorthorn show herd.
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    Your partnership bull calf in the photo posted last Friday looks really good--his style, balance, and structure are admirable.
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    What is the name of that bull calf?
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    "Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me"--may your holiday season be filled with peace and joy! If anyone wants this post to be about cattle, don't we all prefer peaceful cattle? Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
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    What's new?

    Yes, it is working!
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    OSU wins NAILE over TX A&M

    Is there a way to see all the individual scores, and not just the top 10? Are there still five on a team to total, for the team's score?
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    Welcome to the updated Steer Planet

    It is refreshing to see Steer Planet's return to its mission of being about cattle! Here's to wishing you all the best.
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    Back to topic. Sue, a lady I knew, died from COVID last week in the 2nd aged-care facility in our county to be hit by the virus.  The first facility lost maybe 15 residents, one of which was a classmate of mine.  I have a granddaughter in quarantine until Thursday.  It is hitting close to home...
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    A neighbor was cleaning out his tank and gave me some Shorthorn semen on Intimidator.  Numbers on the pink straw are 129 and SS 151.  There is no registration number.  Maybe it was collected about June of 1995.  Does anyone remember Intimidator?  Bulls during this time period often carried too...
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    Cates Sale 2019

    Does anyone have the results from this year's Star Search sale at Cates?  Doc, were you there? 
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    Always be humble and kind/NC or not?

    Maybe the song writer will allow us to borrow the suggestion that in 2017 we "always be humble and kind" on steerplanet.  Lately the discussion has been civil, but I have not read all the topics.  If we disagree, that is not a problem, and, yet, let's observe the common courtesies.  Everyone...
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas! Enjoy what you have and those around you. This is borrowed from Possum on another message board.
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    Harlan Ritchie

    We lost a great one.
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    Shorthorn University

    Who is going to Shorthorn University this week? 
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    PM PS & PMSY on Shorty pedigree

    On Shorthorn pedigrees there are now sometimes PM, PS, or PMSY ahead of the name of the animal.  Look up Enticer,  Rodeo Drive, or Dividend.  What do those mean?  Is there an explanation for them at ASA online?
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    JJC Wild Side--DSC

    JJC Wild Side *x4045349 is DSC.  I'll post more DS testing results in a few days.  Our other DSC is a bull calf we'd hoped to retain by Wild Side.  Study his pedigree--is there another possible source besides Duke? 
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    'Twas the day before Christmas....

    Here in SW Indiana we are thankful for the Reason for the season!  Our daughter has decent weather to drive back home today from NW Iowa.  Dad used to say that having the family together was the only gift he needed.  When our children were growing up, our tradition was to cut a cedar tree on the...