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  1. SJcattle

    Royal - Shorthorn Bull

    Hello everyone, We finally managed to get our herdsire Lehne Royal 213B videoed yesterday. Feel free to take a look at it and get in touch if you're interested. He has a really interesting pedigree too. His first calves are coming in January and we're very excited to see what he produces...
  2. SJcattle

    Weebollabolla Theodore T85 Progeny - Canada

    Hi everyone, Well I went out on a limb and AI'd one of my best cows (in my opinon) to Weebollabolla Theodore T85 for a 2015 calf. I was hoping so badly for a heifer calf, but I was given a bull calf. At the time I was slightly disappointed as I'd like to expand on the cow's bloodline, but as...
  3. SJcattle

    Eionmor Mr. Gus 80C Semen

    I was wondering if anyone has some Eionmor Mr. Gus 80C semen kicking around that's available for Canada? I'd even consider a son of the 80C bull. Thanks in advance!
  4. SJcattle

    New Shorthorn Bull

    Hi Everyone, Just wanted to show you all our new (old haha) gem we found. Eionmor Ideal 9N. We are hoping to get a few years out of him tops, if he tests well in the spring as well as draw some semen on him this fall. What are your thoughts on him? This picture was taken about a week ago. Thanks!
  5. SJcattle

    New Websites

    We got our new website up and running. It's the first website I've designed, but we really like the look of it. :) Now to start on the Shorthorn website.  <beer>
  6. SJcattle

    Ag Media Design

    Hi Everyone, I am wondering if anyone would be interested in any form of Print Media design? I've attached a few examples of some full page print ad designs that I've done recently. I am more or less trying to build my portfolio, so the prices will be more than reasonable. Contact me for more...
  7. SJcattle

    Calving Early??

    Is it just me or are the calves coming early this year? All of our calves have come 3/4 days early out if different sires and different maternal lines all together. Anyone else noticing this trend this year?  <beer>
  8. SJcattle

    Blue Roan?

    Hello everyone, I was pondering a genetics question and I thought maybe it was best that I ask for opinions on here. I have a shorthorn x angus heifer that I am trying to keep the blue coloring on. Now how would I go about that? I was thinking perhaps putting white shorthorn back in her, but...
  9. SJcattle

    Logo Design

    Hi everyone, I play around in photoshop quite a bit, I have for 10+ years, although I have never been professionally trained in it. I was wondering if anyone would like a simple logo designed? I have a bit of spare time on my hands and really enjoy doing it. I'd like to get a few more logos...
  10. SJcattle

    Hello! :)

    Hello everyone, I came across steer planet several years ago when I was first getting into cattle, but I never joined. Through the posts I have seen, there is a huge wealth of knowledge and so many people that help each other out as far as opinions on cattle, bulls and feeding. I'm super...